Obama Used RomneyCare as Model for ObamaCare

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Mitt Romney says he does not support Obamacare and has pledged he would repeal the program if elected. Romney has also repeatedly noted that Obama never called him to ask for advice about how to create Obamacare.
But NBC News now reports that Obama administration officials — and on one occasion, Obama himself — met with some of the same advisers and consultants who had helped Mitt Romney develop his Massachusetts health-care program when working out the specifics of Obamacare.
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0 responses to “Obama Used RomneyCare as Model for ObamaCare

  1. Oh!
    I thought they both got their idea right out of the communist manifesto.
    They are both egg sucking dogs. You can’t break them of it so their is no choice but to give them political positions. NOT!

  2. Good reason not to want Mitt RINOmney.

  3. I have always said that Romneycare was an albatross hanging around Mitt RINO’s neck.
    When this gets out, his goose among conservatives is going to be cooked.

  4. If Mittens couldn’t beat McCain, and McCain couldn’t beat Barry…
    then WHY would the media believe the Republicans would try again…
    it would be like trying to nominate an open borders or pro-NAFTA candidate….
    I guess I just don’t get politics 🙂


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