Obama's amnesty: Illegals to take over America by creating "a country within a country"

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On Feb. 26, 2015, Sue Payne of WCBM, Baltimore, MD, was interviewed by conservative talk radio host Mark Levin. Payne is the co-host of WCBM’s Pat McDonough Radio Show.
Unbeknown to Obama, Payne had been invited to listen in on three conference phone calls of the 16 members of Obama’s cabinet. The calls were about Obama’s executive amnesty to illegal aliens in this country.
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Obama is committing treason.

His executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens is more than amnesty. Obama’s plan is to use these 13 to 15 MILLIONS of illegals, most of them from Central America, especially Mexico, to create — in the words of his Task Force on New Americans — “a country within a country.”
Obama’s plan is to implant these millions of “immigrants” parasites — the word is “seedlings” — into innocent, unaware “receiving communities” across the United States. Those parasites will be nurtured with food, medical care, credit cards, no-interest loans, and Social Security — all provided by innocent, unaware taxpayer dupes. Then, when the parasites become mature, they will “emerge from the shadows” and take over and supplant the “receiving communities”. (All words between quotation marks are the words of Obama’s Task Force on New Americans.)
This is the movie plot of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, except it’s not a movie. This is real — a Real and Present Danger to the United States.
Here is the audio of Sue Payne’s interview with Mark Levin, followed by my transcript of the interview.

Levin: Sue, we don’t have a lot of time, so go ahead and summarize what took place in that call.
Payne: Well, what took place on the calls was there was the Task Force on New Americans which Obama established on November 21 when he went to Las Vegas. The media said he was signing an executive order for [the deportation of] 5 million illegal aliens to become deferred. In reality, what he did was sign a memorandum that created the Task Force on New Americans, which was going to be implement amnesty now for the 5 million illegals which I believe is going to be more than that mark I think he [Obama] was planning. And on this conference call, it became clear that he’s looking at 13 to 15 million to give protection and move them on to [U.S.] citizenship.
What happened in the conference calls was there was a representative from 16, each of the members of his cabinet. So there was 16 representatives there. And Cecilia Munoz was on the first [conference] call. And they began to talk —
Levin: Hold on now. And she [Munoz] is a top adviser to the president on this, and the former senior official with…La Raza. Go right ahead.

Cecilia Munoz

Cecilia Munoz

Note: Cecilia Munoz, a former senior official of the racist La Raza (“The Race”), is director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. See “La Raza: Racist Hispanic group funded by taxpayers“.

Payne: Yeah, and she’s chairing this Task Force. And so…what became clear is that once these illegals “come out of the shadows” so to speak, their communities that they’re living in now are going to be re-designated as “receiving communities.” And what this Task Force is designed to do is to create a welcoming feeling among these “receiving communities” to bring in these immigrants, to bring them out in the open, but the “receiving communities” will then soon morph into what was established — an emerging immigrant community. And to do that, what they said was that we need to start looking at the immigrant as a seedling. And for the seedling to grow, the seedling needs to be in fertile soil, and the fertile soil —
Levin: Alright, let’s hold on. We got the seedling, the fertile soil in these new communities. Good lord, this sounds like Plato’s Republic. It sounds like Marxism. It sounds like Mao’s China. Don’t hang up, Sue, we’ll be right back. [music]
Levin: So Sue, we have these special little communities and seedlings and fertilizer and then what?
Payne: Well, eventually the seedlings will take over the host, and the immigrants who come out of the shadows and what I got from the meetings is they would be pushing the citizens into the shadows, they would be taking over the country. In fact, one of the members of the Task Force actually said that we would be developing “a country within a country.” There was a couple of buzz words that were really disturbing to me, that [“a country within a country”] was one of the them. One was from the White House spokesman that immigrants need to be aware of the benefits they are “entitled” to, which led to another comment saying that this group that Obama was going to pardon, give amnesty to, would not be interested in assimilating — they would “navigate,” not assimilate and go into —
Levin: Now, stop there, that’s very important. So these are officials in the White House talking about people not assimilating, but “navigating.” And you know, Sue, this is, this plays into what Obama was saying, and erh, I’d played a clip of that, erh, again, he’s not talking about assimilation either. He’s actually talking about, almost, he doesn’t use the word, about conquering. Did you get that impression?
Payne: Oh yes, especially when it became very clear the “receiving communities” would be morphing into the “emergent immigrant communities.” And he also, there was also a couple of things that were very disturbing. One was that as soon as this decision was pushed through, these immigrants needed to be treated as refugees. They need to be given cash, they need medical care, they need credit — they need to use a credit card to pay for any documents that they need, and also they need to convince state and local governments to cut these people no interest loans with taxpayer dollars so they [illegals] can then pay for their papers, as if we were funding our own destruction here.
Levin: This is amazing. What amazes me, Sue, is how this is progressed, how advanced this strategy is. Obviously this has been in the works for years and years. It’s just incredible! I mean, uh, if you haven’t been in on this phone call, we wouldn’t even know about this!
Payne: No, you wouldn’t. It was a series of three [conference] calls. And Mark, also they said there was going to be a great deal of older immigrants in this batch, and that we needed to make sure that the “receiving communities” knew that the older or elderly unskilled can contribute to these “receiving communities,” and that the government should understand that immigrants need to “age successfully”…and we need to get them into Social Security as soon as possible, so that they can “age successfully” within “their country within a country.”
Levin: This is, this is unbelievable what’s going on inside this country, inside the gates of the White House, without any authority, without the knowledge of the American people. I feel like this is a completely surreptitious government. I feel like we are the ones in the shadows. I feel like we are the ones being cut out of the information flow. Like I said, this is no republic. I don’t know what the hell this is.
The interview ended with Levin asking Payne if her information is posted anywhere. She said no.
Well, here’s the information! Right here in this transcript that I took of what Sue Payne said about this undemocratic unAmerican Task Force of the treasonous, terrifying Obama White House.

