Obama's Connecticut Soc Sec No. Traced to Man in Hawaii, d. 1981

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It is illegal to use someone else's Social Security no. Jail this man!

by randyedye – BeforeIt’sNews – April 12, 2011

This news is breaking: This is bad news for Obama.
This is what we know so far. We get more info on Jean Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890, had CT SSN obtained in 1976 and died in HI around 1981. There are 2 SS numbers for him and records show him dying in 2 different states: CA and HI around 1981.
The reason this is important, is because there is a similar fact pattern to Obama. Barack Obama is residing today in the White House, using CT SS number 042-68-4425, issued in CT in and around March 1977 to an elderly individual named John Paul Ludwig, who was born in 1890, who is presumed dead and whose death was either never reported to the SS administration or reported and deleted from the database by someone.
Obama’s maternal grandmother Madelyn Dunham, worked as a part-timer or volunteer in the Probate Office in the Honolulu Hawaii Courthouse. Thus she would have access to the estate files of anyone who died there. Thus if the elderly man originally from CT died intestate in Hawaii with no known relatives, Grandma Dunham would have known this person is a prime candidate to steal the SSN of since there would be no known surviving family worrying about the death benefit from SSN and that the benefit was not likely applied for and thus SSA did not know he died. Thus the SSN remained active for the deceased person and Obama could “adopt” it as his own. This is a clear case of identity theft at the federal level.
This is what we know about Ludwig:
In 1924, Jean Paul Ludwig worked for Senator Reed of PA, in Washington DC.
On the ship manifest of ‘Leviathan’, he listed Senator Reed in Washington, DC as his employer, in answer to where he intended to live in the US.
Jean Paul Ludwig had been in the US for 3 yrs in 1924, but he was listed on the “Immigration” manifest and refered to as an alien in the column headings.
Listed under “States Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival”, New York, Aug 12, 1924:
Jean Paul Ludwig, Date of Arrival: Aug 12, 1924, Port of Departure:
Cherbourg, France, Line#: 0008
Line #8: By Whom was Passage Paid: Emp. Mr. Reed; Whether in possession of $50: Yes; Whether ever before in US: Yes; If Yes-Period of Years: 3; Where: PA
Whether going to join relative or friend: Empl. Senator Reed, Washingto, DC
Length of time alien intends to remain in the US: Always
Height 5′5″, Complexion Dk., Hair Br., Eyes Br., Marks of ID: None
Place of Birth: France, Ammersville.
First Name: Jean P.
Last Name: Ludwig
Ethnicity: France
Last Place of Residence: Washington, D.C.
Date of Arrival: Aug 12, 1924
Age at Arrival: 34 Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Leviathan
Port of Departure: Cherbourg, France
Manifest Line Number: 0008
U.S. Social Security Death Index
Name: Jean Ludwig
Birth Date: 17 February 1890
Zip Code of Last Residence: 96816 (Honolulu,HI)
Death Date: June 1981
Estimated Age at Death: 91
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A big h/t to Microsoft whistleblower Tony Whitcomb!

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0 responses to “Obama's Connecticut Soc Sec No. Traced to Man in Hawaii, d. 1981

  1. Hats off to Eowyn and Tony for bringing this out into the open. NOW will someone, anyone in MSM please do some investigative journalism and get to the bottom of this. It’s no longer just about a birth certificate, it’s about felony fraud, it’s about identity theft, forgery and the President of the United States at the center of it all.
    For all you journalist out there that dream of the Pulitzer Prize, this could be your big chance, expose Obama as the perpetrator of the biggest fraud in American history. You know you’ve tried in the past to take down Bush and Reagan with little or no evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Well here is a president neck deep in crime so do your damn job and dig into this man’s past and let’s get the truth out, once and for all.

    • About the only person who would be willing to investigate and expose this is Trump. He’s already stated he has men in Hawaii working on something. Fingers crossed.

  2. Since Mr. Ludwig is deceased, a copy of his SS application should be available from the SSA. Has anyone requested one for Jean or John? If so, why are they not posted to provided evidence?

  3. A radio interview this week with Mario Apuzzo and Charles Kerchner discussed these items, and one thing mentioned was that the Dunhams were involved in a Unitarian Church that may have been assisting Vietnam War draft dodgers in setting up new identities.
    This very interesting scenario should be investigated THOROUGHLY, as it is a very workable theory with many pieces falling into place. BUT it’s important to note that it is still circumstantial. There is no SS-5 document or other direct paper trail as of yet that confirms Obama is using a Jean Paul Ludwig social security number issued in CT in 1977. I’m concerned that if we get ahead of evidence on this, it could come back to haunt us.

