Obamacare Requires Doctor's Prescription for Over-the-Counter Meds

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Just the Beginning
By Tom in NC
Working in the healthcare field, I am finding out a little at a time the complete idiocy of Obamacare.
Today at our monthly staff meeting in our office, we found out that starting in 2011, patients who use Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) or Health Savings Accounts to buy OTC (Over The Counter) medications will be required to obtain a prescription from their doctor. In other words if you want to use your FSA to buy, say, Tylenol or Nyquil or just plain Aspirin, you will need to make an appointment with your doctor, pay the copay, get a prescription, and then go and buy the OTC medication. The alternative is not use your RSA and just pay for the med yourself.
This is just the beginning of this lunatic government healthcare debacle. One way or another it is going to cost us — in cash, convenience, or our health — all the while stripping us of our freedoms.
Thank you, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and every Congresscritter who made this monstrosity into law. You POS have succeeded in further wrecking our country.

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0 responses to “Obamacare Requires Doctor's Prescription for Over-the-Counter Meds

  1. The intent is to continue to make it more and more difficult for us “CATTLE” to manage our own health. Just like S 510 will make it more and more difficult to grow and purchase local organic foods, the health control bill is designed to force us into pharmaceutical-driven health care. We will become property of the government — just like the cattle a farmer owns — the government will decide what we eat, what drugs and medical procedures are forced onto us and when we die. I hope the collapse is soon — its the ONLY thing that MAY finally wake Americans to Satan’s plan for our country and our freedom, which continues to move ahead quite nicely for he satanists in charge at the moment.

  2. Yep, hope and change. Hope all you fools that voted for this admin are happy with this most ridiculous new rule…

    • Of course (now) nobody voted for Obama, try finding one… there’re McCain/Palin and even W. stickers, but no Obama ones, on cars out there too.

      • Not where I live, Anon! Just an hour ago, while driving from music practice, I was behind a car bedecked with left-wing political stickers, including one with Obama’s pic on it which says “Yes we did”.
        Indeed, they did — they ruined this country and are determined to destroy America even further unless we stop them.

        • At least my mom has removed her “I voted for Obama” bumper sticker, woo hoo!

        • Okay, there’re delusional leftards out there… I’m in the deep South where local gun registration is banned by state law and said leftards don’t feel like advertising.

  3. WTH!!! We do not have enough time as it is. No doctor who has any patients is ever going to write scripts for OTC meds!!! What a bunch of fools. I could write a book here telling y’all all the crap that is going to come down unless this is defunded.

  4. Ah yes, yet another turd found deep in the bowels of ObamaCare.
    No wonder shiny green flies are orbiting this pile of steaming manure.
    It just keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger still.
    God, what a hideous mess our nation is in.

  5. There is apparently no end to how much false information will be spread about the health care act. You will never need a prescription to buy OTC meds, and anyone who thinks you will should really get a grip.
    Don’t believe the lies. There’s no death panels. No 3% sales tax on your home. Nada. All lies.

    • Brown,
      The claims made in this blog’s posts are sourced. Prove the sources wrong with EVIDENCE and SOURCE CITATIONS, not airy dismissals. It’s esp. ironic since you fancy yourself a “scholar” with an e-address that begins with “roadscholar.” Oh, what a clever punt. Not. You’re neither a scholar nor a Rhodes scholar. In your dreams…
      Hope and Change! Yesiree! Weeeeeee….

  6. Quick question –
    Has anyone done the research on if they repeal Obama-Care? Will we be able to use our FSA/HSA again to by OTC medicines????? I could really use this possibility since I didn’t find out about this new ‘provision’ until after I turned in the 2011 FSA/HSA paperwork and after the deadline to changed it. I have a lot of money going to that account and now, I am nervous I may not be able to use it all and will, therefore, lose it all.

    • Jenni,
      I’m using my comon sense to answer your question:
      “Repeal” means to revoke, rescind, summon back, cancel. So if Obamacare is repealed, then everything in that law — including requiring a prescription to buy OTC meds — should be revoked, rescinded, summoned back, cancelled. Poof! No more!


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