Obama wants to replace your car with public transportation

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Do you hate the car(s) you drive and instead would rather take public transportation like bus and rail?
But Obama’s Secretary of Transportation says you do!

Ray LaHoodLaHood gives keynote speech at the APTA, March 11, 2013

Nicholas Ballasy reports for The Daily Caller that at the American Public Transportation Association’s legislative conference last Monday, March 11, 2013, soon-to-retire Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was making a case for high-speed rail in America. LaHood said Americans want to “get off the 95 corridor,” “get out of their cars” and use a more “convenient” form of transportation.
He said: “Ridership is at an all-time high on Amtrak on the northeast corridor. Amtrak is making money on the northeast corridor. Why? Because the people are ahead of the politicians on this. People want to get off the 95 coordinator, get out of their cars [and] have a convenient way to travel. This is where America is moving, and in every budget proposal the president has put forth, he’s included high-speed rail. We will not be dissuaded by detractors. High-speed rail is coming to America, and it’s coming because of the president’s investment. It’s going to happen. There’s no stopping it.”
You can watch and hear LaHood for yourself, here.
La Hood and his boss, the POS in the White House, are marching goose-stepping to the tune of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development’s Sustainable Cities Strategy — a regional plan to replace cities, counties, and states with Mega-Regions. High-speed trains are the building blocks for the Mega-Regions, where personal car usage will be restricted in favor of public transportation, and individual homes replaced with high-density housing. All decided by unelected boards of elected officials. (Read more about the Sustainable Cities Strategy, here.)
And that’s precisely why, despite being BILLIONS of dollars in deficit, California’s dysfunctional state government nevertheless insists on the construction of expensive high-speed rail.
H/t FOTM’s sage_brush

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0 responses to “Obama wants to replace your car with public transportation

  1. Agenda 21 and price hikes on gasoline (petrol to us Brits) are having an effect on mobility. I have seen reports that establish car owners are using their cars less and cutting down on mileage. Even I think about the cost effectiveness of driving certain distances. It must be affecting a lot of people. Add the intrusive groping by TSA and you have a population that is scared of travelling and too poor to travel. Wow, that fits right in with smart growth, smart cities and all that UN Agenda 21 nonsense. Not a coincidence . . .
    A population that is forced off the land and into smart city ghettos is much easier to control and massacre. Personal cars will only be permitted to members of the Politburo and commissars.
    Let’s see Obozo take the public transport to show us how it’s done!! Get rid of the Presidential airplane, that will cut costs. Michelle can let the bus take the strain out of organising her away days too.

  2. Good article, everything you wrote is correct. Obama blames people that have moved to the burbs for the downfall of cities. He wants everyone back into the cities and living in something about the size of 400-600 sq ft. Areas.
    He is already attacking small farmers and some water supplies.
    This is going to get ugly, unless we put pressure of our reps and stand toe to toe with dictators.
    I say to them, you first.

  3. Also, to add to above response, the car trade in debacle a few years back was the start, they tried to convince us it was for the best, but they wanted to get us into vehicles with tracking devices. When you buy a new car now, watch how hard they try and get to to sign up or hook up your car through your phone. Everything they do, has to do with controlling our lives, every aspect, be aware.

    • That’s one of the reasons I bought a “classic” car – simpler mechanics, cheaper to run etc. You have to try to be as off grid as possible, and that includes all the fancy phones etc.

      • You got that right, I carry no cell phone, gave it up when I saw people signing their lives away by constantly “upgrading”
        There re some companies now, that have applied for patents, to put listening devices on the phone, tv and computer and depending on what they hear going on in your home, they will send you corresponding ads. Geesh. Spooky

        • ha ha it was in wired mag way back. Are you watching your TV or is it watching you. Its already happened!

  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post! The building of such megatransportation would cost billions! It’s really simple: we don’t have the money! I wonder if these people live in some kind of fantasy world?

  5. Don’t have money for Camera’s but there here, every where!

    • The money needed to help people stave off poverty, sickness and starvation is being used to control us like a herd of cattle. There’s always enough money for a war . . . And this is a war.

  6. And this guy ( LaHood ) is a republican . Which proves nothing good comes out of Illinois , political wise .

  7. I’ve used the local public transportation in times when I’ve been down on my luck carwise. Believe me, there is nothing, absolutely nothing convenient or efficient about it. A fifteen minute trip takes 45 minutes to an hour by using the local transit system. Not to mention the fact that you could be putting your life on the line. Crimes do occur on buses and in those areas.

    • Yes…and I was going to comment about the crime and the fact that they want to take our guns. A bus stop is where MUCH crime takes place from assault/abduction/rape to purse snatching!

  8. Old North State

    Even if you hate the idea of high-speed trains, it could still be to our benefit. Everyone loves the People Of Walmart threads, the trains could be a gold mine of material. People of Amtrak-from a rolling clickedy-clack of tightly confined homeless, mentally ill, folks you work so very hard NOT to live amongst! You can picture in your minds-eye the chicken bones and fast food litter, empty bottles of Night Train Express rolling up or down the aisle, depending on accelerating or braking. Pizza-faced teenagers on their iphones and illegals of every hue chattering loudly to themselves. If we don’t get pushed in front of the trains-it could be a hoot.

    • You are correct ! This could be a plethora of material to either l.y.a.o. or say to yourself ” WE’RE DOOMED “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I think there is a critical need for a grass roots initiative before the 2014 and 2016 voting to find out from each of the current and prospective legislators how extensive their knowledge is about Agenda 21, the UN and where they stand on it. For those legislators who say they have been fighting it, we need to know exactly what they have done to oppose it and what their plans are moving forward. I believe the majority of American citizens are still oblivious to what Agenda 21 is and many who have heard of it are not taking it seriously. Our legislators are afraid for their own wellbeings, both personally and politically, to have a national discussion about what’s really going on.

    • Back sometime in the 90’s I’m pretty sure it was brought up twice for us to pull out of the UN. We can see that didn’t happen. We can also see where we are headed. I think many people in the Government have no idea whats going on and they are brain dead, believe what they are told ,just like most Amerians that watch TV,sheeple. I believe after they take the guns and they will,thats when we will get handed over to the UN. Dr Paul Graig Roberts(he worked for Reagan) said on RT ,”they will take the guns no doute” because you can’t have a policestate and an armed public.

  10. That’s okay, ‘cuzz I wanna replace the Kenyan comrade Dear Ruler with a real president.

  11. Can we stop subsidizing Amtrak then? since their making money and all.

  12. China already has high speed rail. I think its odd they have it before us, don’t you?

  13. When everyone gets over the blame the other party crap and figures out, ITS BOTH PARTIES, we can save the country.Until then they will keep owning us.


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