Obama's Dog Eating Days – Why It Matters

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0 responses to “Obama's Dog Eating Days – Why It Matters

  1. lowtechgrannie

    Nothing like an election year to bring out the trolls, Sage. The dog eating story has traction because Skippy told it himself, and made a ton of $$$ from the book. It surprises me considering it’s best seller status, the subject didn’t come up in the 2008 campaign primary with Hilary. I guess everybody bought the book; but, nobody read it. LOL

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Wasn’t there an evil ruler in the Old Testament who was eaten by dogs? I’m think Jezebel, maybe.

  3. Sage,
    The one-star negative voter(s) is a fairly regular phenomenon on our posts. I deal with him/her by giving every post 5-star rating. 😉
    FOTM writers do this as a public service and labor of love and are paid $0 for our time and effort, our sweat and blood. I pity the one-star voters because their minds are small, their hearts constricted, and their mouths are permanently puckered up from sucking on the sour bitter lemon that is their petty ungenerous soul.

  4. That WAS a good one! I gave it a five star but I guess it’ll take more than that to wipe out the effects of the troll’s hit-and-run.

    • lowtechgrannie

      Frankly, I’ve never paid much attention to gold stars since kindergarten. When I was a 5 yr old they were a big deal.

      • we’d better ask Sage about the stars in our crowns in heaven,
        ….well,you know what I mean,lol’s. I was always in some sort of
        trouble both times I went to kindergarten 🙂

        • lowtechgrannie

          It would be nice if there are some stars in my heavenly crown; but, mostly I just want to be there and see the Lord’s face. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  5. i can’t believe we have a dog eating president. how low can we go and how low have we sunk a dog eater


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