Obama's House of Cards

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Obama’s House of Cards

By Tom in NC
Longtime member of FellowshipOfMinds
Obama has built a quite impressive house . . . of cards that is.
The latest news that 430,000 new jobs were created in May, to the uninformed (liberals), would seem to be an indicator of our economy bouncing back. The trouble is 389,000 of these jobs are temporary census jobs and only 41,000 of these jobs are private sector jobs, which really means the economy is stagnant and getting worse. Anytime the government is hiring more than the private sector you know the economy is in the tank and is putting more of a strain on the taxpayer because WE are the ones paying their inflated salaries, if only for a limited period.
Obama’s bumbling of the Gulf Oil Spill has the potential of devastating the entire gulf region and possibly all of the southeastern coastal states.
Now, I’m not one to exonerate BP’s role in this disaster. But as Obama continues to point fingers, appoint worthless commissions to study the disaster, and send the attorney general down to the coast to start lawsuits against BP, it is clear that the anemic response of our government is verging on criminal. 
Obama’s and his sycophantic followers’ statement that the government was on the scene from day one is a patent lie. They did practically nothing for eight days and now over six weeks later not only are they not doing anything except giving lip service, they are actually standing in the way of progress by not allowing Gov. Jindal to dredge and create sand bars to stop the flow of oil into the marshlands. Their reason: they are worried about the ecological impact.
NEWSFLASH TO OBAMA! The ecological impact of oil in the marshlands and the death of birds, fish, shellfish and other marine life can’t get much worse, not to mention the economic impact on a state that was just beginning to really recover from the effects of hurricane Katrina five years ago. And now to just put another nail in Louisiana’ economic coffin, Obama looks to stop drilling in the gulf where summer tourism and commercial fishing has virtually been shutdown, heaping more woes on a devasted economy and adding more unemployed to the rolls.
As Arizona and much of the southwest deal with illegal immigrants and the criminal activities (murders, drug trade, kidnappings, thefts etc) that accompany them, the courageous Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, signs into law rules for her state to deal with illegal immigrants which are nothing but a copy of the already existing federal law. Instead of trying to work with her, Obama and his minions demonize her and refer to the law as racist even though they couldn’t even be bothered to read it. If this government would make a concerted effort to enforce the existing immigration laws, states like Arizona and 17 other states would not have to write new laws or be debating new laws to combat illegal immigration
On the international front, while Obama treats himself to golf outings, basketball games, vacations, and lavish social functions for foreign despots and has-been rock-and-rollers, the rest of the world is in turmoil.
Europe is facing economic collapse. North Korea sinks a South Korean warship and kills 46 sailors in an unprovoked attack that threatens to spiral into an all out war between the two countries. Israel still contends with terrorist attacks and a fleet of so-called humanitarian aid ships trying to run Israel’s naval blockade because the ‘humanitarian aid’ is actually activists delivering weapons to Hamas and Hezbellah, both terrorist organizations with the sole purpose of killing Israeli civilians. Iran now has enough enriched uranium for two or more nuclear bombs and is more of a threat than ever to Israel and the Middle East as a whole. In Afghanistan the death toll for American soldiers just surpassed the 1,000 mark with practically no notice from the MSM who, for the entire Bush administration, kept a running daily tally of the deaths in Iraq in their papers and newscasts. It seems to me that as long as Obama can live the high life among the Washington and Hollywood elite, the rest of the world can go to hell.
Obama’s massive house of cards is teetering on the verge of collapse and when it does the effect on this country and its people will be devastating. The collapse of Obama’s house of card could a trigger a meltdown in this nation on so many fronts and of such a magnitude that we may never recover.
I see in Obama the epitome of an evil narcissist who cares little for anyone or anything other than his own little world — a world of corruption, ineptitude and apathy towards this country and its people.
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0 responses to “Obama's House of Cards

  1. very good read, and truth. To think this all could have been prevented if his ineligibility would have been proven before the election, instead of in the very near future.

