Obama says "We're no longer a Christian nation"

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Oh yeah?

Here’s the rebuttal!

H/t FOTM’s beloved hrmfc

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0 responses to “Obama says "We're no longer a Christian nation"

  1. We are indeed a majority Christian nation.

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    Obama says “We’re no longer a Christian nation”

  3. Only in his dreams, we are no longer a Christian nation—-! I do fear if more people don’t start exercising their right to worship, though, it could change. I read where church attendance is down, & also note that there are mosques being built (in small towns even)–all over America.

  4. That video was great, Thank you

  5. Why didn’t the anal fixated, crack smoking LIAR say,
    That is what he is subliminally saying, but the LIAR hasn’t the courage to say so before the election.

  6. Please read “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cohn. After Israel lost faith and rejected God, it was destroyed. The signs are all there that America made a covenant with God at its founding and now is abandoning him just as ancient Israel did. Unless we recognize this and return to God, our fate will be the same. This book actually changed my outlook on life and I see current events as affirmation that the author was correct and we are responding as Israel did….defiantly and still rejecting God. The ancient prophecy signs are all there and I confirmed them as I read the book, with my trust i-pad at my side. Read the book, it answers much.

  7. Liberalism tends to appeal to the worst of human instincts — greed, envy, laziness, victimization and every line of economic, social, cultural and ethnic division. Its practitioners appeal to constituent “feelings,” and convert emotions into political capital.
    There is well established pathology which explains why Democrats fuel campaigns with feelings, and if there is one uniformly defining liberal characteristic of Democrat leaders, it would be hypocrisy.
    Liberal politicos advocate populist themes but are consummate elitists. They feign concern for the plight of the poor while hobnobbing with the richest of the rich. They are charitable with everyone’s income but their own. They decry school vouchers yet send their children to the finest academies. They hate SUVs, unless they are expensive imports. They advocate mass transit but commute on private jets. They express concern for the homeless yet maintain multiple manors.
    Liberals advocate diversity, unless your views don’t comport with their own doctrines of moral relativism. They want to preserve nature and the natural order but advocate homosexual “marriage.” They oppose the death penalty for the most heinous of criminal sociopaths, but they support the execution of unborn children in their mothers’ wombs. They believed that one nut who bombs an abortion clinic deserves far more law-enforcement attention than jihadi cells planning the 9/11 attacks. They called 9/11 victims “Little Eichmanns” while calling their murderers “oppressed.” They “support our troops” while calling for retreat and surrender.
    Liberals call for “change” but are firmly committed to the status quo. They oppose nuclear power production while complaining about “global warming.” They call for racial, ethnic and religious harmony, but they rally constituencies by fomenting division and hate. They deride moral clarity because they can’t survive its scrutiny.
    Indeed, liberals have turned the wisdom of their iconic sovereigns inside out.

  8. lets vote the ass clown out in november. every christian should vote against this fraud and send him and his cow of a wife out of town. back to hawaii or kenya or parts unknown back to papua, new guinea he can lead them

  9. What nation is he talking about. O, I forgot, the Obamanation. Him and who else was it??????????

  10. When this Kenyan Muslim commie fraud of a POtuS is through, we won’t be a nation, period.


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