Obama's AJA (American Jobs Act)

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Up on the hill 
Obama’s jobs nightmare 
He just don’t care 
More debt puts us on our knees
We pray once again to be free
When all hope n changing is through
We run from you
Up on the hill 
Obama’s got our money to burn
There’s no job return
Deep trouble in D.C tonight
Throw out Obamacare
And move to the right
AJA                                                                                                                                                   When all hope n changing is through
We run from you
Up on the hill
Obama sounds so shrill
Taxes will pay the bill
So much debt, We’ll never be free
Impeachment hearings
Sound good to me
When all hope n changing is through
We run from you
aja was a hit song for Steely Dan from the seventies, I just updated the lyrics to fit our present situation.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Obama's AJA (American Jobs Act)

  1. “Brother, can you spare a dime?” would be more appropriate and shortly may be the theme song for many Americans. The thing that is the most upsetting about this whole Obama mess is that even though a person knew what he would be like in charge of everything, how in the world could anyone stop this well-planned takeover of our nation? We have to admit that the Liberals/Progressives get an A for this production but we will all have to work overtime to bring the curtain down as soon as possible, because the play is drowning us in debt and ripping apart any future our children may have. The next production should be the waterboarding of Congress, starting with the Senate!

  2. Good one Tom!

  3. And who could forget…

  4. Great words, Tom. Now all we need is someone to sing the new lyrics to the AJA melody and you’ll have a YouTube hit! 😀


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