Obama stonewalls college transcripts

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The media bloodhounds are going after Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. As in 2008, however, they’re giving Obama the hands-off kid-gloves treatment.
Except for Fox News’ Ed Henry, who actually managed to ask the Mouth of Sauron Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney about Obama’s college records. But the Mouth, erh, Carney simply stonewalled the question.
Why isn’t this all over the news?

WorldNetDaily reports, Jan. 18, 2012, that at the daily news briefing in the White House, Fox News’ Ed Henry asked Jay Carney about Obama’s college records and transcripts:

“Now, I don’t know how many years – maybe you do – Romney released of his college transcripts, but Republicans like to complain the president has not released his college transcripts. What is the stated reason for that?”

Carney’s response was to pretend that the reporter was asking about Obama’s tax records.

He said:

“Sure. I think we’ve answered this a bunch. I think that the tradition of releasing income tax records for presidential candidates, for serious potential nominees and nominees of the two parties is well established. It’s not a law, but it’s well established. And it’s one that this president abided by when he was a candidate as senator. It’s one that numerous Republicans and Democrats have abided by, and we just think it’s a good idea.”

A video of the 50-plus minute briefing was posted on the government’s White House website.
Les Kinsolving, WND’s correspondent at the White House, previously has raised the issue of documentation for Obama several times, but was shut down each time, starting with Robert Gibbs when he was Obama’s press secretary the Mouth of Sauron.
Read rest of WND article here.
H/t our beloved Tina.
To date, these are the Obama records which have not been released:

  • Passport records
  • Kindergarten records
  • Punahou School records
  • Occidental College records
  • Columbia University records and senior thesis
  • Harvard Law School records
  • Harvard Law Review articles, if any.
  • Illinois State Bar Association records
  • Illinois State Senate records/schedules (said to be lost).
  • Medical records
  • Marriage license of Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham
  • Divorce documents of Obama Sr. and Dunham
  • Marriage license of Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro
  • Adoption records of Barack Obama Jr. by Lolo Soetoro; and of course –
  • Barack Obama Jr.’s original hard-copy long-form Certificate of Live Birth


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0 responses to “Obama stonewalls college transcripts

  1. dr of many things

    All this is not to mention the social security number issue. Compared to the birth certificate fraud, that would seem to be a more accessible investigation in that Obama is using a false number as he sits today in the Oval Office. Apparently his Selective Service card is overtly phony and planted to look like it was filed in 1981 or so, but the stamp codes are all wrong. Oh, the President’s men can be sooo sloppy. Obama’s number will not pass the federal E-Verify system, although his handlers will fix that flaw shortly, I am sure. I would suggest billboards across America that simply read 042 68 4425. Local citizens spreading the word to get people doing their own research is a way to inform and enlighten when the MSM refuses to investigate. The crackpot conspiracy theories are morphing into solid evidence-based investigations by educated and rational citizens. A trial on television would be the most watched legal proceeding of all time, eclipsing the OJ trial. Watching David Axelrod squirm for once in his corrupt life would be a joy to behold.

  2. Postng on FB and Twitter. Sick of the DNC puppets, um SRM, getting a pass on this!

  3. Point of FACT: Skippy CAN’T supply enough documentation
    for a US passport and travels on a WORLD PASSPORT
    that requires signing an oath that declares he is a world citizen

  4. I recall that the Jedi mind-trick only works on the weak-minded. LOL

  5. Sheesh, how long does it take to forge transcripts?
    LOL – You would think that given all of the Dear Ruler’s Chicago contacts he would have had them a long time ago.

  6. dr of many things

    Let us be clear about Obama’s educational history, even in the absence of his transcripts, SAT scores, thesis, etc. What we do know is very interesting, to say the least. Obama attended a Muslim elementary school in Jakarta, learned Arabic, repeated the Koran, and received home-schooling from his mother to supplement his studies. His after-school nanny was a cross-dressing homosexual who became a famous street performer later on. (Not a joke.) Back in Hawai’i, Obama attended the finest private school, Punahou, from fifth through 12th grade, where he was an average or slightly above student (no honors) and played basketball. He could afford it, as his custodial grandparents had plenty of money. O’s granny was the first female major bank vice president in the state, and they were upper middle class. Meanwhile, his unaccomplished but brilliant mother, Stanley Anne Dunham, pursued her PhD for six years overseas and often lived on food stamps elsewhere. Obama was admitted to Occidental College and stepped onto the USA mainland for the first time in his life at age 18. He was a political radical living in a foreign students dorm there. According to his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, he dank, did drugs, and performed poorly in his academics. Despite this, he transfered to Columbia, an Ivy League school that admits only about 4% of its transfer requests, usually stellar students, which he was not. Hmmmm. He is an unknown there, although he was close to one fellow student, Siddiqi (sp?). (Google photo of Obama’s Columbia roommate. He is an effeminate fellow sitting awfully close to the young Obama on the couch.) Anyway, there appears to be a two semester gap in his enrollment at Columbia as per official documentation by the Registrar. Was he with his pal Siddiqi in “Pawk-ee-ston,” as he calls it? We do know he graduated with no honors as per the graduation ceremony brochure at Columbia, although about 40% did have honors (cum laude, magna cum laude, suma…etc). Hence, he was in the middle of the pack at best with a political science degree. From there this average student gets the hardest ticket to punch in all academia, a spot at Harvard Law. Hmmm again. Obama excelled there and became editor of the Harvard Review, ironically due to a voting stalemate, when conservative students threw their votes to him as a compromise candidate. As it turned out, he was the only Harvard editor to write nothing at all in the Harvard Review, delegating every word to his fellow students. Very shortly after graduation, with no substantial academic or work experience, he began teaching Constitutional Law at the prestigious University of Chicago Law School. Hmmm again. He was not a “professor” as often stated, only a part-time “instructor” in the law. A very curious academic history, indeed, worthy of more inspection of those transcripts, test scores, and writing samples. It is believed that David Axelrod organized the cover-up, but it may have been even more sinister than mere politics. This history goes beyond simple affirmative action, as was the track of his wife, Michelle. ABO 2012

    • But a great role model for the Occupy Wall Street crowd… see, it can be done, why duz I has to studdy hard in skool?

    • Barack Hussein Obama, or whatever his name is, is a complete and total fraud.
      Too bad this congress doesn’t have the stones to force the issue.


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