Obama to let in 10,000 Syrian refugees despite no way of identifying terrorists

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Obama did say when he was first elected in 2008 that he meant to “fundamentally transform” America.
The millions who voted, twice, to send this man to the White House will have to answer to their conscience for what they inflicted on America and the world.

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0 responses to “Obama to let in 10,000 Syrian refugees despite no way of identifying terrorists

  1. I strongly believe we, the people, that will have to pick up the tab for this, should have a say with this.
    And not one more invader until the six rich Arab nations start doing their share.

  2. The bloodthirsty ‘Muslim wars of invasion’ across Europe and Asia hundreds of years ago, whose objective was to enforce Islam by way of war, oppression and subjugation, is now under the same program of religious enforcement to supplant Christianity with Islam, by a criminal non-American citizen elected as president through mind control techniques, who is himself a Muslim, and who created the Middle-Eastern wars for the ulterior objective of flooding Europe and America with Muslim war-refugees. Deviously clever, eh! It proves that Obama is not human.

  3. Why not?? A lie is as good as the truth when no one will call him on it. There is no question obama is a fraud, foreign infiltrator, and muslim dog, yet there he is.
    Only the ignorant, liars, or cowards, refer to obama as president.

  4. This action appears to be a deliberate act of sabotage against the American system. He also plans on fast tracking them to the voting booth.

  5. NO!, the voters are not the only ones who must “answer to their conscience ” for this evil entity in the White House. Congress must answer for this. A president can do little on his own. Also, the evil one was NOT elected by the people. He was fraudulently assigned to the ‘job’ and NO ONE did anything to stop it. So because of that, ALL of us will pay for it. – Sande

    • He was fraudulently assigned to the ‘job’ and NO ONE did anything to stop it.
      Really? Speak for yourself. We on Fellowship of the Minds had been doing that for 6+ years.

    • Dr. Eowyn. Your comment was unfair. I am speaking of our representatives not doing anything to prevent him from getting in office in the first place. ( i.e. his eligibility and qualifications).
      We have all worked hard against this regime in any way we were able, for a long time.
      I don’t usually write because my time is spent with feet on the ground, in their face. I won’t bother to comment again.

  6. This is bad news because 1. “refugees” are a favored factor in exploiting “terrorism” and displacing natives in given countries, thereby inducing national stress and instability. 2. Refugees can be blamed for most anything and the natives will wholeheartedly believe it based on the fact they’re refugees. and 3. there is a question of if they are legitimate refugees at all and not merely a shipment of isis/mossad/al nusra (same thing, variety of names.) mercs from syria. The overall purpose though is probably to cause additional stress to the public, and to put further pressure on the public in general in order to provoke instability and eventually, “civil” war.
    I would guess the only reason obomber wants anything to do with syria is because his bosses in the sanhedrin told him they want it for “greater israel” (and perhaps to destroy and/or hide archaeological discoveries, perhaps? As happened in iraq). I also wouldn’t doubt that putin is what might be called “controlled opposition”… after all, we should consider that Russia proper was infested with satanists since 1917 onwards, for the country to suddenly become Christian again would really be nothing short of a miracle, the fact that Russia is also part of the thing termed “BRICS” with Brazil quite obviously anti-christian, and China being the same, may be telling of the leopard not changing it’s spots, so to speak. How do we tell if Russia has legitimately become Christian or not? Look at it’s fruits and the fruits of those who claim to be leaders there, as well as those of the people.


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