Obama's Jobs Plan a Dud. Employers Not Hiring

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It’s looking more and more like Obama’s new jobs plan, which he announced last Thursday evening, is a dud. U.S. employers don’t believe and are not supporting it.
Motoko Rich reports for the New York Times reports, Sept. 10, 2011, that few executives “across numerous industries…in companies big and small” say they’ll be hiring new workers.
Many employers dismiss the notion that any particular tax break or incentive would be persuasive. Instead, they say they’ll hire more workers or expand when the economy improved.
“You still need to have the business need to hire,” said Jeffery Braverman, owner of Nutsonline, an e-commerce company in Cranford, N.J., that sells nuts and dried fruit. While a $4,000 credit could offset the cost of the company’s lowest-cost health insurance plan, he said, it would not spur him to hire someone. “Business demand is what drives hiring,” he said.
Skippy’s jobs plan also failed to generate any optimism on Wall Street as the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index and the Dow Jones industrial average each fell about 2.7% on Friday.
That’s because — as a Heritage Foundation report points out — Skippy’s “new” jobs plan is really just a recycled version of his 2009 stimulus plan that utterly failed in stimulating the economy.
Read the rest of the NY Times article here.

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0 responses to “Obama's Jobs Plan a Dud. Employers Not Hiring

  1. What I don’t understand is that just a couple of weeks ago the country was so broke it couldn’t pay it’s bills. We were talking default, lay-offs, gov’t shutdown etc…They finally approved a loan extension to allow thw gov. to keep functioning, the American credit rating was downgraded anyways. Now, a few weeks later he wants to throw around a half billion dollars in job stimulus. Where is that money coming from….? oh yeah, they’re having the fed print more so they can borrow it from them. They are printing money again, how are they going to pay for this? China is dumping the greenback as it’s reserve, they have lost confidence in america’s ability to run itself. China is buying gold as fast as they can. Wait, that’s it, use the gold from the world trade center vaults that were never recovered and the gold bullion that was just driven out of Libya and into Niger under a heavy armed presence. Reports are khadaffi sold of 20% near the end of his regime to finance the rebellion, where’s the other 80%?

  2. Employers are not hiring for two important reasons.
    #1 – They cannot forecast their costs of doing business with all the economic / political uncertainty.
    #2 – They do not want to drive the unemployment rate down to help Obama get reelected.

  3. great speech by him last week though, really raked over the bipartisanship and appealed to the masses.

  4. Why in the world would any business hire someone who is totally unqualified? That’s right, Mr. Silly Putty is saying that American business should hire people on the strength of his promises and lies based on the fact that he was totally unqualified to be President and he was elected anyway. We all know how well that is working, don’t we? I grew up at a time when you learned a trade from the ground up, literally, since I started in construction with a shovel. I apprenticed six years before I became a journeyman carpenter. This meant, when I applied for a job, I knew what I was doing. We are caught in a gigantic Catch 22, where our young can’t find jobs because they are not qualified to do anything and they can’t get the qualifications until they get a job. If Mr. Silly Putty and Congress can solve that, more people may wind up on the work force!

  5. Unlike Democrats, business people just can’t spend money they don’t have wildly and expect someone else to pay for it.

  6. Failure-Liar-Fraud- Ford Motor Company is building a 5 billion dollar plant overseas. The ursurper is strangling America while leading us to slaughter. While Congress stands by watching.


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