Obama’s IRS leaked Mozilla CEO’s pro-traditional marriage Prop 8 donation

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gaymafialogoLast month, Brendan Eich, a co-founder of Mozilla — the company that invented the Firefox web browser — was promoted from the company’s chief technology officer to Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Then all hell broke loose.

As DCG recounted in her post of April 4, the online dating site OkCupid.com asked its customers to boycott Firefox because SIX YEARS AGO in 2008, Eich had donated $1000 to California’s Proposition 8 that affirmed traditional marriage. (The proposition was approved by a majority of California voters but struck down by an admittedly homosexual judge.)

OkCupid.com’s boycott in turn led to a “backlash” among Mozilla’s intolerant employees against their new CEO, never mind that:

  • Eich had made the donation as a private citizen;
  • Eich had never let his private political views intrude into his work at Mozilla; and
  • The First Amendment of the United States Constitution promises and guarantees freedom of belief to Eich and all Americans.

Faced with the avalanche of disapproval and hostility from Mozilla employees, Eich resigned.

Has it occurred to you how OkCupid.com discovered Eich’s PRIVATE donation to Prop 8?

Answer: Obama’s IRS leaked the information.

Dr. John C. Eastman reports for FoxNews, Oct. 3, 2013, that in the many state ballot battles across America to preserve marriage as an institution between man and woman, the pro-traditional marriage National Organization for Marriage (NOM) was winning. Since 2004, 32 states had voted by large margins to reaffirm the traditional definition of marriage, and no state had voted to approve “same-sex marriage.”

NOM’s principal adversary, the pro-homosexual marriage Human Rights Campaign (HRC) was waging an uphill battle. So HRC started a website, “NOM Exposed,” designed to publicly identify NOM and its supporters and donors so they and their businesses could be harassed.

To do so, HRC needed access to NOM’s confidential list of donors, lists that NOM is required to file with the IRS but are not public information.

Joe Solmonese with the POSThen, HRC president Joe Solmonese was named a national co-chair for the Obama reelection campaign and, magically, NOM’s tax return and its confidential list of donors and their addresses showed-up on the HRC website.

Eastman writes: “we know that the tax return on HRC’s website originated from within the IRS because it had been redacted to hide internal codes that are placed on documents only after they are received by the IRS.”

Donations to NOM and to the ballot campaigns then underway became increasingly hard to come by, to the point that the “same-sex marriage” forces were able to outspend NOM and its allies by more than $20 million dollars (a nearly 4 to 1 advantage) in the 4 states where marriage was on the ballot in November 2012, resulting in the first electoral losses for traditional marriage ever

Since unauthorized disclosure of a tax return is a serious felony, punishable by up to five years in prison, NOM demanded an investigation by the Department of Justice and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. NOM was given a case number, and its principal officers were interviewed.

Eighteen months later, no criminal charges have been filed. The person(s) responsible for leaking NOM’s donors to HRC is still not held to account. Even worse, the IRS now takes the position that the release of the identity of the culprit is itself barred by the same federal statute that the culprit violated.

On October 3, 2013, National Organization for Marriage filed suit against the IRS, as permitted by federal law, to obtain compensation for the injuries it suffered as a result of these felonies. The lawsuit also enables NOM to pursue discovery that will help identify the culprit and ascertain the extent to which IRS officials (and perhaps others elsewhere in the Obama administration) had colluded with what even the leftwing unfunny comedian Bill Maher now calls “the gay mafia.”


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0 responses to “Obama’s IRS leaked Mozilla CEO’s pro-traditional marriage Prop 8 donation

  1. I was wondering how a dating site could “happen” upon that sort of information. Seems someone chose notOKcupid to be the vessel to carry the information. I’m sure connections lie somewhere between IRS-notOKcupid-Mozilla. Probably someone at Mozilla who felt they should have gotten the position? It disgusts me to no end the amount of hate foisted upon Eich while the gay mafia preached equality and tolerance. The difference is they were preaching to the conservative Christians about equality and tolerance, not themselves. Bunch of immature hypocrites.

  2. On another note, I wonder if Brandan Eich can sue notOKcupid and the IRS for releasing his confidential information for, as we all know, he lost his job over it.

