Obamageddon, Or The End of America as We know It

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Never in the history of this country has one man done more to divide this nation than the current occupant of the White House. We have a president who has no regard for and circumvents the Constitution and the rule of law at every turn. He is totally disconnected from and cares not about the will of the people. His narcissism has endangered our republic and his agenda is collapsing our economy.
When I look at the motley collection of fools that are occupying wall street and other cities across the country,  I see people who want to end capitalism and turn our country into one big commune (and one big toilet) so we can sit around the hash pipe and sing kumbaya. They want to demonize the top earners in which the top 25% pay 86% of federal income taxes while the bottom 47% pay no federal income taxes at all. These fools want redistribution of wealth and care not that it would completely collapse the economy and put us in the dark ages where crime, hunger, pestilence and eventual death would be the norm instead of the exception.
Not since the period before the Civil Rights era has this country been more divided along racial lines. Black on white crime has exploded since the “great uniter” has been in office. The racism card has become the catch-all response from liberals anytime a Conservative disagrees, disputes or distances his/herself from the liberal/Obama agenda.
When I see our military being used as a gigantic social experiment by allowing openly gay service members to serve, I see the crumbling of our defensive posture. I see a military that is no longer interested in fighting and winning conflicts but rather more interested in being politically correct and catering to the minority. I believe this will be eventually will lead to a decline in our readiness and be exploited by our enemies.
With the election of Obama, we also saw the importation of the Chicago crime machine to Washington D.C. and instituted on a national scale. The same city who produced Al Capone, Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers and more recently Barack Obama who has grasped the same ideology as the aforementioned criminals. The criminal element that coarses through veins of Chicago politics, now coarses through the veins of the White House, Justice Department  and numerous institutions and departments in Washington D.C.. This criminal element has no regard for our laws, the people or the military, their only interests are the destruction of our nation and the rise of marxism, socialism and communism and at the center of all these ideologies is always a dictator and Obama has just taken a giant step towards being a dictator:

I think we all know what needs to be done, he needs to be removed from office. He is setting himself up as an authoritarian dictator that will disregard election results and any criminal proceedings directed at him or his regime. He is attempting to solidify his control over the people by any means he sees fit. Even though his poll numbers are dropping, he still can muster and army of union thugs and other radical elements that could be used against anyone that opposes him, and I believe he would not hesitate to order violence to overcome any opposition to his ultimate agenda.
Anyone who doesn’t believe our country is in danger as is our freedom, need only listen to the words of liberals such as Obama, Soros, Van Jones, Trumka and others like them. They are the criminal element that now run this country and we can no longer stand by and allow this to go on. We need to take control now or plan on living as prisoners in our own country.
-Tom in NC

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  1. One thing I don’t understand is how some can say the bottom 50% don’t pay taxes…when most of our taxes are unseen and/or called fees.Road Tax,fuel tax ,sales tax,access fees, transfer fees,registration fees,license fees…..and soon carbon taxes. It’s not like we don’t pay the corporate taxes,either,because they’re simply passed on to the consumer.
    and how about that able on page 38 of the tax preparation book that taxes every dollar of income from $0 and up ? Sure there are deductions, but it seems disingenuous to say ANYone doesn’t pay…
    and pay…

  2. Why doesn’t Congress and Senate shut this President down? After 2 + yrs this man has failed as a President. If he were a CEO of a large Corporation he would of been fired before now.

  3. Spot on article Tom. We have GOT to try and salvage, regroup and get this country back to some sense of normality… And SOON.
    Although not what I would classify as humorous in it’s content, this particular line had me visualizing the OWS, and I laughed.. “I see people who want to end capitalism and turn our country into one big commune (and one big toilet) so we can sit around the hash pipe and sing kumbaya.”

  4. This whole Regime needs to be put in FEMA camps and kept there till they quit breathing. This Socialist, Markist and Communist crap needs stopped, as well as the Natiz crap. ASSIMULATE or get the HELL OUT! This America Not some third world country and WE WON’T let you turn it into one! These traitors need gathered up and put away, before they do more damage! These kind of people can’t be played with! This is NOT a game, our way of life depends on it! Semper Fi.

  5. “I think we all know what needs to be done, he needs to be removed from office. He is setting himself up as an authoritarian dictator that will disregard election results and any criminal proceedings directed at him or his regime”
    How would he control the Military. Wouldn’t the Military be on the side of Constitutional Law?

  6. Tom,
    Excellent piece.
    The problem is we as a nation don’t really enforce our Constitution anymore. If we did, Barack Hussein Obama would have been run off some time ago. In fact, he probably would have been prevented from running for the White House in the first place.
    As for the current congress, it may just be the most gutless and useless body ever assembled in recorded history – and that includes the League of Nations and its successor.
    Every one of those congress critters took an oath upon being seated, and as far as I am concerned, every one of them has broken said oath.
    I truly believe this nation is in far deeper and more imminent peril than most seem to think – and that includes a whole lot of conservatives.

  7. Grouchy:
    Had JFK lived, our country would have deteriorated sooner.
    The Kennedys were limousine liberal opportunists who would sell anyone or anything to gain votes. Lyndon Johnson merely implemented the Great Society programs already in the works during Camelot.

  8. this country is FINISHED; dont believe me? Watch the events of the year 2012 as obama tightens his hold on the office and the gov; he has no intention of leaving even if not reelected. It is now time for him to make his move which will included arresting and disposing of anyone who presents a real threat to his power; that is why HE insisted on the power to arrest americna citizens on american soil without a warrant or probable cause. Think I am nuts; Just watch and see.


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