ObamaCare Evil Santa

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Mary Landrieu, a bkeyser design

Before Congress recessed for the Christmas/New Year break, Evil Santa, in the form of Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), dropped by and handed out lavish gifts bribes to a number of devious shrewd senators in return for their “Yes” vote for ObamaCare. Alas, it’s taxpayers who will pay for Evil Santa’s largesse.

Ben Nelson, by bkeyser

The names of the corrupt senators are in red.
Remember them, and vote them out in 2010 or 2012!
The following list of bribes are culled from a Dana Milbank column in The Washington Post. I don’t know where Milbank got his figures, but I’ve seen higher numbers for Landrieu’s and Nelson’s respective bribes:

  • The Louisiana Purchase: $100 million in extra Medicaid money for the Bayou State, requested by Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.).
  • Chris Dodd, by bkeyser

    The Cornhusker Kickback:
    $100 million in extra Medicaid money, this time for Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.).
  • Omaha Prime Cuts: Nebraska’s Nelson won a “carve out” provision that would reduce fees for Mutual of Omaha and other Nebraska insurers.
  •  Con: $100 million meant for a medical center in Connecticut for Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.)
  • Bill Nelson, by bkeyser

Gator Aid: Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Flo.) secured a grandfather clause will allow Floridians to preserve their pricey Medicare Advantage program from cuts imposed in the other states.
Iowa Pork: Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) won more Medicare money for low-volume hospitals of the sort commonly found in Iowa.

  • Dakota Payoff: Sens. Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad, both North Dakota Democrats, will enjoy a provision bringing higher Medicare payments to hospitals and doctors in “frontier counties” of states such as – let’s see here – North Dakota!
  • Handout Montana: Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) secured Medicare coverage for anybody exposed to asbestos – as long as they worked in a mine in Libby, Montana.
  • Hawaii Aloha: Hawaii, with two Democratic Senators, will get richer payments to hospitals that treat many uninsured people.
  • Wolverine Bonanza: Michigan, home of two other Democrats, will earn higher Medicare payments and some reduced fees for Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
  • …and Bernie Sanders, by the brilliant bkeyser!

    Vermont Socialism:
    Sen. Bernie Sanders is getting larger Medicaid payments for his state (neighboring Massachusetts will get some, too).


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11 responses to “ObamaCare Evil Santa

  1. Eo- here’s a name left off of the list but certainly deserves a [dis]honorable mention.

    • Bob,
      The video you referred — Harry Reid on the manager’s amendment to the Senate healthcare bill — is not on youtube. But I found this one instead:

  2. All these posters need to be brought out when their arses are up for elections – traitors all of them! Keep the list handy and pass it around!

  3. Traitors and sell outs! I can’t help but think of the trial of St. Thomas More, when he approached a witness in cross-examination who had lied so that he would become attorney general of Wales. Thomas said to Richard Rich, “Rich, it profiteth a man nothing to sell his soul for the whole world, but for Wales!”
    Same thing here-just in the 21st century!

  4. Sanders’ up.

    • BKeyser the Great strikes again!
      THANK YOU, thank you!
      …Sanders’ mug shot is posted. LOL
      P.S. How about a Harry “Joker” Reid – in a Santa suit, to complete this Gallery of the Damned? 😀

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  6. Dr. Eowyn –
    Nice informative article about the political whore – Sen. Landrieu!
    Sen. Mary Landrieu is lagging behind (first place) in her Senate race this 2014 mid-term election. Apparently, some “chickens are coming home to roost” for her. Voters in that state are becoming enlightened.
    And, just of late the career politician has played the race card – which, in essence makes her guilty of being a racist. Lib and bigoted Dems can’t have it both ways. Their cat-calling of “racism” gets old and comes back to bite them!
    Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu: Not Only A Political Whore But A Racist


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