Obama thinks you can afford this $50 light bulb

Have you ever seen a $50 light bulb?
Me neither.
Here’s your chance! Just feast your eyes on this award-winning super-duper LED!

Are you impressed?
Silly you. Silly me.
But Obama’s Energy Department is so gosh-darned impressed that it awarded Philips Corp., the manufacturer of the $50 60-watt LED, $10 million of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars as an “L Prize” for an environmentally sensitive bulb that is “affordable for American families”!
As a Washington Times editorial points out, although the new LED is more energy-efficient than standard incandescent bulbs and may last up to 10 years, but given that it costs 50 times the price of the typical old-style bulb, this eats up any long-term savings.
The Energy Department defends the bulb’s exorbitant price, claiming costs are expected to fall over time. However, the original contest guidelines projected a retail price less than half of the $50 that the bulb is sold at retail. More curious still is the fact that there are already much less expensive LED bulbs available, but these did not receive the Obama administration’s seal of approval.

It’s all about quid pro quo, more commonly known as “I’ll scratch your back, and you’ll scratch mine.” Ten to one we’ll find out at some future date that, like solar-panel maker Solyndra, Philips’ CEO is also a big Obama supporter.
Solyndra’s execs and board members were big donors to Obama and the Democratic Party and — SURPRISE! — Solyndra was favored with $535 million in federal loan guarantees. Alas, taxpayers will never see any of the $535 million loan repaid because Solyndra had gone belly up bankrupt.
Meanwhile, King Obama tells the American people who face steeply rising prices at the gas pump:

“Let them eat cake buy the affordable $50 light bulb!”


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Winston Smith
Winston Smith
8 years ago

If Barry S. is true to form, here’s a sequence of actions that seems probable:
1. Phillips gets the 10 mil “L-Prize”
2. Barry gives Phillips a “loan” to facilitate tooling up for production
3. The “Wunderbulps” flop and Phillips closes the plants
4. Phillips lays off hundreds (thousands) of employees
5. The “wunderbulb” division goes belly-up and defaults on the “start-up loan
And we get screwed … AGAIN!
The (alleged) POTUS is an [em]Barry S[ment] to America!

8 years ago

gas here is now (northern illinois southern wisconsin) $4.29 a gallon and in the local paper when bush was president and gas hit a whopping $1.89 the press screamed in outrage that bush was in cohoots with his oil buddies and soaking the american people now with obama nary a word is heard silence not a peep revolution time to take back this country and get the dead beats out. obama must go…

8 years ago

not to worry…we soon won’t be able to afford the electricity
to power this modern wonder ….my rates have doubled.
Isn’t it time for a torchlight and pitchfork parade ?

8 years ago

Grouchy~ I’m beginning to think that that vacuum bottle in the White House, aka Obama, has a lot more between those big ears than we have been giving him credit for. It seems to me that behind that fake (I love God, my country, my wife and the environment) facade, our foreign, muslim, leader has an agenda. It is beginning to look like Mr. (Whatever his real name is) might just be trying to bankrupt this nation. After the Solyndra scandal and now this Philip’s ordeal, I can’t help but notice that he is actually accomplishing this goal. I think… Read more »

Loni leach
Loni leach
7 years ago

When you need to replace a light source it’s nice not to have to wait till the next payday to do so. Bulbs for two or four pack for a couple bucks and now one bulb for $10 to $40 depending on type. Unacceptable. Sorry to see no screaming from the food stamp gang. This can consume a food budget when you are a new family start up. No food till have heat and light. And to ban the alternative is obscene. In a bad neighborhood without light could be life threatening. Or will there be a new government subsidy… Read more »

7 years ago

tesla had an idea in the early 1900’s for worldwide free electricity free electricity build a giant tesla coil at the poles and the electricity would stream without wires to wherever it is needed