Obama’s IRS told to favor leftwing over conservative groups

IRS line dancingEliana Johnson reports for The National Review, June 24, 2013, that a November 2010 version of the IRS’s  now-infamous “Be On The Lookout” list obtained by National Review Online, suggests that IRS screeners were instructed to treat “progressive” groups differently from “tea party” groups.

[Note from Eowyn: The term “tea party groups’ is a catch-all term for conservative groups, including not just formally designated Tea Party groups, but also Christian, pro-life, and pro-2nd Amendment groups. See Groups & individuals targeted by Obama’s IRS witchhunt,” May 15, 2013.]

Whereas screeners were merely alerted that a designation of 501(c)(3) status “may not be appropriate” for applications containing the word ”progressive” – 501(c)(3) groups are prohibited from conducting any political activities – they were told to send those of tea-party groups off ”to Group 7822″ for further scrutiny. 

That means the applications of “progressive” groups could be approved on the spot by line agents, while those of tea-party groups could not. Furthermore, the November 2010 list noted that tea-party cases were “currently being coordinated with EOT,” which stands for Exempt Organizations Technical, a group of tax lawyers in Washington, D.C. Those of progressive groups were not.

The AP reported earlier on Monday that “Terms including ‘Israel,’ ’Progressive’ and ‘Occupy’ were used by agency workers to help pick groups for closer examination.” That appears to be misleading, as there is no indication from the list examined by NRO that progressive groups were singled out for heightened scrutiny in a manner similar to tea-party groups. Cases involving healthcare legislation, however, were. “New applications are subject to secondary screening in Group 7821,” the list notes.



So when will the ACLU bring a lawsuit against the Obama regime for political discrimination against conservatives?

I’m waiting . . . .

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Thanks Dr. Eowyn for this post.

I hate to see Hugo Weaving, who played Elrond in “Lord of the Rings”, cast as a bad guy. But then, it is a testament to his range as a great actor.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. The instruction to the IRS to target conservative groups had to come from the higher ups in the Regime, if not from the king himself. The regime’s continual denial flies in the face at logic. Clearly, IRS employees, including managers, et al., are not going to put their jobs in jeopardy unless the instructions did come from the regime itself.