Obama's Evil Christmas Tree

A design by the ingenious BKeyser

What would you call a man who ruled his country as a dictator for 27 years, instigating one political campaign after another, dividing his countrymen into “people” vs. “the enemies of the people,” and urging “the people” to hound “the enemies” to death? What if I tell you that those witch-hunting campaigns led to the deaths of millions?
Would you call this man evil?
And what would you call a president of the United States whose Christmas tree in the White House — the People’s House — is decorated with an ornament bearing the evil man’s visage?
The evil man is Mao Zedong, communist China’s ruler from 1949 to his death in 1976, who was responsible for the deaths from starvation, torture, suicide, and murder of 50 to 80 million of his own countrymen. And it is Mao’s face that “graces” an ornament on the White House Christmas tree, along side ornaments of a transvestite character “Hedda Lettuce” and of Obama on Mount Rushmore. 

Chairman Mao at the White House (Photo by Big Government.com)

Obama on Mount Rushmore

Here’s the BigGovernment.com article.

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