Obama's Deer in the Headlights Moment

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Obama’s Deer in the Headlights Moment
By Tom in NC
Obama finally has a real crisis in the Middle East, rioting in Egypt and Yemen and protests in Jordan by militant islamists is threatening to plunge the entire Middle East into chaos and maybe even war.
With a weak foreign policy, Obama looks like a deer in the headlights, his warnings to Mubarak and his pleas for calm to the protestors are falling on deaf ears. They know he is weak and impotent and the violence will continue, the Muslim brotherhood is threatening to take over governments in the region with all their ties to terror.
If that happens with Obama in office and Clinton in the State Department, well let’s just say that any hope of peace in the Middle East will just be a distant memory and Israel will be surrounded by the barking dogs of war ready to strike and with Iran on the very brink of nuclear weaponry. Israel could soon be fighting for it’s very existence and I suspect that Obama would not raise a finger in their defense or be so haphazard in his response that the missiles could be raining down on them before he would even take his thumb out of his ass.
Mubarak is not a perfect leader and may very well be a dictator as some have said but he has been an ally in the Middle East and if we allow him to go the way of the Shah of Iran, then we could end up with another madman like Ahmadinejad in Egypt and an already dangerous part of the world will become off limits and deadly to any and all non-Muslims.
Meanwhile, due to our fearless leader’s total cluelessness we are no longer allowed to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, we are not allowed to drill the oil shale out west or in ANWR and if things continue to deteriorate in the Middle East, it won’t be long until gas prices exceed $4, $5, $6 or higher per gallon. Liberals have seen to it that we are no longer capable of being self sufficient when it comes to energy. Since so-called green energy is nothing more than an elaborate boondoggle designed by liberals to con the American people out of their money through taxpayer subsidies, they have guaranteed our dependence on foreign oil at prices we no longer have any control over.
Obama and the liberals may have very well put the final nail in our economic coffin. As events in Egypt and other Arabic countries spiral out of control, we must not think that just because they are half a world away, America will not feel the ripple effects — increased terrorist threats, higher fuel prices and economic instability.
Obama has got to be impeached and removed from office. Republicans in the House must begin impeachment proceedings right away. His lies, under the table deals and outright disregard for the Constitution make Obama the worst, most corrupt president in our history.
He must be stopped. NOW!

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0 responses to “Obama's Deer in the Headlights Moment

  1. Velvet revolution???? beings Congress is deaf.

  2. Tom, I’m with you and many others who want Obama out of office.
    What would be the fastest way to accomplish this goal?
    We need to remove the albatross around America’s throat NOW!

  3. Tom,
    I agree 100%.
    I have been saying for some time that I do not believe this nations will survive two more years of Obama in the White House.
    And even if he is removed well before then, I rate our chances as only about 50/50, as the damage to date has been substantial.
    As for this latest Middle East “crisis,” it appears more and more that Obama deliberately helped to instigate it – reason enough for his impeachment all by itself.
    We are running out of time.


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