Day 1 of Obama Trial

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Rev. James David Manning, pastor of the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York, is conducting a citizens’ grand jury trial of Obama and Columbia University for treason and sedition. The trial week began yesterday, May 14, 2010.
Below is an update from American Grand Jury’s Bob Campbell.
For more info on Rev. Manning’s trial of Obama, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: May 14th, 2010 – 7:30pm PST
Greetings everyone,
I talked with Leonard Volodarsky just a few minutes ago. Leonard is a New York City resident and a member of American Grand Jury. Leonard was at the trial in the morning and participated in the Columbia University march.
BOB: Leonard, what was the turn-out for the march?
LEONARD: Bob, I would estimate around 125 to 150 people.
BOB: Your impression about the turn-out?
LEONARD: Actually, given it was a working day for most people I believe it was a decent turnout. Once the weekend rolls around I believe many more people will attend the trial.
BOB: What struck you as most memorable?
LEONARD: A number of things. Dr. Manning blessed us with a prayer before we started the march. It was very humid out and the sky was threatening rain. The march was a couple of miles long and took around an hour to conclude. Dr. Manning asked us to walk in silence and all of us complied. It was a very peaceful and spiritual feeling as we marched. It was a mixed race of people that marched, about equally split between white and black folks. Within a few minutes of Dr. Manning concluding the march with a 2nd prayer the Lord blessed us with a cleansing rain. It cleared the air and and gave all of us a calming feeling.
The next thing that stuck me, especially for New York, was the large commitment by the City of New York to keep the peace. There was a large number of police there. They were very professional and very courteous. The police were with us every step of the way along the march route. As a NY resident I was extremely proud of my City.
The Church site, including the jury room, was very secure. The entry doors had screening machines to check people as they entered the premises. Security officers continued to monitor the trial throughout the day.
BOB: What happened after the march? Did the jury get selected.. did the trial start?
LEONARD: Bob, I had to be back at work before noon and I didn’t get a chance to go inside the Church after the march. However, I did hear that the trial proceeded smoothly and a jury was selected. I believe a jury of 13 was selected out of pool of 60 or so jury applicants. I also believe they did start the trial later in the afternoon and things are now well enough organized to move forward.
BOB: Any additional thoughts on the first day?
LEONARD: Only that I feel Dr. Manning is in control and the Lord has blessed this proceeding. My heart tells me this will be a very successful trial.
BOB: That is wonderful Leonard. Thank you so much for visiting with us. I look forward you meeting you at the trial. Our American Grand Jury delegation will be there on Sunday afternoon.
LEONARD: You are welcome Bob. I look forward to seeing you guys soon.

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  1. As an American citizen and a civil rights activist for 61 years and as a believer in the promise of the Declaration of Independence, that was confirmed by the words of Abraham Lincoln this “government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from this Earth”; I find the people of our nation need and deserve to know the truth about the birth and citizenship of President Barack Obama.
    We need to know if his credentials are genuine, when he signed documents that required his eligibility to be a Senator of Illinois, a student of Columbia University and a student of Harvard University Law School.
    Sixty one years ago, I joined Friendship House, a community center on Chicago’s South side. It worked to support the legal enactment of laws to enable all people to practice their God-given unalienable rights. Our work was in the same neighborhoods in which Barack Obama is said to have lived.
    My wife of 42 years, now departed, was born and reared in that area, but as a beautiful and talented black woman, she would now ask Barack Obama to clear the air of doubt and controversy. Barack can do this by publicly displaying to all Americans, his genuine birth certificate, the documents that prove his education, his eligibility to be a state senator in Illinois, his eligibility to be a US Senator for Illinois, and his eligibility to be President of the United States of America.
    Remember, Mr. President, the Lord God will, someday, ask you to explain your eligibility.
    Young children are waiting for you to show your honesty by showing your election was honest. May God Almighty bless you with courage.


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