Obama's Gangsta Government


Gangsta Government Rap Lyrics

We hail from Chicago, criminal class,
where Capone was the man – yea he kicked some ass.
We learned from the best and perfected his ways
now we’re setting DC ablaze.
Thanks to the press, the people bought our message of hope and change,
now our goal’s in range.
We told you we’re gonna spread your wealth around,
Fortune 500 – up next for a shakedown.
Lots of new policies we plan to debut,
won’t recognize America when we get through.
Don’t need a Constitution or the rule of law,
we abuse our power using shock and awe.
We’re the Gangsta Government! – We wear the crown,
we call the shots and shake the people down.
We’re the Gangsta Government! – Stay out of our way,
Sit-down, shut-up, cuz you have no say.
Never let a crisis go to waste,
so we passed the stimulus bill – post haste.
Thousand page bills, see that’s the new norm,
nobody reads ‘em no more so we’ll get our reform.
We love to spend trillions that we don’t got,
paid back by our children while we all rot.
Just crank up the presses at the Fed Reserve,
gotta get our hands on that bread we so deserve.
To pay off our special interest friends,
to get reelected we’ll spend and spend (“I’ll buy that for a dollar”).
Teachers’ unions, pro-aborts and greens,
Greasing-up the wheels of the political machine.
Private sector takeover nearly complete,
got health and auto industries under our feet.
Student loans and homes you know we can’t be beat,
and we’re just getting started, we take it to the streets.
Grant illegals amnesty, read terrorists their rights,
abolish secret ballots, change marriage overnight.
We’ll expand social programs to buy more votes,
bail-out union pension plans, keep ‘em afloat.
We’ll name new czars to champion our cause,
unaccountable to Congress and above the law.
We play the race card to squash debate,
accuse our opponents of bigotry and hate.
Gangsta, gangsta that’s what they yell’n,
This is the reality, we’ll rob you for your salary.
Gangsta, gangsta that’s what they yell’n,
This is the reality, we’ll rob you for your salary.
We’ll use global warming to gain control,
we’ll tax the air you breath and shutdown all the coal.
Offshore drilling, gotta love that ban,
eight bucks a gallon should cut demand.
Putin’ up some windmills and solar panels,
for a permit you’ll have to go through our channels.
Regulate your light bulbs, your car and your pad,
listen up kids, government’s your new dad!
The rules will only apply to you lil peasants,
but for the elite, life’ll be more pleasant.
We’re keeping our gulf streams and SUVs,
we’ve got more important meetings and people to see.
Once midterms are over, shit will hit the fan,
lame duck Congress passing all our plans.
The people may object but we don’t care,
we’re large and in charge, gonna grab our share.
Tea party movement is beginning to spread,
gotta call the union thugs to bust some heads.
Sick big sis on those tea party types,
label them as radicals and take away their rights.
We gotta move now – twenty-twelve ain’t far away,
DC is cozy and you know we want to stay.
We’ll legalize illegals to get us the win,
keep voter fraud alive and we’re in like Flynn.
H/t my dear friend Barbara!
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9 years ago

Boy,this pretty much sums it up! VOTE THEM OUT PEOPLE. But! know who you are voting for.

Yankee Lady
Yankee Lady
9 years ago


9 years ago

This is a great summary of this administration! Amazing!