Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets

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Note to our readers:

This is a replacement for Steve’s post on this subject, which he’d published earlier today. A reader alerted us that an embedded link in the post brought him to a site that carries a Trojan virus. For that reason, I’ve replaced Steve’s post with this reblog from a safe site.
See also Trail Dust’s previous post on the same subject, “President Lucifer sides with Iran.”
~Dr. Eowyn

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0 responses to “Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets

  1. The Executive Insanity continues….

  2. BHO was exhorted in that by Zbigniew Brzezinski, cofounder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission. Love that petroleum addiction!

  3. Giving Iran Nuclear Capabilities, is like giving the neighborhood school yard bully an M16 to play with. It’s not a “disaster waiting to happen”, it’s a disaster, just as to who will catch the consequences becomes the question.

  4. And what a proper way for this admin to treat our ally. Threatening a country that is fighting for it’s survival shows just where then mindset of this admin is.
    I only wish we had a leader willing to go the limit to protect this country.
    Past behavior and treatment of BiBi by BO says it all. You never tell a world leader to enter OUR White House by the rear door. You never have a world leader sit downstairs in OUR White House for hours while going upstairs to dine and kill time without offering any refreshments.
    BO has neither the knowledge or bravery BiBi has in his little finger.

  5. Glenn-repeat after me-“this Badministration,this Badministration,this Badministration…” LOL

  6. Something like this actually comes as no surprise. The Fraud has shown disrespect and open animosity towards not only Israel, but the citizens of the US as well.
    And now, today, I read that it has been discovered that if you rearrange all the letters of BHO’s name, it spells:
    “An Arab backed imposter” ……
    Surprised, anyone?


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