Obama's Illegal Welfare Aunt Claims Victimhood

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You read about her on Sept. 1: “Obama’s Aunt Says US Owes Her Citizenship.” Now listen to her whine for yourself.
Zeituni Onyango is Obama’s paternal aunt. In 2000 she came to the United States, illegally, and stayed on the taxpayer’s largesse — living in public housing, getting $700/month Social Security disability (although she’s never paid a dime into Social Security), and was recently awarded political asylum and citizenship. But we’re not told why, if deported back to Kenya, she would face political persecution.
When asked by her interviewer on her taking advantage of America’s generosity when so many legal immigrants and welfare applicants must wait in line while she leapfrogged over them, she responded that she wasn’t taking advantage of the system, “the system is taking advantage of” her! Isn’t the brazen insolent liberal parasite Entitlement Mentality grand?

My fellow taxpaying Americans, are you SICK of this? Have you had enough?
H/t ImpeachObamaCampaign.com and beloved fellow Tina.

Giving America the finger

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0 responses to “Obama's Illegal Welfare Aunt Claims Victimhood

  1. She claims she is a Christian BUT….she was never honest. You she never told the “system” that she was an illegal. Jesus said to OBEY the laws of the land unless they trump the laws of God.
    ex: Being told to get and abortion and disobeying the government because it is murder.
    If it doesn’t line up with the Word of God, then it is a LIE!

  2. Well now, what he is doing with one finger, I am doing to him with two. What at one time when I was in the military “double digit salute.”
    This man does not need to be impeached, he needs to have the Supreme court REMOVE him. This means him,his cronnies, aids and everyone associated with him plus Queen Nancy, Uncle Harry and Uncle Barney go down the road talking to them selves. Also any and all laws, presidential orders etc. are nul and void. We then have our country back.

  3. Please notify me of any follow up comments. I forgot to check the box.

  4. “Obama money!”… tell Zeituni it’s been done already.

  5. “I didn’t ask for it, they gave it to me”….um, didn’t she fill out an application? Or does the govt have a crystal ball to know all who are homeless? MOOCHER!!!

  6. I cannot stand people who have a sense of entitlement – that is one of the symptoms of narcissism! I also have no use for “victimhood” that is an evil malady pervading our society! Sickening!


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