Obamabots can’t spell

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In June 1992, GOP vice presidential candidate and then-U.S. senator Dan Quayle flubbed the spelling of “potato” at a New Jersey elementary school (he said it’s spelt “potatoe”). For that, he was called stupid by the MSM — a canard that stuck to Quayle for the entire four years of his vice presidency (19889-1993) and after.

If it were not for WND and conservative bloggers, we’d never know about two recent whoppers made by Obamabots which dwarf Quayle’s mistake.

At a campaign rally on August 24, 2012, Mitt Romney made a quip about not needing to show his birth certificate. The Obama campaign responded by accusing Romney of having joined “the birthers”.

A day later, as reported by WND, at a Romney-Ryan rally in Powell, Ohio,  MoveOn.org tried to make political points by flying an airplane over the  rally, pulling a banner. Alas, the government-school educated Obamabots at MoveOn.org failed to do a spell-check before take-off.

This is what the banner said:

It’s THAN, not THEN, idiots!

The blundered banner comes in the same week the POS and three Obamabots, acting as human letters, YMCA-style, misspelled “Ohio” as “Oiho”.

Back to Dan Quayle: According to the New York Times and Quayle’s memoirs, he was relying on cards provided by the Munoz Rivera Elementary School, which included the misspelling. Quayle said he was uncomfortable with the version he gave, but did so because he decided to trust the school’s incorrect written materials.

But that doesn’t matter to the media. Mark my words: they’ll trot out the potato-potatoe incident when they write Dan Quayle’s obituary.


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  1. Spelling is a plot by The Man to keep the underclass down… competence is a racist/classist/sexist concept, you know.

  2. He can’t spell the other 56 states either

  3. I’m hungry. It’s time to “et mor chikin.”

  4. Cognative dissonance also runs in libtard DNA.

  5. It’s not just Obamabots. It’s all of Amercia.

  6. What else do you expect from someone with a college degree… present company excepted…


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