Obama's Economic Advisor Thinks America is "Pretty Darn F*cked"

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Christina Romer, 52, was appointed by Barry Soetoro to be the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. After she [social]engineered Obama’s and the Democratic Congress’ “job-creating” stimulus package, she quit and returned to being Garff B. Wilson Professor of Economics (an endowed chair) at the University of California, Berkeley.
The stimulus ended up decidedly unstimulating to the US economy. Instead, according to none other than the Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus cost the federal government another $787 billion in deficits.
Last Friday Night, August 5, 2011, Romer decided she’s now a comedienne and used the crashing U.S. economy — that she had a hand in crashing — as her “ha ha” act.
Appearing on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”, Romer said that the S&P credit downgrade was a sign that the country is “pretty darn fucked.” (at the 0:29 mark)
At which, the audience laughed and laughed, and Romer’s fat face scrunched up in a big smile — ’cause, you know, it’s just so darn funny that America our country is in such economic dire straits! Yuck, Yuck! Hardy har har!

Then Romer says, “Policy would be better if we listened to the experts” such as herself.
When foul-mouthed Maher lashes out at Romer for her dogged defense of the president, saying to her, “Fuck you! He fucked up. He’s not your boyfriend,” Romer defends Skippy: “He made lots of good decisions, and they were based on science, they were based on the evidence, they were based on the best evidence that he had.”
Then Romer declares that the problem with the stimulus is that “it should have been even bigger” and recommends a second even bigger stimulus.
Einstein was right. Truly, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.
H/t Daily Caller, via Uncoverage.

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0 responses to “Obama's Economic Advisor Thinks America is "Pretty Darn F*cked"

  1. Gee, classy… but, remember, it’s still the TEA Party’s fault for letting the current administration spend too much and get America’s credit downgraded!

  2. Glad to hear these tools find this so hilarious…me, not so much.
    Hey Romer, you don’t need science to fix this. All you need to do is read Econ 101 for Dummies…

  3. That’s the first thing this idiot communist woman has ever uttered that I actually agree with.

  4. Christina Romer is a stupid sow, dressed in polyester; the fabric of liberals.

  5. “Where Obama Went Wrong,” The Week via Yahoo! News, 9 Aug 11
    “What Happened to Obama?” by Drew Westen, NYT, 6 Aug 11


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