  2. There seems to be evidence that points to the firing and rehiring of the census workers. When they are terminated they do not go on the unemployment rolls — When they are rehired they are hired a s new hires thus inflating the employment records.
    That way the administration looks like it is doing a better job than it actually is. Right now there is a call for an investigation into the allegation and we’ll see how that plays out.

  3. I’m sorry, but Tom is off base.
    I’ve NEVER seen such a bunch of dis information in one post.
    Tom, being against Obama is one thing, but basing it on absurdities is quite another.If we want to get rid of Mr. Obama, Please present quantifyable evidence, NOT hearsay and innuendo.

    • Erinyes,
      Yours are fighting words. Tom is my dear friend, so I’m sure he’ll forgive me for jumping into the fray before he has a chance to.
      In the first place, you are confusing a factual piece of reportage with an OPINION essay. Tom is not a reporter and did not set out to do a piece of factual reporting. His is an OPINION piece.
      What I find most ironic about your comment is this:
      You accuse Tom of “disinformation,” purveying not “facts” but “hearsay and innuendo.” But your very accusation employs INNUENDO, instead of FACTS. Do be so good as to point us to specific examples (FACTS!) of Tom’s “hearsay” and “innuendo,” as well as how his OPINION piece is one of “disinformation.”
      Lastly, I sure hope you hold LIBERAL op/ed writers to your same exacting standards of NO DISINFORMATION! NO HEARSAY! NO INNUENDO!

    • Erinyes, perhaps you would care to point out any examples of my disinformation instead of just making false accusations against me. I can back up and reference each and every statement I made. The trouble with trolls such as yourself is that if you tell a lie often enough you start to believe it is the truth. I can’t really blame you though, you are a product of liberal brainwashing and obviously have become incapable of independent thought. There is help though, if you want to come out from the darkness of liberalism and into the light, there are plenty of websites such as heritage.org. Hope this helps you out.

  4. erinyes,
    I’ve read the article twice and as far as I can tell it is totally accurate. Osama entered the oil problem 14 days after it began and his first response was to blame BP for the explosion. At this time it is not clear why the rig blew and it appears to have been sabotaged, probably by your buddy, certainly not by BP.
    He has been in disagreement with the Arizona law from the beginning, although he admitted that he did not read it.
    He is currently attempting, behind the scenes of course, to legalize all the illegal aliens in the country. He has turned his back on Israel and he is supporting Islam. I’m surprised he’s not over in Iran right now vacationing with Amadinabum.
    Nope, I’m stickin with the facts, Osama Nobama is the most inept( lacking in fitness or aptitude : UNFIT *inept at sports*
    2 : lacking sense or reason : FOOLISH
    3 : not suitable to the time, place, or occasion : inappropriate often to an absurd degree *an inept metaphor*
    4 : generally incompetent BUNGLING *inept leadership)President in the history of this country, and I mean he’s even worse than Carter.

  5. I think I will stick with the same facts as Ron! {and more}

  6. Tom,
    I don’t know you personally but I have researched pretty much all the things you said in your statement and I find your words accurate. Erinyes is a liberal and there is no cure for stupidity. Trust me, some of us know the truth about these impostors. keep up the good work.

  7. Eowyn, Ron and tina, thank you for coming to my defense. It is good to have friends and fellow patriots standing with me.

  8. Where’s the disinformation and proof to back it up? The information on jobs is accurate:
    As for fed assistance w/oil spill, the National Guard is available yet Obama hasn’t taken advantage of that:
    As for the Arizona bill, even our AG admitted he hadn’t READ THE BILL while he commented on it:

    So there’s some evidence for you, erinyes. Please do feel free to provide your evidence of hearsay in Tom’s article.

  9. Thanks Steve, what can I say, writing about the ineptness of this administration is like writing about the comedy of the 3 Stooges, there is always plenty of material available.

  10. Wow, I guess my opinions are getting around, but my loyalties lie here with my friends like you and Eowyn who give me the opportunity and an outlet to voice my opinions and at times vent my frustration with this government.

