0 responses to “Obama telegraphs his intent with new logo

  1. Looks like an O for orgy of sycophants….Nero would approve
    (but the jolly roger describes their plan for America : burn pillage
    and plunder,arggg)

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for showing us the king’s symbols. He has absolute hatred for Christianity. I cannot imagine any Christian voting for him!

  3. Thanks, GF!

    Am I the only one who finds the DNC logo creepy?

  4. The first thing I saw when I looked at it was a huge eye looking at all the little people…who are faceless.

  5. That’s the worst looking symbol I ever saw. Mediocre beyond words. The level of creativity is buried underground somewhere. Like the pit of hell.

  6. His hope and change logo was taken from our goodness grows in North Carolina logo from 20 yrs ago .just removed the tractor silhouette.


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