Obamacare Shocker: North Carolina's Governor Will Let State Join Lawsuit

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Get out the popcorn, folks. The state chosen to host the Democrat Convention in 2012 is possibly joining the Obamacare lawsuit.

Democratic Governor Bev Perdue said Friday she would not spend a veto fighting the Republican majority over a plan to join in the lawsuit with 26 other states.
The embattled freshman governor, deeply unpopular and scrambling to run to the center, told the Charlotte Observer she would take a passive role and let the state legislature do whatever it wanted with health reform.
Soak in all the goodness:

“Let us try to work in harmony and see where the points of agreement are,” she said.

But she made clear that she won’t veto health care legislation that, although versions have passed both chambers, still awaits final action in the House.

If she doesn’t sign the bill, it becomes law 10 days after she receives it.

North Carolina’s Senate and House have already passed slightly differing versions of a mandate challenge. A compromise is expected to easily emerge.
Although Republicans took control of the state legislature last November (for the first time in 100 years), no one thought they could get anywhere past Perdue. Yet it looks like she’s afraid enough to avoid the bad publicity of a veto.

courtesy Charlotte Observer

Looks like elections have consequences after all.

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0 responses to “Obamacare Shocker: North Carolina's Governor Will Let State Join Lawsuit

  1. OYE, that ought to really frost some buns. LOL I think it is great. Screw the dem convention.

  2. beautiful…

  3. Even many dems are finally waking up to the financial disaster ObamaCare is going to be – especially for their own states.

  4. Candance,
    I love your sly reference to “when pigs can fly”….
    Now all we need is a pic for “when hell freezes over”! 😀

  5. As a resident of the far western corner of NC, I feel more like a citizen of Georgia than North Carolina. This governor has NO idea that we even exist out here. To her, North Carolina starts at Asheville. That said, it is quite a shock that this is being reported. I’ll believe it when I see it. She is a disgrace to our state!

  6. Come on lady! you can find some common sense somewhere,can’t you?

  7. Now, lets pass laws that:
    –a state sovereignty bill,
    –a bill legalizing a state currency in case of a USD$ collapse,
    –ban/limit public employee unions,
    –make it legal for police to see one’s citizenship status,
    –get rid of some state employees,
    –ban Interpol, foreign police, or armies on NC soil in declared emergencies


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