Obama's 2008 Campaign War Chest- FEC Audit

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Roll Call has a juicy article about the current FEC audit of Obama’s 2008 Campaign.  How inconvenient when he’s out there doing fundraisers for 2012.

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  1. Now that’s “change” I can believe in!

  2. I read read back in 2009, that the Obama campaign was under investigation for giving a million dollars to Citizens inc. for services rendered. Upon investigation it was discovered that the services the Obama campaign claimed that CI performed were not services they perform at all. CI by the way is or was a subsidiary of ACORN. The money was funneled to ACORN through CI. Money laundering , plain and simple That’s a CRIME people!
    The following web site shows a long list of ACORN affililates. https://ironicsurrealism.blogivists.com/2009/10/07/acorn-network-list-of-the-hierarchy-affiliates-and-subsidiaries/ Now you can see the Obama network and army .


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