Obama's ISIL strategy reexamined: air strikes ineffective; weak coalition

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Obama is the opposite of King Midas.
He is King Merde because everything he touches turns into crap. steaming-turd-smiley-emoticon
His much-vaunted “counterterrorism” strategy against the Islamic State jihadists — a strategy that led the butt-kisser David Brooks to compare Obama with Moses — is no exception. It is a signal failure.

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0 responses to “Obama's ISIL strategy reexamined: air strikes ineffective; weak coalition

  1. With so many supposedly intelligent people in DC, why is it that we just can’t seem to get our s_ _ t together? It might be interesting to note, have doctors in the US had an upturn in patients requesting anti-anxiety medications? I know personally, all this bumbling around as a country makes me crazy.

  2. Obama’s brain is a perfect example of too small to succeed.

  3. Air strikes played an important role in WW2. They pounded the enemy’s front lines so the ground troops could go in and clean things out.

    • That was the best possible strategy back then,but A-it doesn’t work when you have small numbers of well armed and well hidden enemy soldiers,and B-no ground troops of any consequence. It just can’t work in this situation. ALSO,the President has to be able and ready to throw all he’s got into the battle,and this idiot doesn’t know enough about warfare (being more of a “Community Organizer” kinda guy,ya know),and I’m not sure he’s left us enough of a Military to support a ground war. I know the Military we have left isn’t really Gung-Ho about backing ANY play he calls.

      • That’s it exactly. This isn’t WW2, or anything like it. Someone said that generals are always fighting the last war. Even that would be a step up from what the Organizer-in-Chief is doing.
        In today’s news, he signed an Executive Order that authorizes the Pentagon to call up National Guard and reserves to fight Ebola in Africa. I can’t find the full text online.
        Am I naive in thinking that the Army/Navy/Marines &c do their jobs overseas, and the National Guard does its here in-country?
        Naturally, they’ll all be restricted – in quarantine – when they get back – maybe the regular Army, too.
        Just around election time.

    • Didn’t you even read the article on CODA? Air strikes mean little if not backed up by ground troops — which is the case with the POS’s ISIL strategy.


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