Obama spends $50 million for luxury resort hotel to house illegal "children"

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If you’re upset about busloads of illegals getting a free shopping spree at a Walmart in North Carolina, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
Hold onto your hat.
President Lucifer has awarded a $50 million contract to Baptist Child & Family Services (BCFS) to buy a luxury resort and transform it into a 600-bed facility for “juvenile” illegal aliens.
BCFS is the same “charity group” that was hired to provide “brown shirts” security for a camp for illegals in Texas who allegedly threatened health workers in the camp not to divulge to the American public the many contagious diseases the illegals are bringing into the U.S.
The resort is the Palm Aire resort and hotel in Weslaco, Texas, a few miles north of the Rio Grande in Hidalgo County.
Palm Aire1
Kristinn Taylor reports for Gateway Pundit, July 16, 2014, that Palm Aire has an indoor Olympic sized pool, an outdoor pool, Jacuzzis, sauna, steam room, two racquetball courts, outdoor tennis courts, picnic area with grills, a fitness center with 20 machines and free weights, as well as free Wi-Fi and cable TV in all the guest rooms.
Palm Aire2Palm Aire3The resort hotel for illegal alien children is reportedly the first in the nation.
The plan is to have the hotel ready for illegal alien children ages 12 to 17 by October 1st of this year, a mere two-and-half months from now. It is expected the average stay will be about 15 days.
BCFS plans to employ 650 people at the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites, which would mean slightly over one worker per illegal alien child. According to the BCSF Website, the charity’s jobs pay from $10 to $45 per hour.
KRGV-TV quoted a BCFS spokeswoman about the purpose of buying the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites:

“It’s going to be an intake facility, which serves as a lot like a hospital emergency room,” Krista Piferrer, BCFS VP External Affairs said.
“”We’ve all seen the photos and the videos of children in crowded Border Patrol facilities. What this site is going to allow to happen is quickly move those children out of Border Patrol cells and triage them,” Piferrer said.”

BCFS plans for the facility to be “completely self-contained” with Piferrer telling KRGV-TV, ‘medical staff will be on hand so children with diseases or injuries will not be transferred to local hospitals.’
Piferrer told the Valley Morning Star the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites facility would provide “medical and mental health care, on-site educational programs, recreational programs and case management.”
According to a Hidalgo County commissioner, the BCFS contract for the Palm Aire Hotel and Suites is an annual one worth $50 million per year. It is not part of the $3.7 billion emergency funding for the illegal alien invasion requested by the POS as Congress hasn’t passed the bill.
The Palm Aire Hotel and Suites is set to be sold to Baptist Child & Family Services (BCFS) operating under a federal contract, pending local government approval.
H/t FOTM’s japoa and my friend Mark S. McGrew


Reaction to this story was swift. On the day this disgusting deal was reported, with a link on the powerful Drudge Report, there was such a popular uproar that Baptist Child & Family Services withdrew its bid for the Palm Aire Resort. Read more here. (H/t FOTM’s miche and TPR)
This doesn’t mean the POS won’t pull another stunt. We need to fix our steely eyes on this Man of Sin occupying the White House.

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  1. The plan has been shut down! Reported on Fox. But, I wonder what ObaMachiavelli or “I wish I could adopt them all” Pigliosi has in store for Plan B? I just wonder.

  2. Just another day in our bizarro New World Disorder Hotel & Spa….

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  5. I’m from Canada. Would my family of 12 qualify for a stay at this resort?

  6. I was so furious, while reading this, that I could’ve put my fist through a wall!

  7. Mark S. McGrew

    My belief is that hotel was going to be used for a training ground for kiddy sex trafficking.

    • Mark,
      That would make (evil) sense of this $50M scheme to “house” illegal “children”. In other words, Palm Aire Resort’s luxury amenities (pools, jacuzzis, tennis court, etc. etc.) are not for the “unaccompanied child” illegals, but for the pedophile clients.

  8. Don’t mind me unless you want your brain in a twisted pretzel… Below I’m tying to keep the acronyms straight!
    1. BFCS – Baptist Family & Children Services, founded in 1920 & who operate in Maryland & Delaware, & who have a sunrise/horizon/3-swoosh-lines logo similar to Obama’s campaign logo as was shown here:
    “Obama’s Brown Shirts threaten health workers who divulge infectious diseases brought by tidal wave of illegals into America”:
    –And whose website is here:
    2. The Gateway Pundit articles say BCFS (child-family) rather than BFCS (families-children). The BCFS site does not give a Name for their acronym that I could quickly find, but only uses those initials; their site says they were founded in 1944 in San Antonio, Texas; they have a TREE for a logo; they are also a charity in human services; their site is https://bcfs.net & I can’t find the word Baptist at their site anywhere, but one of their associated sites has a page re the alien kids at Lackland AFB:
    Maybe they are both connected in some bigger way. The bFcs site clearly says Baptist & doing God’s work, but I didn’t see, right off the bat, the words Baptist nor God at the bCfs.net site.
    So who’s getting all the taxpayers’ moola? The Baptist group BFCS, or the cornfusing BCFS? 😉
    About 7-hours ago before the Palm Aire was scrapped:
    “Obama Gives ‘Charity’ Group $190 Million To Build Illegal Immigrant Resorts & Offices in Six Cities” – The Gateway Pundit:
    That article is again re BCFS (tree logo) & the press release link which GP included above FINALLY does actually say Baptist in the URL (though the text itself still only uses the acronym BCFS):
    BCFS Opens Six New Regional Offices – BCFS:
    If you erase the end of the above link, it will take you here:
    “About BCFS – BCFS” – which nowhere says the word Baptist either (except in this URL), but which also says to visit their NEW address at DiscoverBCFS.net (which takes us full circle to where we started further above):
    So, for crying out loud BCFS, if you’re Baptists, try saying so somewhere easily seen on your main pages, & it would also be nice if you included God somewhere in your text as well so we know who we’re really dealing with!
    (I don’t trust giant worldwide charities! I haven’t checked but I bet BCFS is an NGO. JimStoneFreelance.com who has been living in Mexico since 2012 & who has been regularly reporting on this aliens fiasco for the last month — from a Mexican-locals viewpoint — says an ExPat wrote him & said the LITTLE children were being kidnapped by “white women from NGO’s & missionaries” from those OTHER Central American countries, not Mexican children, & that the LITTLE kids were being hauled up to USA in white buses, NOT trains. Maybe some of that $190-million includes kidnapping payback fees with luxury resort facilities as an extra benefit for the NGO-women’s “hard work”!)

