Obama’s grandma calls him the “Kenyan Wonder-Boy”

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If the POS weren’t born in Kenya, why does his Kenyan grandma have a calendar poster of him on her wall which says “The Kenyan Wonder-Boy in the U.S.”?

Sarah Oyango Obama is the POS’s paternal step-grandmother who, in 1987, met her then-26-year-old American grandson for the first time when he visited Obama Sr.’s village in Kenya.

Sarah Oyango Obama

In 2009, U.S. Christian minister Ron McRae, who described himself in his affidavit as an overseer of the Anabaptist Churches in North America and a “Presiding Elder on the African Presbytery,” conducted a taped transatlantic telephone conversation with Sarah Obama, in which grandma clearly said Barack Obama Jr. was born in Mombasa, Kenya, and that she was present at the birth.

In early 2008, Journeyman Pictures made a documentary “Obama’s Kenyan Roots” about the POS and visited Grandma Sarah. At the time, the POS was a U.S. senator (representing Illinois) and a presidential aspirant.

Since the POS’s visit in 1987, Grandma Sarah proudly had followed his career trajectory, and decorated the walls of her living room with pictures of the POS. Here’s a screen shot of the wall from the documentary “Obama’s Kenyan Roots”:

And here’s the “The Kenyan Wonder-Boy” calendar poster:

Here’s a segment from the documentary “Obama’s Kenyan Roots”:

H/t Obama Release Your Records

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0 responses to “Obama’s grandma calls him the “Kenyan Wonder-Boy”

  1. those who have chosen to ignore the major points and purpose
    of the Constitution (protecting the sovereign citizens from the
    tyranny of unchained government tyranny)couldn’t care less
    about the finer points such as eligibility

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. Isn’t it absolutely amazing how these facts are completely ignored!!!! A PERCIPIENT WITNESS PRESENT AT OBAMA’S BIRTH IN KENYA IS IGNORED!!!!! Their message is, TO HELL WITH THE CONSTITUTION! Other aspirants for the presidency were denied the ability to run because their personal status did not satisfy the constitutional requirements! Now, THAT IS TRUE RACISM, ISN’T IT! THAT IS TRUE PREJUDICE, ISN’T IT! Nevertheless, LET’S BEAT THIS KING AND HIS EVIL ADMINISTRATION AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!

  3. Terry, well spotted. Where does that guy with the Mohican fit in? Very weird!

  4. Terry & Brit,

    I cropped the original pic, leaving only the framed photo of the man with the American flag stuck on top, then enlarged it. To see, scroll up to the bottom of my post!

    What do you see?

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  6. Not defending Obama, but there are contradictory statements from Sarah Obama in this article. In the 2nd paragraph she said she met the 26 year old Obama for the first time in 1987 when he visited in Kenya. In the next paragraph she stated he was born in Kenya and she was present at his birth. So, which is it?


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