  4. Orly Taitz discovered this awhile back. Nice to see it being exposed. I sent this e-mail every where I possibly could. How much more can this idiot do before he is cuffed and booked???

  5. Eowyn,I love that picture.

  6. I am a little bit confused by this………
    so if Obama STARTED using this SS# in 1976…did the Grandmother supposedly “harvest” this # because since Obama wasn’t born in the US , she couldn’t simply get him one the way everyone else gets one, by applying like everyone else?
    If it was issued in 1971 to this person born in 1890 in France who arrived here in the US in 1921 (1924) what was Ludwig using prior to that??
    Sorry to be so dense…..?????
    it’s all so fantastical.Wow.

    • There is evidence that a SS# used by Obama (verifiable by the Selective Service Verification website) was originally issued in CT in ’76-77 to an elderly person born in 1890. Obama’s first use of the number is around 1980, coinciding with the death time frame of Jean Paul Ludwig.
      So the question in my mind is: what does a person do to obtain a SS# if they don’t have a U.S. birth certificate to show U.S. citizenship? One way is obviously to borrow one, as is often done by illegal aliens.

  7. No problem, Artist…I have alot of days….consider that Social Security didn’t
    exist,hence NO numbers. Also consider Barry Soetoro returned from Malaysia
    with foreign passport and never made legal name change or applied for US
    citizenship/naturalization.Also consider that he never registered for the draft
    as required by federal law.

    • Good questions regarding Barry!
      Social Security started in 1937 with regular monthly payments issued starting in 1940. What was likely an impetus for an elderly person to obtain a SS# in 1977, was Medicare, which was started in 1965 or an interest in obtaining SS death benefits.

  8. This whole thing is like a great indoor snowball effect.
    Each month’s revelations evolved into each week… and now, it’s almost day by day. But outside? In public view? The silence is insanely deafening.
    If we do not grasp the honesty of what has happened as Americans… if we allow our emotions and our politics to override what we know is right, then we will soon be in a crisis that makes Watergate look like a $5 parking ticket.
    The bottom line must be that responsibility be borne by those who knew the truth from the beginning… as well as those who learned thereafter but did nothing. We must approach this without regard to race or political party affiliation because if we stray for one moment away from the straight and narrow, we stand the risk of losing it all.
    I commend those writers here on FoM, who have shown the courage to speak openly on this matter.
    My prayers are with all who do so in the future as well.

  9. wow this would make a great spy thriller novel (Ludlum, Clancy etc) but that this is factual and the news media is basically asleep makes it even more incredible. Who even could have thought something like this up? To be an illegal alien steal someone elses ssn and then run and get elected president of the USA. I would have to say that if guilty as charged the only fitting penalty for such out right fraud on such a grand scale would be the death penalty….

  10. 2 Questions:
    Where do we find Ludwig ever using this SSN?
    How could Obama’s grandmother have known in 1980 that Ludwig was going to die a year later?

    • I think these are excellent questions, and I am a skeptic until I see an authenticated paper trail. I’ll be happy to open up a line of response that others may counter.
      It hasn’t been found as of yet. There are simply some very interesting coincidences and commonalities with this man beginning with his 1890 date of birth and his history of residence in both CT and HI. I believe the headline to the original “Before it’s News” posting is misleading.
      We really don’t know what kind of shape Mr. Ludwig was in at age 91. So it is conjecture whether a SS # could have been stolen at that time. It raises another question, however. When was the first use of the 4425 number by Obama documented? The first use that shows up on historical databases per Ohio licensed Private Investigator Susan Daniels is 1986.
      The only earlier usage I’m aware of is reported in the Selective Service Record (verifiable online) which has Obama registered in 1980 with the 4425 SS #. Susan Daniel’s believes there is evidence that the Selective Service record is a counterfeit however, because a reproduced image of the form that was used in mailing the Selective Service confirmation to Obama indicates it was a 2007 version of the form (fine print, far bottom right). She discusses this discrepancy in interview here:
      If the Selective Service record was actually created in 2007, and back dated, then the next recorded use of the 4425 number would be 1986.
      I have to say I’m not very comfortable with the mental gymnastics here, but still want to allow some patience for what is plausible.

  11. According to the SS Death Index, Jean Ludwig’s SS# was 045-26-8722.
    That’s not the one that Obama uses.

    • When Ludwig and others born in 1890 and residing in CT were researched, allowance was made for the possibility that an elderly person might have had a 2nd Social Security number assigned to them that was never used. It wasn’t unusual for a convalescent care facility in the 70s to assist with an SS-5 application, so that Medicare and SS Death benefits could be billed for directly from the facility for their patient.


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