Obama Rejects Congress' Solyndra Subpoena

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Obama is behaving like he’s above the Congress and above the law.
Philip Klein reports for the Washington Examiner, Nov. 4, 2011, that the White House rejected Congress’ subpoena request to turn over documents related to the Obama administration’s doling out a $535 million loan guarantee to the now bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Solyndra.
Obama’s attorney, Kathryn Ruemmler, sent a letter to Congressional investigators on Friday, saying the White House would not cooperate with a subpoena on the grounds that the “decision to issue a subpoena, authorized by a party-line vote, was driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation.” (Read Ruemmler’s full letter here).

Kathryn Ruemmler with her boss

Committee chairman Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich, blasted the White House response:
“We have been reasonable every step of the way in this investigation, and it is a shame that the Obama Administration and House Democrats continue to put up partisan roadblocks to hide the truth from taxpayers. Solyndra was a jobs program gone bad, and we must learn the lessons of Solyndra as we work to turn our economy around and put folks back to work. Our judicious and methodical work over the last eight months has garnered tens of thousands of pages of documents from DOE and OMB that have proven we are on the right track. Now, we need to know the White House’s role in the Solyndra debacle in order to learn the full truth about why taxpayers now find themselves a half billion dollars in the hole. The White House could have avoided the need for subpoena authorizations if they had simply chosen to cooperate. That would have been the route we preferred, and frankly, it would have been better for the White House to get the information out now, rather than continue to drag this out. Our request for documents is reasonable – we are not demanding the President’s blackberry messages as we are respectful of Executive Privilege. What is the West Wing trying to hide? We owe it to American taxpayers to find out.”

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0 responses to “Obama Rejects Congress' Solyndra Subpoena

  1. It’s time for this congress to stop screwing around and start living up to it’s constitutional responsibilities.

    • It’s not like there’s a provision in the Constitution that says “except if supoened party doesn’t like who voted for it,” you know. Why we have checks and balances, and intentionally messy politics.

  2. Congress is impotent. Obama has apointed a select few to his super committe, whom he can manipulate. Why even have a congress now? When will they take a stand against this giant ego, and stp him from acting alone?

  3. Could power hurry it up… before the election would be nice.

  4. He is “above the law”, and we the voters put him there…..it is the fault of those who fell for him. With no experience in even running a business, he has run this country in the ground…We have only November of 2012 to look forward to.

  5. Hope and change… into what? Few thought enough to ask in ’08.

  6. What Americans got was Dope / Rope and Chains !! …Not only from this putative pResident imposter ; but also from the majority of the cowardly representatives in Congress !! They don’t seem to give a damned what spoiled “Skippy” does, and have only served to become enablers to the fraud’s narcissitic destructive behavior to our nation. The man-child keeps stomping all over our constitution on a daily basis , and so Congress continues to keep right on handing him another mile of it to shred ! Will the insanity ever end ?

  7. This is the only article that I see tonight where I can see a connection for this information about something happening on Monday, and it could zap the life out of all these enquiries, Jon Corzine has resigned but the money of the shareholders hasn’t turned up yet. Solyandra is small potatoes compared to this mess:Zero Hedge broke the story yesterday:
    “What exactly was the announcement. Unless we are completely reading it incorrectly, it is nothing short of a margin call for tens if not hundreds of billions worth of product. Because as of close of business on November 4, today, the CME just made the maintenance margin, traditionally about 26% lower than the initial margin for specs, equal. For everything. Which means that by close of business Monday, millions of options and futures holders will be forced to deposit billions in additional capital to the CME just so they are not found to be margin deficient, and thus receive a margin call. Naturally, since it is very unlikely that this incremental amount of liquidity can be easily procured in one business day, we anticipate the issuance of hundreds of thousands of margin calls Monday, followed by forced liquidations of margin accounts across America… and the world.” (Source)
    “There is a liquidity crunch in the options & futures markets for commodities worldwide. CME, the exchange for such transactions in the US, had made the initial margin and maintenance margin equal for every commodity with options and futures. This implies that options and futures holders will be forced to deposit addition capital to the CME in the form of maintenance margin, simply to hold their positions. This will put markets under pressure on Monday. The lack of liquidity and additional margin requirement comes in the aftermath of the bankruptcy of MF Global.” (Source)

  8. This is the first President to be Subpoena issued to a President since Richard Nixon. On one hand it could lead to his ultimate resignation, but more hopefully his not being in house another 4 years. Obama is a a criminal just like so many politicians and 100% opposed to Transparency. Roger L. Duncan.


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