Obama supporters roadside solicitations for fake charity

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The face behind the mask

A friend of FOTM’s beloved Hardnox received this email from his nephew in Raleigh, NC:

So earlier this morning I went to get my car inspected and my registration renewed.

On the corner of a very busy intersection in Raleigh was about 15 to 20 older ladies all in the same color shirt walking up to cars and asking for money.

When I pulled up the lady came up to me and asked if I would like to donate money for battered women. I told them I only have twenties, but after I get my car inspected I will be back to give them some money.

After my inspection I returned like I said I would. The ladies were in a parking lot surrounded by three cop cars.

Curious, I pulled in and asked one of the cops what was going on.

I told them I was coming back to give them money. He asked me what I thought I was giving them money for and I told him “battered women.”  The policeman laughed and said the women were out here collecting money for Obama, but using Battered Women and Cancer Research to get people to give.

Unbelievable! I don’t care what your political preference is, that is just too much!!! I bet you won’t see that on the news!

Here are some other documented frauds committed by Obama supporters (source: CommieBlaster):


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0 responses to “Obama supporters roadside solicitations for fake charity

  1. So typical…

  2. What a scathing indictment against the moral bankruptcy of leftist Democrats. Hardly surprising though.

  3. This group of women don’t even see it! If they have to lie about what the money is for….there is OBVIOUSLY a reason people wouldn’t give if they had told the truth that it was for Obama. He got $1 million in May and another $1.5 million on Friday from Soros? Bless Donald Trump for still keeping the “birthing” issue at the forefront!

  4. Shameful…

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for exposing the fraud of the Democrats, their methods and their continued deceptive practices. Yes, Shameful!

  6. https://youtu.be/ptSrcNvJzBQ
    My wife and I moved to N.C. in November of 2011, and we will register to vote in the Nov. 6th. election! …..WE MUST STOP OBAMA’S REIGN!

  7. the empty chair strikes again, fake president, fake birth certificate, fake education, fake fake fake

  8. The ends justify the lying… Democrats are a corrupt, lawless bunch.


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