Obama’s young male golfing buddies

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As of early September 2012, Barry Soetoro Obama has played golf 104 times since becoming president, according to Mark Knoller of CBS News.

In a rare moment of honesty with CBS News’ Harry Smith, B.S. Obama admitted he’s “terrible” at golf, but is drawn to the game just the same: “It’s the only time that for six hours, I’m outside…where you almost feel normal…. It feels as if…you’re out of the container.”

An effeminate-looking Obama sits in his golf cart at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, April 26, 2009.

During George W. Bush’s presidency, the media incessantly carped about his golfing. But Mark Knoller points out that Bush played 24 rounds of golf during the first 2 years of his presidency, then decided to stop, six months into the war in Iraq. “I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal,” he said in an interview in 2008 with Yahoo and Politico.com.

Knoller also makes this interesting observation:

“We don’t ever hear about Mr. Obama’s scores on the golf course. And only rarely does the White House permit the press to get a photograph of the president on the links. During the Clinton presidency, such photo ops were routine.”

All of which has piqued Kevin DuJan of Hillbuzz’s curiosity about the POS’s golfing and his golfing companions. DuJan asks on Oct. 1, 2012, “Who are Obama’s golfing buddies and at what clubs did he golf?“:

Today I’m digging up all articles I can find about Barack Obama’s golfing buddies and which clubs he’s golfed at as president. So far, I’ve identified the following men as regular members of Obama’s “foursome”:* Ben Finkenbinder (a staff member in the Press Office…)* David Katz (Department of Energy staff member)* Marvin Nicholson (WH trip director)

It’s such an odd group of (mostly) young men that I’m surprised Larry Sinclair wasn’t invited to “go golfing” too.

[…] the men that Bill Clinton golfed with regularly while he was President. I remember those guys being big power brokers like Vernon Jordan, professional golfers like Arnold Palmer, and big-wigs such as Senators and Governors and the like. Clinton didn’t head to the links with twenty-something male staffers he referred to as “The Finkmeister”. It’s just all so strange.

What were these guys really doing together? Obama’s such a terrible golfer…despite all that time supposedly “golfing”…and it’s bizarre to think random, young guys who are an odd fit for a President’s “friends” would be spending such ridiculous amounts of time together engaged in a activity such as “golfing”.


An article by Garret M. Graff in the August 2011 issue of The Washingtonian gives us more information on Obama’s three most frequent golf companions: Ben Finkenbinder, David Katz, and Marvin Nicholson. I’ve added photos of the three young men to Graff’s account. Finkenbinder’s pic is from Hillbuzz; I found Katz’s and Nicholson’s via Google Image search. Finding a photo of David Katz was very challenging.


Ben Finkenbinder

Day Job: Assistant White House press secretary—a.k.a. press “wrangler,” who gathers reporters for events and trips. [He’s returning to Chicago to work on the POS’s reelection campaign.]
Salary: $50,000
Age: 26
Parents: Son of David Finkenbinder, former executive vice president of the National Mining Association
Hometown: Bethesda
Alma Mater: Macalester College
2004 Campaign Role: Knocked on Minnesota doors for John Kerry ’04.
Handicap (According to Golf Digest): 7
Golf Background: Played in college.
Fun Fact: On the ’08 presidential campaign, he arrived by 3 each morning to begin compiling news clips.


David Katz & Obama (l); Katz (r)

Day Job: Now White House senior policy adviser for manufacturing; formerly energy-efficiency adviser to Energy Secretary Steven Chu
Salary: $92,001
Age: 29
Parents: Son of Lucinda Lee Katz, former director of University of Chicago Laboratory School, which Obama’s daughters attended pre–White House
Hometown: Chicago
Alma Mater: University of Michigan; Stanford (MBA)
2004 Campaign Role: Was Obama’s campaign photographer beginning with his US Senate run.
Handicap (According to Golf Digest): 1.8
Fun Fact: On election night 2008, Katz released 82 behind-the-scenes photos of the Obama family on Flickr.


Marvin Nicholson is the thumbs-up dude

Day Job: White House trip director, who runs every detail of the President’s movements
Salary: $130,000
Age: 39
Parents: His American-born mother, Liz Beatty, and stepfather live in North Saanich, British Columbia.
Hometown: Toronto
Alma Mater: University of Western Ontario
2004 Campaign Role: Was Kerry’s “body man,” or personal aide.
Handicap (According to Golf Digest): 8
Golf Background: Has extensive caddying experience in Vancouver and at Augusta National.
Fun Fact: While working for Kerry, he carried business cards that proclaimed him “chief of stuff.