  11. Eowyn,
    The knee is blown out, surgery is needed, but unafordable, the pain meds make me cranky, constipated, and sleep deprived. I’ve been up since 3, go to work at 7.
    I disagree with Tom’s piece on most points.
    My disagreement is respectful, I did not ever question his intellect or hurl insults at him.
    Debate is the cornerstone of democracy.
    Disagreement is not an insult.
    Debbie, much to her credit , went out of the way to support Tom’s position.
    Ron, on the other hand, takes us on a trip through the looking glass.
    I just wasted about one hour typing a response, but haloscan dropped it.
    The economy; probabily a double dip recession.
    Anology, a body builder using steroids. Very fast but phoney gains followed by deflation.
    I don’t know how better the situation could have been handled, other than to wipe out all personal debt. Hiring is coming back slowly here in central Fl., mostly due to the stimulus. Construction to remain stagnant due to overbuilding in the boom.

    • Erinyes,
      My heartfelt sympathy for your knee and attendant issues. I thought you said in a previous comment that you had knee surgery? Do you not have health coverage at work?
      About Arizona’s immigration law:
      What does your being the child of immigrants from Canada have to do with it? I’m assuming that your parents came to U.S. legally, and that your grandparents went to Canada from Ireland and Italy legally.
      So did I. I’m a legal immigrant and a naturalized citizen of the United States; I first came here on a student visa to attend college. At a minimum, tolerance and encouragement of illegal immigration is grossly unfair to the many millions of people all across the world who respect the laws of this country, have applied for admittance into this country, and are patiently waiting to be approved.
      The issue for me and the regulars of this blog is not about immigration. It’s about ILLEGAL immigration, i.e., THE LAW.
      Have you even read Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070? I have. Here’s a simple fact sheet on SB 1070. Here’s SB 1070 itself, only 16 pages! Even a child can read it — but not the U.S. Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of the United States; not the Secretary of the Dept of Homeland Security that oversees the U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Office; and obviously not the President of Mexico or the Democrat members of the U.S. Congress.

  12. As far as the uninformed (liberals) go, most of the “liberals” on NPR; Paul Krugman, etc. realize we are still on shaky ground, and have critisized Obama. What would you have done, Tom.
    How has Obama bungled the Gulf Oil spill?
    You and Keith Olbermann agree on this point, I don’t.Robert Reich thinks the fed needs to seize BP’s assets and freeze them ’till the pipe is shut and everything cleaned up. BP has a vested interest in making things right.They have the best minds on the planet working on a solution.
    The suggestion of the military taking over is fraught with error, and would prompt howls of “Fascism” and “socialism”from the far right .
    The oil spill is awful, and may get MUCH worse.

  13. I totally disagree with Jan Brewer’ immigration views.I’m the child of Canadian immigrants, they were the children of immigrants from Italy and Ireland. To read my opinion, see Fred Reed’s opinion at his blog; I think Fred is spot on.
    As far as the international front, The Koreans are at it again, do we want to jump in that mess?
    My opinion regarding Israel and Palestine are shaped by facts, the hard liners of the Likud party would like extermination of the Palestineans. The Likud want “Greater Israel” to extend throught the Levant, and the last Palestinean on display in a zoo.
    The Palestineans are in a horrible situation, to suggest the relief ships were linked to terrorists is beyond the truth. Turkey is a member of NATO, as is the US. Israel is NOT.
    Iran IS THOUGHT TO have enriched uranium for 2 bombs. Saddam WAS THOUGHT to have WMD.Iran is no threat to Israel, unless they intend to commit collective sucide.Don’t fall for that myth.Get a copy of “American Raj” by Eric Margolis if you want the truth about America and the Muslim world.
    As far as the 1000th soldier killed in Afghanistan goes, the MSM has reported it, unless one wants to call the Orlando Sentinel a fringe publication.Afghanistan is a dead end street, graveyard of empires. The oil and gas in Central Asia is not worth the lives of our kids.
    Obama is wrong to persue war in Afghanistan.
    Now, read the last sentence in Tom’s piece.
    This house is OUR house, I don’t want it to collapse to prove a point.

