Obama still dogged by eligibility challenges

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Here are two latest developments on the Obama ineligibility problem:

  • A lawsuit challenging Obama’s name on Florida’s 2012 election ballot which was thrown out by a judge for timing reason, is now revived.
  • It is rumored that “a very important person with Constitutional standing” will expose Obama’s ineligibility on national cable TV sometime before the Electoral College meet to cast their votes on January 9.

We’ve had our hopes dashed many times before, so I’m not holding my breath that either of these two latest developments will amount to anything. But this issue will continue to haunt the POS for the next four years — and after.
H/t Patriot Action Network

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0 responses to “Obama still dogged by eligibility challenges

  1. If anything does come of this, they will tear the person to shreds and scream sore loser!

  2. Having gone to so much trouble and expense to seal all of his records, what will he actually have to put in his presidential library? His pre-presidential resume was so thin.
    Other presidential libraries have extensive records of genealogy going back many generations and rich biographical information for historians like Michael Beschloss and Robert Caro.

  3. Never before has anyone with such a dubious history ever been allowed to get close to the Presidency, let alone be elected to that distinguished office…TWICE! Will we see TRUTH or the usual, this time?

  4. Is it not time for this socialist (if not outright comunist) to be truly vetted? Nothing for sure is known about his past other than the the few dribbles of
    information he did not spend millions of $$$$ on having sealed by the courts! Just what is this unknown quantity of a person trying to hide from the public?

  5. Keep up the Good works people, TRUTH will keep us Free, God Bless America and the Truth!!

  6. Hopefully, the person’s name isn’t revealed. He/she may end up another Andrew Breitbart. No one is safe in this country with the new laws allowing people to be arrested without a warrant or hearing, even put to death with a presidential order. The two gay guys from Wright’s church didn’t have a chance. From what I heard the investigation ended as quickly as it started. The whole media is complicit in all the coverups and nonvetting of anything pertaining to the imposter. I always pray that the truth comes out about this evil man.

  7. Doc, in my opinion, the truth will come much, much LATER. Unfortunate for our nation and our Constitution that this is even being discussed at this late date. The time for any effective vetting of this communistsocialistmarxistleninistmaoist ChristianHating/AmericaDestroying SUMBITCH was Summer 2008. He is a virus, deeply entrenched and fortified by the full power and scope of the United States government and Damn the Torpedos. What once was America will then fall into a Constitutional crisis (I say we are IN a Constitutional crisis since Aug. 2008). Will then we see this impostor removed in disgrace to live his remaining years with hard labor in the 66048 zip code as a permanent resident of Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary for the High Crimes of Treason and Sedition? Who has the cajones and power to save this nation from the resulting crash and burn of the cities once their ‘savior’ has been “crucified’ by “racist” America. Sorry to be the pessimist, but I believe it doesn’t matter how loud, or how strong and compelling the existing evidence is, and I believe the evidence as fact, the results will be just as O is… total ZERO. The depth and breadth of the Absolute corruption is complete or he would have never even received a whiff of the Presidency in the first place! Resolve in our Nation and faith in the Almighty is needed. And maybe a call to St. Michael for good measure.

    • Well said, Locke!

      • Thanks, Doc. But thanks and kudos to you and all the writers/bloggers of FOTM for your tireless devotion to truth that shows up here daily. Y’all are a Godsend in a raging sea of Godless secularism and valuable armor in this overt war against God, Liberty, and America. You and your team have become my “go to” source of real information in this age of PC and total media manipulative lies and BS! Carry on by all means necessary!

  8. Mr. Obama has already openly stipulated that he was born under British jurisdiction to a British/Kenyan father. He has authorized the publication of a resume that states that he was born in Kenya. He has sponsored a bill, SR511, that confirms his acknowledgement that a natural born citizen is “one born in the country to citizen parents” which concurs with the binding legal precedent established by our Supreme Court in Minor v Happersett, 1875.
    It is also a fact that Mr. Obama has never “qualified” or office as required by Amendment XX.
    Mr. Obama has presented forged documentations of his birth (which ironically establish that he is not a natural born citizen), uses a stolen social security number, and an altered selective service registration and passport. All of these are felonies which disqualify him from holding any executive office.
    It is absolutely certain that Mr. Obama is NOT eligible for office. It is also beyond any reasonable doubt that EVERY Governor, Representative, Senator, Attorney General and Justice in the country knows this.
    Unfortunately, I don’t believe that any of these folks will hear our cries of Article II until they hear whispers of Amendment II. Yet, I still pray that we can find at least one Patrick Henry in this lot – one voice – one statesman who truly loves this nation. So far, all I see are a bunch of Benedict Arnold s.


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