Obama, The Antithesis of America

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Obama the Antithesis of America

By Tom in NC
Obama cares nothing for this country, the extent of his concern is where he will take his next vacation or which golf course he will tee off on. Our country is in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the great depression:

  • Unemployment over 10%(perhaps as high as 17%).
  • Rising inflation.
  • Record debt and deficits.

Since taking office Obama’s foreign policy has consisted of:

  • Apologizing to our enemies and dictators around the world for “American aggression”.
  • Embracing our enemies.
  • Giving lip service to our allies.
  • Turning his back on Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East.

As far as domestic policy is concerned, Obama has been and is a miserable failure:

  • Record number of bank failures.
  • Failed attempts at stimulating the economy.
  • Funneling taxpayer money into union coffers.
  • Government takeover of healthcare.
  • Refusing to secure our borders.
  • Rising gas prices do to his moratoriums on domestic oil drilling.

Everyday I search for some little crumb of positivity about the direction that Obama is taking this country, and I find zip, zero, nada. His idea of change has hurt the American people in previously unimagined ways, and is systematically undoing the very fabric of American exceptionalism.
In 2008 the people of this country became enthralled with a man who made lofty promises and preached hope and change, what we got were lies, economic ruin and rabid anti-Americanism.
One thing we should all keep in mind is that Obama is not the first poltician to promise change, others came before him like Hitler and Pol Pot, and we all know outcome of those regimes.

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0 responses to “Obama, The Antithesis of America

  1. Absolutely!
    Everyday something else happens that astonishes me, which in and of itself astonishes me……
    I cannot believe what has transpired since this fraudulent inept has taken up residence in the White House.

  2. I’m waiting for Obama to say something about the 4 Christian Americans who were kidnapped and killed by Muslim Somali pirates.
    Sound of crickets chirping….

    • Something about determining an “appropriate response” again, I understand. (While naval gunfire on known pirate shore targets might be a prudent choice while coming up with something more particular, they don’t seem to be doing that. The SEAL killing one of the pirates with a knife was a good start and, really, that’s the kind of thing pirates understand.)

  3. I doubt that the deaths of four fat-cat yachters on a world cruise is likely to get much notice from the Obama White House.

    • “four fat-cat yachters on a world cruise”
      You’re being sarcastic, right?

      • I guess we are to assume that everyone who works hard and saves their money, and then spends it on – oh, let’s say- a yacht, (which was built by skilled laborers), is a fat-cat. Gee, I learned something . Thanks.

  4. if they had been black he would have noticed. but as he keeps quiet he will pretend he wasn’t even aware that anything of note had happened.
    in my opinion i believe obama to be more similar to pol pot than to hitler.
    pol pot and his return to year zero seems more like obama and change.
    hitler was actually a very competent leader think of the mire the german economy had been in after ww1. Hitler created jobs, national pride, their where many new inventions and innovations. obama on the other hand is quickly moving america backward hopefully not toward year zero but with all the racist attacks (blacks attacking whites) eventually there is going to be a backlash……

  5. Dave from Atlanta

    I cannot figure Obama out. Some people refer to him as “incompetent” and as an American President in the traditional sense, he certainly seems inept. However, for a usurper who came in to tear down and remake the country into some sort of socialist utopia, he seems to have made remarkable progress. Somehow the idea of him being “incompetent” simply does not work when viewed in that light. As one listens to the man speak and chronicles his lies and contradictions, one can only draw one of a few conclusions:
    1) He is schizophrenic, a pathological liar, or otherwise mentally ill
    2) He is a master of deceit, keeping his useful idiots mesmerized while he carries out his real plans, or
    3) Someone else is pulling the strings and this puppet is basically a soulless, clueless idiot.
    I will be damned if I can figure out which is the case. Perhaps one day, the real truth will be revealed.

  6. I can only explain it this way – since Obama was elected, I have experienced the distinct feeling that America has no President right now. This is not merely a “well, my guy didn’t win and I just don’t like the man in the Oval Office” type of thing. It’s like we entered an “in between” time, like when a person swings from one trapeze to the next and is reaching out – but there is nothing there to grasp. It’s the distinct feeling that we are adrift.
    Obama campaigned on the undefined platform of “change” and “fundamental transformation.” Using these ideas, one can just make it all up as they go along and specifics of any type can be presented along the way to demonstrate success! Change can be whatever we want it to be and we can never really fail.
    Do not make the mistake of thinking that Obama is a well-intentioned American President who is just a little wrong or a little naive when it comes to his policies and to global affairs. He knows exactly what he is doing. He loves the upheaval and unrest that is in the Middle East and is now starting to sweep through our nation.

    • “He knows exactly what he is doing. He loves the upheaval and unrest that is in the Middle East and is now starting to sweep through our nation.”
      Since 2008, my fear is that Obama is the Joker as played by Heath Ledger in Batman Returns: A creature of pure malice who loves to foment upheaval, unrest, and destruction for the sheer hell of it.

  7. We are living a bad fairy tale:
    Obama is Pinocchio with ears that grow bigger every time he lies.
    Soros is Geppetto, the puppet master. They share the company of Moochelle, the overweight and underappropriate Food Police.

  8. Obama will welcome Choudry to mounbt his protest outside the White House. Rumor is he invited him. But even ifr he didn’t; you won’t hear any objections from this faux president.


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