Obamacare's Christmas surprise: You may be enrolled in an insurance plan not of your choosing

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In a Dec. 19 op/ed for The Washington Times, Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) warns Americans that Obamacare — via the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) — has a nasty surprise for us on Christmas Day.
Rep. Meadows writes:

In an ongoing effort to keep Obamacare numbers elevated, CMS has embarked on the next step of its government takeover of healthcare.
[…] rather than allowing the “stupid” masses to make a decision on their own health plan, CMS has proposed a new rule that includes an overly reaching provision allowing CMS to re-enroll anyone who has not made the annual trek back to healthcare.gov in a cheaper plan of CMS’ choosing.
That’s right, the government will choose your plan, perhaps limit access to your doctor, and ultimately make the decision on what is “best” for you.
[…] CMS … will select your plan without knowing your medical history. They will do so without knowing if you are currently undergoing treatment or working with a specific doctor. They will do so without knowing your financial status. Despite the fact that the millions of people who already enrolled chose the plan that they believed was best for them.
CMS has laid the perfect trap: Sign up at healthcare.gov one time in your life and we will never let you go. If you don’t continually re-enroll each and every year, CMS will keep you on the plan that it chooses because, after all, CMS knows what’s best and they always make the best decision. […]
To be clear, a citizen will sign up once for a private plan with a healthcare provider, only to have that plan changed by the federal government. Moreover, CMS will change your plan after the open enrollment period ends, leaving you and your family stuck with a potentially unwanted plan for the year.
[…] The basic Constitutional question argued at the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was; Can the government force American citizens to purchase a product? Now the question has become: can the government change an individual’s private healthcare provider — without consent — just because that individual is silent and doesn’t opt-in to a new policy? […]
CMS quietly opened a comment period on the new rule that extends until next week–ending on Christmas day.
[…] I sent a letter to CMS demanding they immediately strip this provision from the pending rule and abandon any future attempts to single-handedly choose Americans’ healthcare plans.
If not, the Republican House and Senate stands ready to take the action necessary to ensure CMS doesn’t further erode consumer choice in healthcare — as if the ACA already didn’t go far enough in doing so.

Put simply by Rick Moran in American Thinker:

New rules being proposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will give that agency enormous new powers over consumers who use the healthcare.gov website to purchase their insurance.
The proposed rules would allow CMS to automatically renew consumers’ policies every year if they don’t visit the website to do it themselves. Without any knowledge of an individual’s health care situation, their financials, or anything else that might affect what kind of policy they may need, the government will choose and force you to pay for a policy that they think works best for you.

Mark MeadowsMark Meadows has been a House member only since January 2013. On Dec. 16, 2014, he was appointed Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Operations,
I went on CMS’s website to try to find the actual language of what Rep. Meadows is asserting.
What I found was written in mind-numbing bureaucratese that is calculated to obscure instead of illuminate: that if you don’t renew your medical insurance policy yourself every year, you’ll be automatically re-enrolled but it may be a policy chosen for you by your insurance carrier. I could not find language that says the government would pick the policy for you. But I’m not sure about this because Rep. Meadows did not give the source of  his information.
Regardless of whether it’s the federal government (CMS) or an insurance carrier that’ll pick a policy for you, the point is that someone other than you — someone who doesn’t know your needs or preferences — would select your policy for you.
Tell your representative or senator(s) that you object to this new CMS policy!
H/t FOTM’s maziel

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0 responses to “Obamacare's Christmas surprise: You may be enrolled in an insurance plan not of your choosing

  1. I can’t breathe

  2. If this lunacy doesn’t wake the slumbering sheeple up to the disaster that is Obamacare, there is no hope for our America.

  3. There’s a major problem is the US government has abducted the right of the citizen to choose their own coverage, and given that right to the insurance companies. This is the craziest, most evil thing imaginable!

  4. Just another reason I will never sign up for anything on healthcare.gov…

  5. Here’s another problem: How does anyone know his employer will not sign him up on this site? Because that’s the next step.

  6. Well really all of this is ridiculous at the outset, what ever happened to people being able to pay for things out of pocket up front… why is it that every last little thing must require insurance company involvement? That is one major question that needs answering. Several years ago I had heard that insurance was bigger than the oil companies, and frankly they seem to be, consider how entrenched they are in everything, and how they’re always using “fear” to generate business (the definition of terrorism) not unlike the mafia’s sort of “insurance”. Why is it that people have to pay corporations to pay people?
    obama”care” may be a bad joke, but so is the rest of the insurance “biz”.

  7. Back in the 40’s and 50’s,did everybody rely on Insurance to cover their medical bills? If anyone had insurance,it was mostly the well-off people or those with high paying jobs. Most people paid out of pocket for Dr. visits and medications. Occasionally,it may be necessary for the breadwinner to take a second job temporarily,or sell something to cover some of the cost. If surgery was required,families found ways to cover it,and back then,the Hospitals DID have payment plans,and the Churches that would help if needed. Granted,Medical bills back then were a pittance compared to today,but then,so were wages. Throughout time,pay vs. cost of living seem to have held basically the same ratio,a little one way or the other,year by year. But in the case of Medical care,the difference has gone DRAMATICALLY higher than other factions of living,thanks to INSURANCE,and the less and less subtle FRAUD the insurance companies have used to increase their profit margins. Once we end obamacare,the Medical Industry gets a chance to start fresh and correct much of what STARTED this pile-o-trash. (Hope they use their chance well-WE THE PEOPLE don’t wanna have to go up there and tune ’em up…)

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