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The Chinese, who lived through 27 years of Chairman Mao’s socialist nightmare in which millions perished, know a socialist when they see one.

H/t Weasel Zippers.

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  1. SHOCKING!!! I saw this yesterday, and cannot believe what these shirts imply. Americans must get rid of this president. It is sad that other nations see what the American people cannot.

  2. the estimate i remember reading is somewhere in the vicinity of 200 million chinese where eliminated under mao tse tung. most by starvation.

  3. It is very unfortunate that many Americans still have their head in the sand. They have their hands out waiting for that ‘free money’ so they don’t have to work.
    Although it is sad, in another way, I rejoice. As a Christian and a firm believer in the Word of God, I know that the end times are here. I will be able to escape this greedy and power hungry elite.


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