  14. erineyes, Here is some more looking glass for you.
    Osama Nobama has had over a year to get the house in order, but he has failed miserably. There is so much wrong with his administration that making any attempt to explain it would be an exercise in futility.
    Since any attack on his incompetence is fair game on every level of his administration I would be amiss if I did not point out a few of his illogical fallacies.
    First his Keynesian theory of economics does not work, cannot work and will never work. The idea of trickle up economics is irrationally irresponsible.
    Every Socialist economy in the world has either failed or on the verge of failure. Every Communist government, or so-called Communist government, is in the same dire condition.
    Osama Obama’s response to the gulf situation is to blame someone other than himself for the disastrous failure. He has done that through his entire administration, blaming everyone he can think of for his failure. I am not supporting BP but I will not blame them either. I blame the president because of his failure to respond and his failure to employ the use of measures that have worked in the past. The man is incompetent and should be removed from his office.
    Your stand on fighting war for a few gallons of oil is certainly admirable and I do not disagree with your ideas on that subject except I’m not sure you are seeing the entire picture.
    In my fantasy land I see a fanatical religious group working diligently on the absolute and complete annihilation of the free world and its ideologies. They have repeatedly attacked Israel, one of the more peaceful nations in the region, and they never win.
    They have attacked us more than nine times and finally Bush did something about it…Right or wrong he did something. That is more than any of the previous presidents did. Now, you liberals get all pissed off about it.
    Are you mad because Bush did something that Clinton failed to do and should have done and are you mad because Israel defends itself against an evil aggressor?
    Regardless of what it is you think… Bush was right and Israel is right.
    I suppose that really pisses you off, the fact that someone in our government finally did something to protect us from radical Islam. After reading your comments about Israel’s blockade, I am sure it pisses you off that they defend themselves against the most evil, radical terrorists on the planet.
    Well, as long as I’m on a roll I would like to say that Iran is a threat because it has declared itself a threat. In that declaration where they said they would annihilate Israel, they brought condemnation upon themselves. It doesn’t matter whether they have a nuke or not–the fact that they made the treat is enough for Israel to defend themselves with a preemptive strike and I personally support that maneuver.
    Am I upset about all this? Absolutely.
    Now for Turkey. Turkey is not a true friend or ally to this country. During the war they were our enemy and still are to this day. They’re only our ally because they need us. They are no more a friend to us than Saudi Arabia is friends with Israel.
    So, I’m all for the end of the war, but I also believe whether we like it or not we have to at least try to defeat this bunch of religious nut cases.
    The Jews have set up a blockade because they are at war with Hamas. The Muslims don’t like the blockade so they are attempting to run it. Israel has every right under the sun to not only stop every ship entering the area but to board it and, if the idiots on board decide to fight then Israel has the right to kill them…Sorry, I do not buy your spiel on NATO–that makes no sense at all. We are in a peace treaty with Israel –they are at war. We are obligated to support them. Turkey knows this and a few of their radicals chose to run the blockade. They got what they deserved.
    As far as your ideas on the Palestinians being innocent –that’s the biggest bunch of BS ever pushed out on this blog. This war has been going on for over three thousand years–neither you nor I are in a position to say who’s right or who’s wrong. I look at which one is the aggressor—that just happens to be the Palestinians and the Muslims. Every war, every attack, every skirmish going on in the world today is is the result of some religious nut case Muslim trying to kill either the Jews or us infidels in the name of some god. Now that does piss me off.

