Obama, smartest man ever & father of 2, cannot pronounce OB/GYN

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During the 2008 presidential election season, besotted with candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Democrats touted him to the smartest man, ever.
But the smartest man in the world, holder of a law degree from prestigious Harvard University, can’t properly pronounce Marine Corps. Instead of saying “marine cor-men,” he said “marine corpse-men”:

The smartest man in the world, holder of a B.A. in political science from Columbia University and a Harvard degree in constitutional law, thought there were 58 states, instead of 50, in the U.S. of A. During a campaign stop in 2008, he said, “I’ve been to 57 states with one more to go.”
The smartest man in the world also cannot correctly pronounce Massachusetts, but instead pronounced the word like a child as “Massatoosits”:

On November 13, 2011, during his press conference at the APEC meeting in his alleged birth city, Honolulu, Hawaii, Obama displayed his geographical acumen when he referred to Hawaii as “Asia.”
Asia, of course, is a continent, whereas the islands of Hawaii are in the Pacific Ocean, midway between the Asian and North American continents.
The latest from the smartest man in the world:
Instead of pronouncing OB/GYN (the acronym for obstetrician/gynecologist) the way we all do, as “oh bee gee why en,” Obama uniquely and weirdly pronounces OB/GYN as “oh bee guy nee.”
While announcing the resignation of his attorney general Eric Holder, President Ebola said: “Like me, Eric married up. He and his wife, Dr. Sharon Malone, the nationally-renowned oh bee guy nee . . . .”

Note that this is a man whose wife supposedly had carried to term and given birth to two daughters, and so would have had ample experience with obstetricians/gynecologists or OB/GYNs. Unless, of course, his wife is not a woman, and so was never pregnant or given birth, which means the Obama household had no need for OB/GYNs. (See “Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?“)
As Thomas Lifson observes in American Thinker:

I have to wonder what kind of conversations they had in the Obama household when Michelle had her two pregnancies and deliveries.  Did they never use the familiar acronym for an obstetrician/gynecologist? Or did they both think it was pronounced ohbeeguynee? If the latter, did Michelle never discuss her OB/GYN with female friends? I have been married to an OB/GYN for decades, and have never heard it pronounced the Obama way. Always oh-bee-gee-why-en.
This is such a downright strange phenomenon, it almost seems as though someone raised in a fantasized USSR training camp for deep cover agents was inserted into the identity of Barack Obama and loosed upon America, a highly trained faux American. But they forgot to teach him the pronunciation of OB/GYN.  Like those WW II movies where the German spy is caught because he doesn’t know who Babe Ruth is. Okay that’s ridiculous, the stuff of spy novels. Couldn’t possibly happen.
But how ridiculous is being the father of two girls and not knowing the pronunciation of the kind of doctor who delivered your children?

In 1992, then-Vice President Dan Quayle (R) was ridiculed by the national media and made a laughing-stock for correcting a student’s correct spelling of “potato” to “potatoe.” But did you know about Obama’s many embarrassing blunders, including this latest one about OB/GYN? Why’s that?
H/t FOTM’s j.case
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  1. I think it much more likely that it is the first premise…that there was no need for an OB/GYN….hence the nonfamiliarity. since he only knows about what directly involves himself…and it doesn’t appear that much of him has been involved…in any way.

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  3. This article raises an interesting point: how in the world can a male who (supposedly) has been through 2 (TWO) pregnancies with his “wife” not know how to pronounce the title of the doctor or doctors who delivered them? Only someone completely unfamiliar with women and birth and more familiar with his own lifestyle association with other males and drugs could make that error. More transparency in action by obama, mooch, and his administration.

  4. Face plant…

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  6. It just gets more disgusting and embarrassing for our country every time this fool opens his large mouth.

  7. In my jungle, Obama is just another A%%H&$e.

  8. runswithscissors

    And he pronounced Ebola “Ebolee.” Smartest man in the room, indeed.

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  11. Very interesting read. He really is stupid about normal things. Dumb butt!
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  12. Mr. Obama and I are both strange I suppose. I never say the letters, but instead I always say ” ahb jin” for OB/GYN. No one has ever corrected me, but being that I don’t have biological kids of my own, I haven’t had many occasions to say it.


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