Obama's first term in one chart

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The chart below is from Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare via ZeroHedge:

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But on November 6, 2012, over 62 million Americans (62,615,406) voted to give Obama four more years.
Go figure.
No doubt in 2016, they’ll still say it’s Bush’s fault.


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0 responses to “Obama's first term in one chart

  1. Barry, doesn’t care, it going exactly as planned. As long as we keep voting back in the incumbents we get what we deserve. Congress is at an all time low of 9%. Yet we vote the idiots back in office. Maybe we are to blame.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. Yes, go figure! And the example is from Pennsylvania. Can you imagine how the rest of the states appear?

    • Joan,
      I don’t know whether the graph is of just Pennsylvania or of the entire USA. The Pennyslvanian govt website does not enable readers to find the graph, so I’m using ZeroHedge’s republishing of that graph.

  3. Food stamps and other similar assistance type programs are called counter cyclical programs. Their use goes up when the Economy goes down. As the economy went from a serious recession to a near depression in the fall of 2008 of course food stamp usage went up. What is more interesting is that gov’t employment didn’t change at all. You would think that it would have gone up but it did not because states starting laying people off to close budget gaps. Medicaid has gone up for the same reason as food stamp usage went up. It is a counter cyclical program. Notice the rate of increase for both programs has slowed. The rate would be the slope of the line on that graph. What will the graph look like if you included data from 2012? Looking at the data on the PA site the numbers are now decreasing as the economy improves. Depending on the month SNAP benefits, what the food stamp program is actually called, are decreasing by 0.1 to 0.4 percent per month. That rate of decline, the slope of the graph, will only increase through 2013 as the economy improves.

    • There’s little evidence the US economy is improving. The last unemployment figure strangely left out California’s numbers, which made the figure looked better than what reality is.

    • “As the economy improves”? Wishful thinking or SRM talking points. Perhaps the CBO, IMF, Forbes, WSJ, etc have no clue when predicting the recession to continue through 2013.

  4. It is my humble opinion, the economy is not improving and may, in fact, get worse depending on what happens with the taxes being proposed. With ObamaCare being pushed through, many large and small employers will not be hiring more than part-time employees, if that. If taxes on dividends are levied at more than double what they have been, the stock market and average citizens who use it to supplement retirement income will suffer huge losses. When I heard how the home market was improving due to wealthy Chinese buyers investing here, it made me sick. Get real…that’s like a blip on a radar screen….like a few handfuls of Chineses investors buying existing luxury homes in various regions of the country are going to make a difference in our overall economy.

  5. One sale does not make a market. I sell cars and that is one thing that nearly 16 years int the car business has shown me. I want to see trends and the monthly trend over the past year have been higher jobs growth and more positive overall economic indicators. These indicators have grown slowly but they have been growing. Economic recoveries after a financial crisis caused by housing bubbles are always slow. Their is decades of data on this. Full recovery typically takes five to seven years after the trough. The low point was the first quarter of 2009 for the US with the recession ending during the third to fourth quarter of 2009. We have not been in a recession since the end of 2009 it is just very hard to recover from this kind of financial crisis. Housing is finally starting to come around and that has been a huge drag. Gov’t employment losses have been a huge drag as well and that is ending. Remember private sector employment has been growing for sometime but gov’t layoffs kept overall employment dropping. I have been on the sales side of the car business almost eight years and this is the best year I have ever had. Prior to this 2006 was my best year and it was really only the best because of the last four months. This year has been consistently good. January was better then any month I had in 2011. April was better then January and May was my best month ever period. August was again a record month and then November will be another record on top of that.


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