Obama threatens Christians: "Gay rights" come before your constitutional right to religious freedom

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A couple of months ago one Sunday morning, I arrived early at church and found the presiding priest — an orthodox and reverent priest — graciously standing outside to greet parishioners. There was no one around, so we began chatting.
Father X spontaneously said something very interesting. He said that, after the 2016 elections, Catholic priests will be imprisoned in the United States for defending their faith.
I questioned his timing. Referring to the creature occupying the White House, I said, “He won’t wait till the 2016 elections. He still has one and a half years to wreak more destruction on this country.”
Then I quoted — a quote with which Fr. X was even more familiar than I was — what the late Archbishop of Chicago Cardinal Francis George said in 2010 about the perilous state of religious freedoms in the United States (and across the western world):

“I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”

Cardinal George’s prophesy isn’t so far-fetched given what Obama recently proclaimed.
Barely hours after Pope Francis emphasized the importance of religious freedom in his speech to the United Nations, as Francis was en route in his flight back to Rome, Obama delivered a “F-you” by declaring a war against Christianity and against the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, declaring that homosexual “rights” come before any rights to religious freedom.
Obama at LGBT fundraiser in NY, Sept. 27, 2015.
Charlie Spiering reports for Breitbart that in a speech at a LGBT fundraiser in New York City on Sunday (Sept. 27, 2015) night, Obama praised the progress made on “gay rights” under his administration. He crowed:
“We affirm that we cherish our religious freedom and are profoundly respectful of religious traditions. But we also have to say clearly that our religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights.”
Obama then accused Republicans of using the religious freedom issue just to earn more votes, as they did in 2004, and boasted that “America has left the leaders of the Republican Party behind.”
He then singled out three GOP presidential contenders for ridicule:

  • Dr. Ben Carson, for suggesting that “prison turns you gay.”
  • Sen. Ted Cruz, for saying he would introduce a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
  • Gov. Mike Huckabee, for saying that Americans should just disobey the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage. Obama mocked Huckabee, “I’m sure he loves the Constitution — except for Article III. And maybe the Equal Protection Amendment. And 14th Amendment, generally.”

Obama proudly told the audience (that included DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and actor George Takei) that he would not back down in his efforts to make progress for the LGBT community, and called for all of them to remain vigilant to hold the line on important legal gains in the country. “What makes America special is, is that though sometimes we zig and zag, eventually hope wins out,” he said. “But it only wins out because folks like you put your shoulder behind the wheel and push it in that direction.”
See also “Judicial Tyranny: Dissenting opinions on Supreme Court’s ruling on homosexual marriage.”

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0 responses to “Obama threatens Christians: "Gay rights" come before your constitutional right to religious freedom

  1. As God prepares His bride for the beautiful wedding to the Bride groom in these end times, satan the cheap imitation and hater of such things attacks the sanctification of this union on earth which represents this betrothal. He mocks it by replacing the groom with sodomites, with a twisted “worldly view” of his demented hate chanting, “love won.” Manipulating such spiritually corrupt puppets as obama, through the true possessed ones like Susan Rice. There is no coincidence of the timing of this attack upon the Bride, the church, and the Bridegroom. What satan views in his twisted mind as destruction of the union and church, God will use as cleansing and judgment for such in the “valley of Jehoshaphat.”

  2. Satan has his strategies (the gates of hell) and the Lord has His strategies. For those of us Christians (not worldly, lukewarm Christians) who obey the Lord, the gates of hell shall not prevail against us.
    The more people like Obama push the demonic homosexual agenda down our throats, the more the Lord will destroy aspects of the United States, i.e, the drought and wildfires in California this year.
    Bring it on, Obama, and watch what the Lord does to you and your followers.
    Matthew 16: 17-18: “And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock [of revelation knowledge] I will build my church; and the gates of hell [strategies of hell] shall not prevail against it.”
    The Christian church is built on the rock of revelation knowledge, not man-made rituals and ecclesiastical-speak. The Lord is using people like Obama to weed out the false and lukewarm Christians in the United States.

  3. Amen brother, ” It is written.”

  4. living a life defined by deviancy (as well as supporting that lifestyle) instead of living a life defined by God’s desires will only result in a permanent residence in hell.
    I wonder where in the Constitution can obama read that sexual rights even exist?

    • I think the U.S. Constitution is a great document; I believe the Lord had His hand in the creation of that document. But the Lord Jesus Christ has far more authority over the United States than the U.S. Constitution. I fear God and not our perverted Federal Government—especially the White House and the Supreme Court.
      Live Free or Die.
      “Let a thing here be noted, that the prophet of God sometimes may teach treason against kings, and yet neither he nor such as obey the word, spoken in the Lord’s name by him, offend God.”
      –John Knox

  5. one man wrecking crew isn’t he ~ he /they have their agenda but God had His Holy Plan long ago.

