Obama went to bed after being told about Benghazi attack as it was happening

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On September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush was told that a passenger plane had flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, followed by another. Bush then promptly went to bed.

No, that didn’t happen. But if it had, we’d still be hearing the outcry from the MSM.

4 days ago, on September 21, 2012, a Fox News Special Report conveyed the startling news that Barry Soetoro Obama was informed about the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, within 90 minutes of it beginning.

B.S. Obama undoubtedly was told that the attacks involved AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades, and that our consulate staff were in grave danger, including our ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens. And yet, knowing all this and not knowing the status of Ambassador Stevens, B.S. Obama went quietly to bed.

Amb. Stevens’ body being dragged through the streets of Benghazi

Daniel Greenfield of Right Side News, Sept. 23, 2012, writes:

“Forget the 3 AM phone call. Obama couldn’t even be trusted with an 11 PM phone call. They say that only a man with a clear conscience, or no conscience at all, can sleep this way. But hey, he had to be rested for the next fundraiser and the next party. Jay-Z and Beyonce, unlike dead ambassadors and Libyan militias, actually matter.”

I don’t know why Greenfield is so upset with B.S. Obama. After all, the POS himself told CBS 60 Minutes that the attacks on our embassies and consulates and the killing of Amb. Stevens and three other Americans (Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty) are mere “bumps in the road“.

A lack of empathy is one of the defining attributes of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. B.S. Obama is a narcissist without empathy for other people. Remember his inappropriate laughter throughout his interview on the economy with Steve Kroft on CBS’ “60 Minutes” in March 2009? Kroft got so exasperated, he said to the POS:

“You’re sitting here. And you’re– you are laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems.”

Empathy is putting ourselves in another’s “shoes” so that we feel at least some of what another is feeling. Developmental psychologists tell us that empathy is an inborn trait of human beings: Even newborn babies display a primitive form of empathy called “global (or diffused) empathy” when they cry upon hearing another baby cry.

Philosophers and ethicists tell us empathy is the basis of our morality: “Do to others as you would have others done unto you”. This is why psychopaths and sociopaths not only lack empathy, they are also remorseless — without a conscience.

All of which means there’s something very wrong with B.S. Obama. Simply put, we have a monster in the White House.


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0 responses to “Obama went to bed after being told about Benghazi attack as it was happening

  1. You’d think with all his Hollywood connections he would at least line up some acting lessons. Maybe this is what he meant by transparent. I thought he was talking about his direction for the country, not his defective personality. Silly me.

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  3. White Knuckle Driver

    Does anyone think this man is of God?

  4. Unconscienable. Evil. He is a monster!

  5. I believe Bush Jr is a Narcissistic as well. When told about the 1st plan, he had little reaction (no surprise to him) and continued “reading” to the children. Even after the 2nd plane, he wasn’t in “any hurry” to get details….just sayin’

    • I believe you talk like Michael Moore. Bush had no idea what we were dealing with and tried to remain calm in front of children. Skippy knew exactly what was going on yet chose to get his precious sleep for his celebrity fundraiser the next day.

      And Bush never apologized for America, deny someone their First Amendment right, nor called our dead Americans “bumps in the road.” Just sayin…

    • Nancy, I cannot believe you are equating George W. Bush with B.S. Obama — all based on your highly subjective and highly questionable “read” of Bush’s behavior that day.

      When Bush was told about the first plane, he was speaking to a classroom full of little kids. Instead of staying calm and finishing his talk, would you rather that Bush scream bloody hell, go into a panic, and dash out of the classroom? I remember the barely-concealed shock and dismay on his face, from which all color was drained, as he kept his composure. Later, after the Secret Service had kept Air Force One flying interminably in the air while the Pentagon assessed the situation, Bush finally was able to speak to the nation for the first time on what had happened earlier that day. Does this look like a narcissist without empathy? I only wish B.S.Obama had said even one-tenth what Bush said:

    • You wanted W. to be freakin’ out at the My Pet Goat reading in front of little kids? MSNBC would still be going on about that, if nothing else.

  6. Disgusting behavior, that day, and every day!

  7. BO went to bed. Did the surrogate leader, Valerie Jarrett stay awake?

  8. OK – so W won a rigged election in Florida. Firemen at WTC say they encountered bombs in the building. W used this as a pretext to start 2 phony wars. over 5,000 american troops and over 50,000 were killed for no reason, and Obama is the monster? You’re beneeth a slug’s contempt.

    • Hey Guys, did you see that Arnold the talking pig is back?? Yep, he’s back in here slinging mud. He doesn’t present proof of his accusations, but he slings the mud anyway!! Oink, oink, Arnold, go back into your hog wallow because you are no ‘friend’ and you’re stinkin up the joint.

    • Yet here you are leaving a comment. I see you’ve mastered Alinsky 101.

    • “and Obama is the monster”, yes, yes he is a monster! It is estimated that 75% of American casualties happen under Obama watch!
      Obama went to bed while our consulate was under siege.

  9. Dear Kathy – where is your proof?
    Do you think Iraq and Afganistan never happed?
    Have you ever listened to real news?

    • Gosh, “morris joplin,”

      Isn’t it strange that BOTH you and “Arnold Friend” have the EXACT same IP address in Brooklyn, NY? What a koinkeedink! NOT
      By whatever name, you’re just as deceptive.

  10. Wow Fogie you must have wone the home school spelling bee.
    Have fun with your hate site.
    And don’t forget to give lip-service to religion.
    Take a course in American Literature and find out who Arnold Friend actually is.

    • Hey, “arnold friend”:

      I see you decided you’re no longer “morris joplin” and you’re back being arnold friend, albeit it’s now arnold.friend (with a period in between) instead of Arnold Friend.
      That’s the problem with deception — you can’t keep your story straight.

      As for FOTM being a “hate site,” you are so right! We really hate liars, deceivers, and pretenders like “Arnold Friend”, “morris joplin”, and “arnold.friend”.

    • Wow. No wonder. The Devil is the father of all lies, and so is ArnoldFriend/MorrisJoplin/arnold.friend.

    • Hey, arnold friend, you puny little demon,

      Here’s my message to you:


      And just remember this: YOU LOSE!

  11. A member of the Cabinet is legally allowed to give the president notice that he is unfit to fulfill his responsibilities. He should be given notice and a certain amount of time, I think it’s sixty days, to go before Congress and give them reasons why he should be reinstated. Even if they have all been threatened with awful consequences if they don’t stick up for the current president they should be sensible enough to realize that their position demands that they make a sacrifice and risk being droned or indefinitely detained etc, because of the citizens of the US who are expecting that their world is coming to an end unless one of those cabinet members does what’s right. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Seems as though they all are, this narcissism goes through various stages and it looks as though we are witnessing it in the WH in the culminating stages, viz. Nero was a narcissist, and Hitler too by all accounts.
    The foreign policy is scandalous, the national security breaches are treasonous, what is keeping us from jamming our Congressmen and Women’s phone lines and web sites up with demands for the closure of this administrations tenure? There are protesters all over the middle east and asia as well as in europe protesting the video that ridicules Mohammed, they are protesting a VIDEO, and yet there is not one American protest movement about this scandalous breach of national security and the almost criminal nonchalance of the administration regarding the Steven’s murder with his crew. Is is the American diet?

  12. I can’t believe I have to keep defending this “man”. He HAD to get some sleep so that he would look good for his Letterman appearance! “Eye candy” doesn’t just happen ya know!!

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