Spread the word!

Disseminate this transcript far and wide via email and social media. And call and email your useless representatives in Congress.
Do this! If not for yourself, then for your children and grandchildren.
H/t Susan Duclos of Wake Up Americans and FOTM’s maziel
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0 responses to “Obama's amnesty: Illegals to take over America by creating "a country within a country"

  1. This must be entered into evidence with the Federal Judge presiding over the Amnesty lawsuit.

    • Excellent suggestion, Martha!
      Here’s U.S. Federal District Court Judge Andrew Hanen’s contact info:
      Judge Andrew S. Hanen
      (956) 548-2591
      c/o Cristina Sustaeta, Case Manager
      United States District Clerk’s Office
      United States Courthouse
      600 East Harrison St., #101
      Brownsville, TX 78520
      (956) 548-2629
      I can’t find an email address, so please download (print) this post and mail it to Judge Hanen, c/o his case manager Cristina Sustaeta. The more of us do this, the better. Thank you.

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    War is declared. Don’t be kind to your local illegal aliens.

    • Most all of the bible believing Christians I talk to here support Lucifer’s amnesty for illegals, claiming it is what Jesus would do if he were here, they are all god’s chillins, blah blah, using the bible to support the demon in chief
      During lucifer’s first round of nation destroying mayhem laRaza and the black pansy party both vowed to breed like rays, knowing that whites will become extinct, then when the evil white race are miniscule, exterminate them. The Zionist jews from Rothschild on down who run everything can be held partly to blame netenyahoo did say that American is israel’s bitch

      • I don’t know WHO you’re talking to,but I haven’t found ANYONE who is in favor of the Amnesty,INCLUDING several who came here from Mexico the RIGHT way and still have relatives IN Mexico. The people who START their new lives by committing Felonies,are NOT of good enough character to BE American Citizens
        It’s THAT simple.

  3. No Go Zones… right here in America.

  4. Obama is a dictator, and unfortunately the Congress is complicit because they do nothing to stop him. How many republicans voted for this horror because of Boehner or because they’re really neo-con Trotskyites? A lot of them. And we just elected a whole bunch of new R’s who promised they would fight for the citizenry and they’ve been bought and traded in just a few weeks. What is the answer to this other than marching in the streets?

  5. Obama is waiting for a hostile reaction to this and other of his policies which will provide him an opportunity to declare a national emergency and martial law.
    There may soon be a time when the point is reached when we do not want him to forgo the opportunity to do so as it is less offensive for patriots to fight rather than submit.

    • Feels like we’ve HAD Martial Law since Ono’s inception into office;you must be referring to the formal announcement of it.

  6. Thanks for the transcription! It all sounds like a continuation of the plan for a borderless “North American Union” which was discussed moreso during the Bush years.
    A few news flashes from the past:
    June 2006:
    Where exactly does President Bush stand on all of this? We have our answer in a report published by the highly respected Phyllis Schlafly on April 12, 2006. The report tells of the “shocking 2004 campaign video” recently discovered by the Los Angeles Times, which Bush secretly mailed to Latino voters all over the country. The video is narrated by Bush himself and shows President Bush waving a Mexican flag and describing U.S. citizens in Texas as foreigners in Mexico’s native land! (35) What brazen treason!
    Then from the same Last Trumpet newsletter (“Tares Among Wheat” subsection), there was coverage of the May 1st “Communism Day” 2006 massive protest march of Mexicans across USA cities.
    Then in 2008…
    5/7/08: “McCain To Speak At La Raza Convention” – Infowars:
    And back to 2006, this [Mexican] “Takeover Warning” was sent to numerous email groups, focusing on the City of Durango but as a warning for all USA re Mexican subversive infiltrators, etc. Because it was written in a provocative, fear-porn, & derogatory (to Americans) “Sorcha Faal style,” people took it with a grain of salt. But in light of the current transcript, who knows! (besides God Himself & the “bad guys”):
    If true, spooky! Latino Dancing (Salsa, etc.) did become a big hit in USA in the early 1990’s, if that’s a clue, lol.