    • Follow-up re BCFS.net: I checked the UN’s official NGO-list page under “B’s” & did not find BCFS, nor Baptist Child & Family, so that was an erroneous presumption on my part.
      However, BCFS is very “global.” They help 4,700,000 people annually & are in 11 states plus 4-5 continents, & they have been at all the “major events” such as Waco in 1993 (which is The Event that BCFS began its “emergency services”), the 2004 Asian Tsunami & the Haiti-EQ, etc.
      I still find them odd, however, because even their 70th Anniversary page (1944-2014) gives miniscule info, only saying BCFS began as an orphanage in San Antonio (they link to childrens’ photos of “then” & “now”). Most groups honor their founders & will usually share bios of who were the people who got the ball rolling, but not BCFS:
      There are no “people in charge” names on their Contact page. And I’m still hard pressed to find the word “Baptist” at their sites. They don’t mind listing Govt. Partners, though 🙂 :
      I read a comment elsewhere & a lady said she was Baptist as were her friends & they lived in TX yet they had never heard of BCFS. No wonder since BCFS barely uses the word Baptist. 😉
      To find the word “Baptist” I went to WhoIs to check their domains. Finally, yes, they have several domains with Registrant/Admin. as “Baptist Child & Family Services – Travel Card” (lol, I guess that’s the credit card they use to pay for domains). They buy their domains for 10 years at a time.
      The FIRST domain they bought in 1997 was for an insurance agency, Luhn-McCain.com. That site is active, has a staff of 16 (all women but for 3-men/sales); they support a few charities but none say Baptist, one says Methodist; their News page has old news from 2012 & prior; they belong to several groups, one being TACFS (Texas Alliance of Child & Family Services); the insurance agency gets good reviews at their Facebook page, which has a link to a “We’re Moving” page > they moved into a bank highrise office in March 2014 ($$).
      The 2nd domain they bought in 1998 is the bcfs.net domain.
      The 3rd domain they bought in 2001, bchm.net, when put in a URL window, goes to DiscoverBCFS.net.
      In 2006 they bought the baptistcharities.net domain, & even though it does not show up connected to the above three, it does have the same Registrant as those. Putting that domain in a URL window goes to breckenridgevillage.net [ > domain registered 2005], a residential facility for young people w/”intellectual disabilities” also operated by BCFS, & it’s the first site I’ve seen that mentions God on its home page, twice even, in regards to the children.
      On 10/29/2012 “BCFS” (not “Baptist Child & Family Services – Travel Card”) registered the DiscoverBCFS.net domain w/GoDaddy. Contact person’s name, David Krimmel, is same as the above domains’ Contact Email Addy which was dkrimmel@ -whatever-it-was.
      They probably have more domains but since all this is likely totally boring as reading material, lol, I’ll wind it up:
      –I did notice BCFS promotes Head Start on their Education page (with Owl logo – Wise Old Owl? or child-sacrificing-Moloch/Bohemian Grove?) & are accepting applications for 3-4-year olds.
      –BCFS’ 2013 Emergency Mgmt. powerpoint presentation says they operate 60 programs; & that BCFS is a “System of Non-Profit Corporations.” To the left of that (page 2) they show 7 orgs in their “System,” each with different logos, one being a “South Texas Centre” (STC) which looks like a “6”-logo. They also operate a “Silvercliff Ranch” (mtns. logo), etc.:
      OK I’m done!

  9. The American people need to stay . . . Mad as Hell! And they need to remain very focused, and vocal about what is going on.

  10. Since this post is re faith-based groups helping the illegals, here’s a new one from yesterday at Makow’s site:
    7/17/14: “Obama Admin Planned Children Invasion” by Richard Evans for henrymakow.com:
    “Documentation regarding the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Project” &
    “Monetary figures from University of Texas at El Paso March 20, 2014, detailed the planning of the ‘crisis'”:
    [45-page .PDF]: “NCBSI Work Plan Year 6”:
    [FYI: NCBSI > National Center for Border Security & Immigration, founded 2008 at UTEP: ncbsi.utep.edu ]:
    “We urge you to make time to read the shocking report titled, ‘EXCLUSIVE: HHS Bankrolled Catholic and Baptist Church from 2010 to 2013 to Prepare for Obama’s 2014 Invasion!'”:
    And per the “Refugee Resettlement Watch” blog, the Lutherans are also involved in a big financial way. This links to all their articles re the Lutherans’ involvement:
    Same blog also has articles re BCFS.net (“Mystery Baptists”) & the big bucks they rake in:

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  13. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Do you need any further proof that we have a king and not a president in office? His highness does anything he wants, including spending 50 million dollars as set out above. Amazing!


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