  15. Erinyes,
    You seem to think that Israel is at fault here. On what evidence do you base your findings?

  16. Eowyn, Steve;
    Here is Fred Reed’s take on immigration.
    I agree with him.
    Steve, we are indeed a nation of laws, some fair, others no so much.
    The main items I object to in tha Arizona law are the provision for an officer of the law to be sued by ant “citizen”if does not ask a suspected illegal for their ID, this seems like a silly point to some, but it opens a pandora’s box of possibilities.
    The other issues are that it is going to require the hiring of a bunch of new cops, and I think it will back fire, costing Arizona far more than it will save. Again, please read Fred’s piece; I’m not for open borders, but I’m in support of sensible immigration policy and enforcement.
    Ewoyn: as for the knee, “preexisting condition”
    The insurance covers little.
    Ron, my friend; we are polar opposites on many issues. I have a very dear friend whom you remind me of. We remain friends, dispite our opinion differences, although there was a time we did not speak for almost a YEAR after the invasion of Iraq. He told me the Iraqis would greet our soldiers as liberators with sweets, I told him he was full of “poop”.The rest is history, we are friends again. Neither of our “opinions” can change the truth, whatever the “truth” is.
    I’ll switch to a new haloscan box to avoid loosing text.

  17. Ron,
    Name calling kinda makes the name caller look juvenile, we’re ALL guilty of it at times.If you start your debate / arguement with it, expect a diminished result.
    Can you imagine starting a law suit with calling your opponent “crap for brains, here” etc., I don’t think the judge would respect you or your arguement.
    As far as “every socialist economy in the world has either failed or is failing”
    Ours is also either failed or is failing.I NEVER advocated implementing socialism, I do, however support Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, the VA,and welfare for those truly in need.GWB , when recently asked what his biggest regret is replied he failed to privatize Social Security.WOW.
    “every communist government, or so- called communist government….”
    REALLY? How about the Chinese?, Admittedly, they are a chimera, but the “Red Army” still rules the place.
    Gulf Oil Spill: Obama IS NOT blaming others,
    Dispite what you think, he has taken responsibility.Not that it fixes anything. There are many things I don’t like about his administration, but the truth is still the truth.
    As far as your opinions regarding Islam, the Middle East, and Israel; I think you don’t know what you’re talking about.I don’t say this in a mean spirited way.
    There is indeed a faction of radical Muslims that want us dead, it is small, but growing. Continuation of Bush’s policy by Obama is not “helpful”.
    I have visited a Muslim country and was recieved warmly. Several years ago that same country was bombed by a radical group.
    Nuts come in many flavors.I venture to say our jails are full of “Christians”.
    The Muslim world spans much of Africa, numerous Balkan States, Indonesia, Maylaysia, the PI’s, most of the ME, and most of Central Asia. That means BILLIONS of square miles of real estate, and BILLIONS of people.
    Good luck fighting that with guns and bombs.
    Get ahold of “American Raj” by Eric Margolis, and read it.

  18. ‘Erinyes, you seem to think Israel is at fault here….”
    I do indeed.I view Israel’s treatment of the Palestinean people as barbaric, the longer it continues, the more it inflames the Muslim world, and most of the world’s other nations.
    Both sides have committed atrocities. There needs to be a true effort to end the hostilities.
    IT will not happen unless Israel complies, and I fear they will never.Israel’s Likud party is intent on expanding “settlements”, they continue to give our nation the “middle finger salute”, while we pour BILLIONS of our tax dollars into their economy.The Israelis are doing the same as American settlers did to the Indian tribes here, and it is wrong . The govt of Israel is praticing collective punishment on a captive population, and we are financing it with our tax dollars.
    The citizens of our country are in need of help, and we continue to pour BILLIONS into Egypt and Israel? It is insane.
    A close friend just lost his unemployment benefits, but BILLIONS go into a foreign country? Please explain that to my friend as he tries to figure how to feed and clothe his family.
    Israel intercepted a flotilla of aid ships originating in Turkey.
    The Turkish government insists the shipment was not carrying weapons. Turkey is our NATO ally.
    Israeli special forces boarded foreign flagged vessels, and killed a number of the crew and passengers. The vessels were in international waters at the time. Such action constitutes an act of war. It is also defined by Admiralty Law as an act of Piracy.
    I don’t agree with your Opinion Ron, you don’t agree with mine. Sorry.If you love Israel so much, please help make support of Israel voluntary, as things are now, it is mandatory.