    • You Can't Be Serious

      I can’t believe there are still LoFo’s out there who want to keep blaming “Bush” for everything wrong with the country. Look, dufus, listen up! Your boy obongo’s had the helm of this sinking ship seven years now….SEVEN YEARS. And you and the rest of his cheerleaders refuse to give him credit for any of the treasonous crap that’s come out of his administration. HE OWNS IT – ALL OF IT. Get a clue, and get out of the country if you don’t want to be part of fixing it.

  7. Obama is America’s UNdoing!

  8. Can “Nullification” be employed here to retract these Unconstitutional and Unjust acts?

    • truck,
      It doesn’t need “nullification” to undo the POS’s executive orders and memoranda. All it takes is for Congress to assert their right to legislate and negate administrative (i.e., executive branch) rules like Obama’s executive amnesty — a right given to Congress by the Constitution. In the end, Obama is not the sole wrongdoer. Congress is allowing, and therefore enabling, his imperial power.
      I also believe it is high time for the legitimacy and constitutionality of the U.S. president’s executive orders (in a generic sense, which include executive memos) to be challenged in court.

  9. This is no surprise, even in my homestate, there are bringing them in by the planeloads and placing them in small communitites, so soon they will be taking over the local elections. How they all got fasttracked is a whole other question.
    This is heartbreaking and I think everyone needs to start calling and emailing their rep and remind them of the promises they made to protect us.
    Just what in the heck are they thinking? Do they think they will be exempt and safe in all this?
    Are they proud of the country they are leaving their children? Do they hate this country that much?
    I am a proud American and I will die a proud American and I will be dam if the deaths of my ancestors in previous wars will go to waste, if I can do anything about it.
    Time for a citizens revolt and a march on DC and toss them out.

    • “Do they hate this country that much?”
      That was my thought as I wrote this post. The malice and hatred that Obama and his treasonous cabinet have for America must be of pathological psychopathic depths. The only comparison I can think of is the pitch-black hatred Satan has for God.

    • it’s getting to be the same here in New England. There are entire towns in Maine hat are now Haitian and somalian, courtesy of cultural Marxist politicians just following Obama’s cultural enrichment program. He and holder dis vow that every zip code would be examined and since the 3rd world is almost 100% non white, non English speaking and primitive, the US should follow suit
      I’ve lived in my town 23 years now, It was almost 100% white European background until 5-7 years ago, now I ride the bus and feel like I’m in Mogadishu, mexico city or Guatemala Any local business all speak Spanish, when I have a doctor appointment in town, 90% of the reception labs, , nurses, etc are either Hispanic , African or Haitian. Ever since then my records have been messed up more and more, wrong information entered, billing messed up, etc
      Under Obunkocare it’s gotten much worse. I have been denied treatment, cancelled, pushed out into the remote future, etc and they were bold enough to admit with the millions of new immigrants entering they have to treat them first as their needs are more critical…..translation I am elderly gringo so go kill yourself
      It’s the same with senior housing, 47% of available units are reserved for black, Hispanic, Asian or muslims…they take precedence. When I asked why elderly housing is going to 3rd world immigrants, none of who are elderly and some who have drug, alcohol or psychiatric problems my file was stamped, RACIST not to be considered for housing.

  10. Very interesting and if you want proof, go to Soledad Ca, or King City, ca., even Salinas, beautiful country and predominantly Hispanic.
    We owned a business near there and we would talk to the people who lived in the area for years and they were forced out by the illegals due to over populating and crime. Even the police departments were corrupt. Go to any business and they will greet you in spanish, most of the advertisement is in Spanish. I went to the local clinic (I’m a whitey of course) and I would get stares like, what are you doing here? I’m not kidding go look for yourself.

    • I noticed that when I last lived in the Bay Area, Jan 2000 – Sept 2003, that when I went to the county clinic in Vallejo the greater part of the people there were Mexicans [I’m pretty sure they were not from
      Vallejo was still a great place when I was there, but the state had just started to push through massive freeways cutting the area apart, and some areas were going downhill pretty fast: dirty streets, unkept yards, houses needed repairs, etc.

  11. The illegal Kenyan’s plan for AmeriKa is nearly complete.
    Whatever happens in November of 2016 will be irrelevant.

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  14. It’s not going to be the Mexicans that take over, it’s going to be the Muslims that come to this country and do the same thing. They are coming here and having baby after baby all on welfare. People don’t realize this is going on, all while they are screaming about how they hate America. Yeah, hate America, while America is paying you to live here and have kids.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    For your information.


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