Obama, The Epitome of Stupidity, Ignorance and Arrogance

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U.S. President Barack Obama waves while standing with other leaders during the Open Government Partnership event at the United Nations September 20 in New York City. The United Nations General Assembly kicks off September 21, with leaders from around the world attending.

Barack Obama joins Open Government Partnership for group photo.

The photo says it all, no other commentary necessary.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Obama, The Epitome of Stupidity, Ignorance and Arrogance

  1. dipsh!t! comes to mind.

  2. I truly think he has a mental problem. It is allot more than narcissism.

  3. Obama: “It’s me! It’s all about me! It’s always all about me! Wheeeee!!!!”

  4. Wow! Pictures indeed do say more than words! The look on Obama’s face is frightening! Such love of self is scary!

  5. hes probably just a bit retarded.

  6. you know what i think hes raising his hand and signaling because he has to go to the bathroom….

  7. Not Bush’s fault.

    • LOL !
      Alas, nothing is ever Skippy’s fault. Has he yet admitted anything is? In his mind, he’s thinking: “I’m so stressed by the continuing bad economy — an economy that I had inherited from my predecessor — that I inadvertently blocked the Mongolian dude’s face with my hand!”

  8. Obama is a ghetto rat with “look at me” syndrome.

  9. The group photo says it all. No explanation needed. Excuse me now for I must leave the computer to go barf.

  10. It’s a confirmed PHOTOSHOPPED image. but of course you don’t mind being dishonest.

    • Once again, you’ve been duped. Are you always this gullible? (Sadly, you are ’cause you’ve been listening to those whispers in your ears by that “father of all lies”….)
      The photo is a Getty Image, taken by its pool photographer on Sept 20, 2011. GettyImages is a stock photo agency that supplies — for a fee, of course — stock images to businesses including U.S. and international media. That photo of Obama’s waving hand blocking the face of Mongolian President Tsakhia Elbegdorj, in still on GettyImages’ website:


      So if it’s photoshopped, then Getty Images is now part of the Great Right Wing Conspiracy! LOL
      Here’s more about the pic: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2781488/posts

    • Drawing you out to make a complete and utter fool of yourself is easier than attracting ants to sugar. To quote Bugs Bunny, “What a MAROOON!”


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