Obama’s Amerika

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This is the formerly great United States of America, after 16 months of Obama:

H/t the most beloved Fellow FS!

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0 responses to “Obama’s Amerika

  1. Well, with that image we shouldn’t have any trouble keeping the Muslims at bay.

  2. Obamanomics

  3. My name is Nina Jander and I am obscene, vulgar, offensive, and quite insane!
    I’m also really really stupid because I think I can be anonymous when I leave obscene rude comments on someone’s blog. Not!

    • Be advised, such comments will be evaluated and your expressions of obscenity, vulgarity, offensiveness and insanity therein judged in terms of their originality and effectiveness (not to mention entertainment value).

  4. Nini,
    We try to be civil on this blog and we make at least a feeble attempt at intelligent comments…Civility will get you many points here.
    You did good this time..


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