Obama wants an even bigger govt by adding a Secretary of Business

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Last Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012, in an interview with MSNBC, the POS says one of the things he’ll do if he wins a second term is to have yet another “czar” — a Secretary of Business. That, of course, means yet another federal bureaucracy — a Department of Business.

We’re more than $16 trillion in debt, the economy is still “recovering” in the tank, more Americans than ever are on food stamps and Social Security disability, but all the POS can come up with is to fatten the already morbidly obese government even more.

As if the Department of Energy has done such a great job of making us “energy independent”. Or the Department of Education has done such a great job of raising education standards and controlling costs. Or the Department of Commerce has done such a great job of eliminating market barriers and trade restrictions. Or the . . . .

Obama, you POS. Your old ideas stink and you’ve run out of new ideas. Do America a favor:

Go Away!


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0 responses to “Obama wants an even bigger govt by adding a Secretary of Business

  1. 🙂

  2. I hope he goes away too. The last four years have been like a bad dream. If he gets re-elected we are stuck with him. Wait until you see big government in his third term. Go ahead and say I am crazy, but don’t imagine that he is not going to do something to stay in office until 2020 or beyond. Socialists never give up their power.

  3. maybe his secretary of business can fly over to china and visit his jobs czar and see how his business is doing.

  4. I agree, with Doctor E.

  5. Obama maybe sadly

  6. i’m still laughing at what Bill Maher said after the first debate “Romney looked like he came for a Job interview, Obama looked like he was getting Fired” We can only hope that the Progressive Democrat Voter Fraud Machine doesn’t steal ALL the votes for Romney and ‘miscalibrate’ them for Obama on Tuesday Nov 6th

  7. It would make more sense if the comrade Dear Ruler added a Secretary of Bullshit.

    It would be the most honest appointment he has made to date.


  8. Secretary of Business!?!? What the hell is that!? Is this Alice in Wonderland or what!? “Brave New World”? Socialism was not designed to make a profit!!!!!! Quite the opposite as you have seen over the past four years. What the hell is wrong with people who would even think for one minute about re-electing this POS?

    The good news – as I have been saying for many moons: just five more days and Mitt will win by a landslide. Believe it.

    • I agree, this will go to Mitt in a landslide. A couple of our friends are loyal activists for the Democrat party. Although they have an Elizabeth Warren sign on their lawn, they do NOT have an Obama/Biden sign. Even the “loyal base” is starting to crumble.

  9. Yea, just what we need is another dept of what ever. Dr. E hit the nail on the head. All these depts can’t get the job done as it is and why may you ask…I’ll tell you. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is ever held accountable!!! EVER!!!

    I have worked in and for the government for most of my life. 16 yrs active duty Marine and now as a construction contractor and I can tell you that most, and I mean upwards of 90%, of contracts that I see cost the tax payer more than what the contract was bid for. Why you may ask! I’ll tell you.

    When a contract goes out for bid it has to be reviewed and approved to be accurate. This is done for every contract and done by…you got it…someone in the government who, if the construction was done poorly or not at all, will still have a job. Because of this a “Change Order” will be issued to the contractor which in every case costs the government extended costs that were not budgeted and thereby costing the tax payers more and more.

    Maybe we do need another dept. — a Secretary of Government Persons to be Audited. And to be appointed to this office is done by a lottery. No politicking here. Two people from every state who do nothing but fire govt employees not doing their jobs, holding them accountable.

    Bet we cut the fat and those who keep their jobs I bet will be doing their jobs!


    • Good idea, GySgt1!

      Of course, Congress is supposed to do what you propose. [snark]

      Ironically, even countries governed by a Communist Party has the institution you’re proposing — it’s the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, who’s in charge of the personnel of the CP.

  10. Thanks Dr. E, I think I have good ones every now and then. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. 🙂

    Are these institutions elected or appointed? My idea is with the lottery so there can be no lean to one side or the other. Joe the plumber, Betty the baker, ect. will really be able to see how incompetent many government employees there are.

    Again IMO

    • “My idea is with the lottery so there can be no lean to one side or the other.”

      How about modeled after the jury system? Every registered voter (not merely a US citizen) has an obligation to serve on the Govt Audit Commission.

  11. Even better Dr. E.

    Where do I sign…Oh wait…I’m already on the list!
    Pick Me! Pick Me!!


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