Obamacare: The Coming Nightmare

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A Surgeon Cuts to the Heart of the ObamaCare Nightmare

American Thinker:  The  day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of ObamaCare, a friend called me.   He’s an extremely dedicated, much-loved surgeon, and he was frustrated and livid  in equal measure.
“I’ve  actually had a lot of experience working in all different types of  environments,” he began.  “I’ve worked in a government-run socialized  medical care system, and I saw the waste and inefficiency.
“The  longer people worked in that system, the less work they wanted to do, because  the more you wanted to do, the more they dumped on you.  So after a while  you stop doing it, because they’re not paying you to do more.  Why should  you do a difficult case, a difficult surgery that will take you hours and hours  to do?
“You  might start out wanting to do it, but after a while, you just run out of energy,  because there’s no incentive.  You’d have to be a superhuman being to  continue to work in that system and not be worn down by it.
“Because  nobody wanted to work, it would take an hour to turn over the surgical  room.  In my private practice now, it takes ten minutes.  “And  I saw tremendous waste: closets of stuff that never got used.  Nobody  cared.
“Capitalism  has completely transformed my sub-specialty.  When I was in training, a  common procedure that I do now took 40 minutes, and people needed a month of  recovery.  Now it takes 10 minutes, and people can go back to work almost  immediately.
“And  all these improvements were driven by the financial incentive.  Capitalism  has had a tremendously positive effect on patient care and outcome in my  specialty.
“But  when I go to meetings now, I see that there’s very little innovation going  on.  Everything’s being impacted by ObamaCare, which, among other things,  raises taxes on medical devices.
“You  know, doctors are people, and we’re being hammered on all sides here. It’s  the paperwork; it’s insurance; it’s transitioning to electronic medical records,  so the government can get their mitts into your practice.  It’s lawsuits; it’s rising overhead and decreasing compensation; it’s stress upon stress upon  stress.
“And  a lot of doctors are going to say, ‘Forget it.  I don’t want to do this  anymore.’ Guys that are 5 or 10 years older than me are just going to give up  and walk away.
“Why  should I be a slave to the government? You know, it used to be that doctors  would do charity work at a charity hospital.  Nobody wants to do it  anymore, because we’re too overwhelmed.
“I  work 60 to 70 hours a week, so how am I supposed to fight back against this?   Most doctors don’t have the time to lobby their congressman or go to  Washington.  If you’re a doctor in the trenches, you’ve got a stressful  job; you’ve got a family.  You’re seeing the same number of patients and  making half the income you used to make.  People are litigious these days,  so you’ve got to worry about lawsuits.  When are you going to find time to  lobby a politician?
“And  the American Medical Association threw us all under the bus, even though only  18% of doctors belong to it.  These people are ivory-tower academics, and  they’re liberals.  Most of them are in academic medicine; they get a salary  with some sort of incentive bonus.  They show up to work and go home.   They’re not in the trenches like me, figuring out how to compete with other  doctors and pay for malpractice insurance  and how to hire four people I need to implement the electronic medical records  and two people I need to deal with insurance.
“And  as a doctor, I get it handed to me both ways.  My taxes are raised, and my  fees are lowered.
“You  know, young people today who go to medical school — I don’t know what to tell  them.  You couldn’t pay me to go to medical school today.  Some  doctors are going to graduate with $500,000 in debt, and how are they going to  make a living?
“You’re  32 or 33 years old by the time you finish your training; you’re married with  little kids.  You’ve been an apprentice for 16 years, and now you’re faced  with socialized medicine.  That’s the reality on the ground.  How are  you supposed to manage that?
“Fortunately,  I still love what I do.  But I don’t know what’s going to happen.  I  think we’ll wind up with a two-tiered medical system: a private one for the rich  who pay cash and a mediocre one for everyone else.
“When  my dad was 91, he had a heart attack and ended up with a stent.  He had two  more good years after that before he died.  After ObamaCare, some  government employee is going to decide that he is too old for this and not  ‘approve’ for him to have that procedure.
“It’s  just a feeling of helplessness.  The only organizations that are fighting  for doctors are the Association  of American Physicians and Surgeons, and Docs4 Patient  Care.”
After  he hung up, I went to the website of Docs4 Patient Care and found this statement  from its president, Dr.  Hal Scherz:

The  Supreme Court disappointed the majority of Americans who have voiced their  opposition to Obamacare, by upholding significant portions of this truly abysmal  law.  Their decision has left Americans now wondering what it is that the  Federal Government can’t compel them to do.  This is perhaps the worst  decision in the history of the Supreme Court and emphasizes the importance of  making the correct decision for chief executive, who controls who sits on this  bench.