  19. Steve, thanks for reading that.The world is full of grey, most issues have complicated details.
    I don’t have all the answers, but as mentioned, there are some problems associated with Ariz.’s law.
    I certainly don’t condone open borders.
    There must be control, but there are times when we need Mexican workers to help us out. In 2004, we had three hurricanes tear through Central Florida; the Mexican laborers were a blessing, it would have taken us years to clean up without them.
    BTW, I visit Lewrockwell.com and Rense everyday( I don’t agree with every article, SERIOUS B.S. filter needed at Rense)). several liberal sites, and now this one.
    I like to get opinions from every angle.

  20. Steve, I’ll read your link. I’m considering retiring in Baja, interested in what the article says. I’ll send you a Baja real estate link later, if you’re interested.

  21. Alright erinyes,
    you got me—I researched the American Raj and I’m convinced. These poor Arab nations are misunderstood and just treated badly by the rest of the world especially us Americans and those bad Jews.
    I apologize for my egregious errors.
    When the Muslims attempt their takeover as they have promised I will join them with you and kill all these filthy Americans and all those dirty Jews.
    Now get off my back erinyes—You have been brainwashed and conned. No one will listen to your propaganda about how mistreated the poor Muslims are.
    They’re holding up signs in England telling the western world how they’re going to destroy us and you want to defend their cause by challenging my statements.
    You’re defending suicide bombers against the innocent and you want me to believe that the innocent are guilty because of one book by a brainwashed writer who spent his years sympathetic to a religious group whose only aim is to destroy the western world.
    I’m sorry, I am unable to defend suicide bombers and I am unable to defend Palestinians who allow their leaders to attempt the annihilation of a race of people. I am also unable to defend or stand with a people who believe I am an infidel deserving of death.
    We’ll see how many of them are standing after these rednecks get through with them.

  22. Ron, when I was in the 4th grade, I did a book report based on what I read on the jacket cover only, you seem to have done the same with “American Raj”. Its a wee bit deeper than that, but you and I have a universe between our world views, and I don’t see the point of jousting with you over them.I’ve been civil and truthful in my comments, you have been just plain snarky.YOU WIN!!
    “we’ll see how many of them are standing after these rednecks get through with them”
    I simply have no snappy come back for that.
    Cheers, buddy………

  23. Steve, why do you love Israel so much?
    If the Israelis tried “Land for Peace” , I think they mean they will TAKE more land for peace; check out the amount of land Israel has taken for “settlements”.
    And just for your information, MISTER, I am NOT brain dead, I breathe quite well off the ventilator!
    I enjoy your dialog, my friend………

  24. I’m certainly glad you you do not wish to continue this charade. There is something you should know about me. I am a constitutional defender and will be until I die. I am also an ultraconservative. I would imagine you too are pretty set in your ways. That means that neither of us would ever bend what we believe under any circumstances. It is best we agree to disagree. I live with a bunch of liberals so I tend toward ridicule. However, you do the same, just differently. I will give you credit. You pose good arguments; a little biased like mine but still good. The world of difference you talk about is most likely attributed to age. I come from a long line of conservative thinkers and a long line of lawyers. I enjoy a good argument for the sake of argument. Many people do not understand that. Most people do not understand our Constitution and many of them would do away with it entirely. I defend it. I swore to defend it all the days of my life and unlike our politicians I live to honor my commitments.

  25. Steve, sorry I didn’t answer all of your questions, I had to demobilize a job today, solo, with a screwed up knee.
    Steve, my question about your feelings for Israel is not a “tactic”, just a simple question; I’m not laying some sinister “trap”, crap, man its just a question.
    I am interested about the Mexico info you offered, I may end up retiring down Baja some day, there are lots of gringos retiring in Mexico.
    I agree that the Israel/ Pal situation may never be solved, more likely it will be solved like the American Indian situation was eventually solved.
    Israel is a nuke power, and can handle things for herself, and THAT is my complaint, I’m tired of financing their bad behavior.I’d be happy if support for Israel is voluntary, but it is not.
    Years ago, when I contracted with the Port of Los Angeles, I was required to sign a document stating I would not do business with South Africa’s apartheid regime.
    How would you feel about that?

  26. Steve, sorry man; I have to put your questions off ’till tomorrow, I’m fading out.


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