  6. After 2008 I had a blog, which shall remain nameless. I told everyone who would listen that Christians would very soon face persecution, and in particular, the Catholic Church, beginning with holy priests who held fast to the doctrines of the Church, and had courage to preach the truth. I said this, and much more, both religious, and political. I felt compelled to say these things. After a while, someone whom I had great respect for told me that I “really should stop saying these things in public, as I was placing myself in a dangerous position”. I will not say here how I quickly understood that this was not merely friendly advice. Suffice to say, for the sake of my family, and their peace of mind, I took down the blog. The dark glasses and taped mouth say it all. I wish I had been more courageous, and stuck it out, but there are others who have courage to speak truth (i.e. FOTM, and others). Thank you for this post, Dr. Eowyn, and for this forum. The truth will out, and let us pray that those who have ears to hear will hear, and finally begin to understand what we are facing in these terrible days. The lions just wear different skins now. Let us pray without ceasing.

  7. May the Lord rebuke him.

  8. I want to see his college transcripts. I’m guessing he barely passed Constitutional Law classes.

    • Didn’t it raise ANY red flags that he was virtually unknown in national politics,that he spent Millions of dollars to hide documentation (or the LACK of) or any of the information ANY legitimate American Candidate would gladly provide,or that he’s used at least one Social Security number that was proven to be fraudulent? We’ve been subjected to almost TWO full Terms of a complete STRANGER in the White House.Of all the typical information Americans learn about our Presidents,how much can we honestly say we KNOW about Barry Soetoro/aka Barack Hussein Obama/aka ??????? that can be verified by documentation?

  9. Obama IS evil, and I believe he IS possessed, in the Catholic theological sense of the term. We all know that homosexuals are not as persecuted in America as they would have us believe.
    We Christians must understand that, as long as we are on the defensive, we WILL NOT WIN. It is only by going on the offensive that we can win. So the question becomes, How do we go on the offensive?
    And let us take heart: Our lives very well may end in martyrdom. Obama’s ashes will be dumped into the ocean.

  10. I cannot help but feel that Obama’s actions are indicative of a person suffering from an STD like AIDS. He is really beyond crazy.

    • AIDS does not necessarily make a person “go crazy,” in the sense of merely irrational behavior. He seems to be hyper-kinetic in his actions, but one could argue he’s a type-A personality. I kind of know what you mean, though, John. This is what I see: He is a corporate shill, a sock puppet. But his actions belie a certain NIHILISM, in which he seeks to destroy what moral values remain. Yes, the same was seen in Lenin in the tertiary stages of his syphilis. Symptoms include delusions of persecution, delusions of grandeur, ideation that is irrational and a strange, “god-like” desire to destroy.

    • Definitely. He has all the markings – and is delusional.
      Hiding behind the color of his skin, but yet he has done nothing for black communities – across the USA.
      His gunrunning scheme Operation FAST and FURIOUS should have had him removed from office – when ARMING ILLEGAL ALIENS and NARCOTERRORISTS = INVADERS.
      Obama is a sick individual – in more ways than one.

  11. BO can rant and rave and state what he wants, but I say God and the Constitution trumps His Gayness.
    What is sad, we have so few in Congress that will push back. If they can’t stand to be a confrontationalist, they should never have ran for their position.

  12. Isn’t it surprising that, decade after decade, so many of the inhabitants of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave STILL don’t KNOW that they are only temporary tenants…..4 years….8 years tops…..in a house owned and operated by the Amerian People?

  13. Yes,..Christianity IS under attack, and it is under attack by that same little group that had Jesus crucified some 2000 years ago,..& Barry Soetoro is the ‘tip of the spear, in this ongoing war on Christianity,..
    And in order for Barry Soetoro to come out of nowhere to become the president of the United States, he needed 2 things,. First.he needed money & secondly he needed a friendly news media, & as it just so happens, that that little cult that had Jesus crucified, 2000 years ago, now today, controls the banking industry AND they control the news media, & so they have now been able to put the likes of Barry Soetoro, where they want him in order for him to procede with the, in progress, destruction of America, the destruction of Christianity,..& the destruction of the White Race it’self,..,.. ,..

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  15. Obama’s comment about our constitutional rights is beyond ideology. It is MADNESS.

  16. Histrionic much? I hope you guys don’t mistake yourselves for conservatives.


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