The golfing companions of previous U.S. presidents who golfed (Nixon, Ford, Clinton, George W.) were all age cohorts of the presidents. But 51-year-old B.S. Obama’s three most frequent golfing companions are 26, 29, and 39, respectively — that is, 12 to 25 years younger. All three young men are single.

As Hillbuzz’s Kevin DuJan remarked: “Hmmm….”


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  1. Liberal Jews, as most American Jews are.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this mosst informative post. Most “noteworthy”! Since our country is in such a crisis, it is amazing that the king has spent so much of his time playing golf. What a mindset!

  3. Reblogged this on THE SURF REPORT and commented:
    Obama is no Tiger Woods

  4. Hmm is right. I’m wondering if the Finkmeister is being sent to Chicago to replace the Jewish Jew-hating guy who mysteriously dropped dead at headquarters a couple of months ago at age twenty something. Odd collection of golfing buddies.

  5. So how many times have they all been to a certain Chicago ‘bath house’ ?

  6. I guess the POS likes “balls” of a diffferent sort!

  7. Wow–he really looks feminine in that pic, doesn’t he?

  8. Ugh!!!!!

  9. Oh, sweet! In a manner of speaking, of course.

  10. Hmmmmmmmmm is right ! Wow, wonders never cease when it comes to Barrys extra cirricular activities. Me thinks we only know the half of it——. What a sleaze, I wouldn’t be surprised at anything he does.
    I just want him the H–L out of the White House !

  11. That is a great deal of naked leg for the POS to be showing, isn’t it? Is he wearing any at all?

  12. All those drippy butts will be done in as soon as Bama tires of them! Just like the rest of his drippy butt buddies! Semper Fi.

  13. Fred DeFelice

    He is such a disgusting POS that wants to sodomize the world. How this country elected a Black Queer Muslim of all people is mind blowing. Yes his little non married golf partners is what it looks like. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of them end up dead some day. If I was one of them, I would make sure I didn’t slice the ball and end up in the woods with him looking for it.

  14. It’s really hypocritical of him to speak out about the violence of Trayvon Martin when he is killing his own black lovers for his own convenience!

  15. Yes. I meant to say the violence toward Trayvon!

  16. I’m with Fred – you won’t catch me in the woods with Dr. Sleaze looking for me. We have hit rock-bottom with BO, and every other bottom!! Wow, did someone waft Fairy Dust over the electorate to get this “man” back into the Dark House? Remember, folks, he can sign one of those famous Exec Orders and make himself pres for life. What a bloody scaaaary thought that is!

  17. The question to me is why are not americans doing anything about it. This is the guy who has piled up trillion upon trillion of dollars in massive debt, He is as gay as they come. His wife may be a tranny for what I see. His has FEMA capms ready to imprison americans like sheep, He has passed laws to enlave Americans and had bought billions of rounds of ammunition and had fired Generals and Admirals that have refused to obey his orders. He has liberated a lot of the main collaborators of Osama Bin laden and nobody does anythifn but biatch about in a few websites. Do something, pass flyers in your community, talk in your church about this, organize people to defend the country, demand from your senators and congressmen to do something about this and im,peach this impostors, lying, deceitful anti cristian. Or just shut up and let him enjoy his golf and his HOt dogs.

  18. With friends like this who needs a bath house? These poor fools better watch their backs or they will end up like the other friends of O’ from his bath house days in Chicago. This guy is a major menace to America and not because of who he hangs out with, but because of all the other crap he forces down the throats (no pun intended) (lol) of the American public. He needs to go already. He hangs with these “kids” because MEN (gay or not) would have nothing to do with him. Wait a few years and you will see what was really going on, on all levels and how destructive this man is.

  19. That’s why this nation is becoming a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah; he started all this crap about sanctioning gay marriage. He pushed it. Now look where we are. As the ‘head’ is, so goes the body. When the head is damaged, the body can’t function.

  20. Who knew? Very strange habits, I’d be concerned. People around him are like people around the Clintons. They have a nasty habit of becoming dead. The highest offices in our great country have become shamefully associated with possible criminal activity. They’re run more like a crime syndicate. How sad. Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves. God save the USA.


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