Obamacare by Morning…

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From the Country Music Awards last night – hilarious!


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  1. Over on Twitter, they are calling them rich, white, RACIST!! Can you imagine if this was a George Bush program gone wrong?

  2. why is it called obama care!????obama doesnt care! i like these western singers they sang the right song!

  3. Well, not to worry, some TOP DEMOCRATS are busy on the case. They met with the alleged president at the WH with their questions regarding the date of THE FIX and other queries such as HOW CAN HE GUARANTEE THE INTEGRITY OF THE SYSTEM WHEN PEOPLE ARE ASKED TO TYPE IN ALL THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION? Alleged presdient said that that was a TOP PRIORITY OF HIS. These same Congressmen who voted for the CONTINUATION OF THE NSA SPY PROGRAM are concerned about the integrity of the Healthcare System? Tie for a change of the guard. PINK SLIPS PINK SLIPS DISCERN THE SPIRITS TEST THE SPIRITS EVERKYBODY ………..CONTEND FOR THE FAITH WE ONCE HELD DEAR AS A NATION we are a christian republic right??????

  4. ps There’s an article on PRess TV today by an analyst whose opinion is in the title WASHINGTON IS A THREAT TO MANKIND. And it goes on to say that Washington is so arrogant that it is threatening the existence of mankind as never before that the war machine is just unspeakably dangerous and we are laughing at these singers who are enjoying making money out of the new healthcare system while we are slowly but surely being put to death by the genocidal agenda that Washington is pursuing.
    jThis is truly DISGUTING. The entire audience is voting for austerity and doesn’t care about poor people or their healthcare or their nutritional needs. They go where the oligarchical wind blows and kI think its’ called THE OPPOSITION UNDER CONTROL. Some Republicans are thinking of getting Eric Holder impeached, but they’re waiting to see John Boehner when they get back to Washington. Do’t they have telepones, can’t they get hold of him by even a pigeon post, and discuss it, or are they scard of the NSA program they all voted to perpetuate? They should all be impeached for being so cowardly. REINSTATE HILL BURTON for Health Care, it WORKED………Just like Christianity works, the truth will set you free not poliiiitics.

  5. That was hilarious! Thanks, DCG! I needed a good laugh!


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