  3. Surprise much? NOT!
    Sam Vaknin’s “Narcissist…” book: “The narcissist regards every criticism & disagreement as a threat to the precarious balance btw. his inflated, grandiose False self & the demands imiposed by reality…..Like a trapped animal, he is forever on the lookout: was a comment meant to demean him? A deliberate attack?” And, fr Richard Boyd’s book: “The overt narcissist reacts to & is overly sensitive to any threat…..counters with rage & RETRIBUTION. They will attack & humiliate….”

    Every time something like this happens (happening ALL the time w/this admin…esp. w/IRS arm of Obama’s POS posse) all I can think about is Obama’s acceptance speech in the Colorado “Acropolis building” w/claims that he was going to heal the land & keep the oceans fr rising or all that miserable pandering grandiose crap. Didn’t you expect his next sentence to be “And, my rod & my staff shall comfort thee?” Frankly, I thought he was one SICK puppy & revealed it rather bald-faced w/that speech. I watched it w/my neighbors & they were crying as they listened. All I could think abt was getting out of there gracefully & figuring out how to gird myself fr the coming onslaught of “Hitler-like Youth” fever that was sucking everyone in…& all that it promised us to come……and, for sure, it CAME….and here we are. No surprises…he told us what it was going to be like in that acceptance speech.

    • “I thought he was one SICK puppy”

      Ditto! In the 2008 campaign season, I saw the POS’s evil eyes and was repulsed.

      “I watched it w/my neighbors & they were crying as they listened.”

      Like millions of willingly-blind idolators in this country and in Europe. What do your neighbors think of him now?

      • Sorry….neighbors still LOVE him ….all the more….& took advantage of every Obama angle they could. Unfortuantely, tho’ they inherited a million or two fr a parent’s estate…(& still have income fr inherited property in the LA area…)..they went north & slowly built a retirement mansion in a picture-perfect place….once it was done & paid for (they paid out of inherited money as they went), they walked away/ left a half-million dollar-mortgaged home go back to the bank….(same couple has done bankruptcy 2x before….but this was a wholesale walk away, knowing no one could get anything out of them if they refused to pay & they still had a gorgeous home to go to…) They completely solarized their home under an Obama program …& several other perks fr Obama program “goodies.” They are on Obamacare now (pretty sure they are somehow NOT reporting an accurate net income or they wouldn’t have done OBAMACARE), & cruising the world. If I tell you what country they are in now, it might reveal too much, but suffice to say…they are on their 2nd big adventure since last year this time…the first one lasting 3 months—this one has been a month so far…..All their kids have refinanced their homes under the Obama HARP program….though I don’t know how b/c I can’t do it and I’ve been underwater for years…..they make as much money as us..so I’m sure there’s something going on there that I don’t know how to do….or more succincltly put…something that I would never try to do if I were not qualified for it……They think he’s great— SO….you see….I have watched Obama give my tax money away to people so easily who should NEVER have the benefit of it…while I trudge off to work every day to pay for it. PS….they WERE nominal “Republicans” before Obama..Do you think the Dems “bought” their votes???????? (she said, tongue-in-cheek).

  4. I have often asked myself why the Republicans just won’t stand up to this monstrous administration. And then it hit me: They are allowing Obama to consolidate all the power so that, whenever they regain the White House, they will then have their chance to exercise that same power to their own ends. If—God Forbid—90% of the human race dies in a nuclear conflagration, so much the better for their ends. They’re just as bad as the Democrats.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent and interesting post. I think the name, “gay mafia,” is absolutely perfect, in spite of finding Maher’s politics repugnant. It really describes the homosexual “tolerance” that they possess. Perhaps this time during discovery, actual “discovery” can be made as provided by applicable law.

  6. Time to tell Mozilla Firefox to go to Hell! Google Chrome is better anyway.

  7. Actually, there’s this thing called public disclosure of campaign contributions. States have these things called public disclosure commissions. Individuals who make significant contributions to political campaigns are required by law to disclose them, and public disclosure commissions make this information available as a matter of public record. It’s related to the concept of *transparency* in campaign finance.


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