If  you want to cure the sickness that’s killing America, you’ll find a powerful  remedy in the voting booth in November.

Vote this November – your life (literally) depends upon it.

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  1. FYI –
    This is a copy of a message to the Chief of the United States Forest Service 
    Message to Tom Tidwell USFS 
    June 30, 2012
    To Tom Tidwell, USFS:
    You now have an opportunity to make a name for yourself by putting a proposal before the Fed Gov to start a National Forest Service Air Combat Fire Response Team of ten 747 Water Tankers in defense of the American people nation wide. Congress wrote you a letter in February 2012 signed by five prominent Congress Members verifying this opportune fact to you by Congress. I have a copy of that letter. I would like to see you take that opportunity while the door is still open to you. I’ll give you thirty days to take that opportunity before I give it to someone else.
    Paul Smith 

  2. Oh, I get it. If the Affordable Care act was overturned we’d go back to Ins. co.’s taking away your coverage as soon as you get sick, raising your fees with impunity, throw 30 million people out of any kind of insurance (mostly children) . . . and we, the bill paying public, are still stuck with paying all the medical fees of those Americans with no coverge at all.
    And this is supposed to make sense?

    • No system is perfect. There’s an inherent risk in dealing with insurance for anything. You get in a car accident, your rates go up. You get sick, you need to pay more for additional services you require. You live in a flood zone, your homeowners insurance will be higher. The greater the risk you are, the more you pay.
      Children can get coverage through state programs. They can get service at low-cost (or no cost) city, county, and charitable organizations. You can also get many free services at college/vocational medical programs.
      The point of this article is that government/socialized medicine doesn’t create the desire to do better. Government agencies are not driven by efficiencies or exceptional service. Why work hard when there is no incentive?

    • tim woods,
      I can do anecdotal accounts as good as you can. 3 years ago, my husband had a silent heart attack, followed by quadruple bypass surgery. His insurance company came through; nor did they take away his coverage.
      If your complaint is that under the pre-Obamacare system “we, the bill paying public, are still stuck with paying all the medical fees of those Americans with no coverge at all,” just wait for the full impact of Obamacare to hit. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.
      The Congressional Budget Office says Obamacare is projected to cost $1.76 trillion over a decade, a hefty sum more than the $940 billion estimated when the “healthcare” legislation was signed into law. Who do you think will pay that $1.76 trillion? Mickey Mouse?

  3. and just wait to see the quality of physicians this ass backward system is going to produce and attract..

    • Start with affirmative action and go down from there… medical schools having to produce so many “graduates” per year, people being “passed” despite flunking, folk with off-shore degrees (e.g., Grenada, remember?) being preferred.

    • Posted this before, but quite apropos here…

  4. Like Nixon said in ’68: “This time, vote like your whole world depended on it.” Because it does.

  5. Just not sure if Romney has the stomach to turn things around. I see him giving in to the liberals.

    • But, at least, he won’t be Obama… and, remember, it’s not Obama but all the left/liberal crazies who came along-with that’re the problem.

  6. edward oleander
  7. Yes, Obama needs to be voted out. I’m tired of our basically, two-party system, though. I don’t see the Republicans offering up the “best of the best” in candidates chosen by the “committee”! And no third party stands a chance. I hate to say it, but I have completely lost confidence in any of them making much of a difference. I haven’t seen the Republican Senate or House members doing much to change some of the travasties thus far–. They all have seemed to be self-serving.

  8. Agree Lilly, unfortunately it is usually a “Who do I hate the least” contest. We also need to vote out the Congress-persons who pass bills without bothering to read them, but know just enough about them to exempt themselves from them. The current system is NOT perfect and does need some changes however this basic myth that most of the uninsured CANT get insurance engrages me. I see people every day complaining about the cost of buying their own insurance while holding their I-phone in one hand (manicured of course) and their 800+ purse in the other! Where I used to work these same people would ask me where to get WIC!!!


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