Obama Quits After One Term?

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Remember back in January 2010, in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Obama said he’d rather be “a really good one-term president” than a mediocre two-termer?
At the time, people had wondered why he would say something like that. I thought his remark was indicative of his pathological narcissism:

  • Obama took it for granted that he would be “a really good” one-term president. That’s how he sees himself: A legend in his own mind.
  • Narcissists, being convinced of their superiority and lovableness, cannot tolerate criticisms. Obama had basked in the warm glow of others’ admiration and adulation during the 2008 campaign, if not his entire life, and clearly was smarting from the volleys of criticisms about his performance as president.

It is not just that narcissists do not cotton to criticism, they actually need praise and admiration. Like vampires, narcissists feed on the love and adulation of others, which confirm their distorted view of themselves as superior beings. Narcissists also have a tendency to get bored easily, because they are shallow people with no true values, interests, or convictions. Having genuine convictions and commitments would mean there are more important things in life than one’s own marvellous self.
Now, the whispers are growing louder that Obama has become bored with being president is too thin-skinned for the presidency, and may well chuck it all. Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) has the following for-subscribers article on just this issue.

June 21, 2010 — Obama may cash in his chips after one term

WMR’s highly-informed and well-connected political sources in Chicago have confirmed a UK Daily Telegraph report that White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel will leave his post by the end of the year.
Furthermore, the Chicago sources also report that it is highly likely that President Obama will bow to pressure from his wife, Michelle Obama, to forgo another run for the presidency and avoid the inevitable harsh campaign in 2012 that the president largely managed to avoid in 2008.
The overriding factor that has convinced Mrs. Obama that another White House run is not in the Obamas’ best interest is money. One source close to the couple said, “ten years ago, Obama didn’t have $20 to put gas in his tank . . . they [the Obamas] were broke, they owed lots of money, and were being hounded by credit card companies.”
Rather than spending hundreds of millions on a campaign without an assurance of re-election, Mrs. Obama has made it known to her closest friends that she and the president could make more money after leaving office after a single term than Bill Clinton made after serving two terms in office.
Mrs. Obama is also known to have grown tired of White House life. The idea of not running for a second term also appeals to Obama because, as one source put it, “Obama is an egotist who wants to avoid more kicks.”

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0 responses to “Obama Quits After One Term?

  1. Rahm’s lover and Barney’s boy toy, Obrahma Oslobio is way too self centered–too much of an egocentric to give up all this glory. Any person who thinks himself a god would not give up his godhood because of a few insults. He does not see his failures as failures or setbacks. He actually sees himself a complete success. How could anyman that much in love with himself suddenly just up and quit? I don’t believe it.

  2. Well, at this rate, he’s certainly not getting re-elected.

  3. If Obama isn’t removed well before his first term ends, he won’t need a second.
    His coup will be complete – and probably irreversible.

  4. I am not sure that he may not be a dictator by the end of his first term.

  5. DW,
    From where I am sitting, there is a 50/50 chance that Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as America’s last POTUS and it’s first for-real Comrade Chairman.
    My sense is things are deteriorating rather rapidly – far more so than many realize.
    Somewhere in all this there is a “point of no return,” and I think we are right on top of it, and the oil spill is weighing in heavy here.
    Even if the repubs do retake the House in November, we will still have a scorned, bitter lame duck congress to contend with for another couple of months after the election.
    God only knows what that congress might do during that time, if for no other reason than pure spite.
    Remember, commies are at their most dangerous when they are threatened and scared.

    • concur Dave…never would we have imagined that only 1.5 years in The Traitor would have made such a HUGE mess of our country. And yeah Ron, his ego won’t allow him to “fail” in his own eyes. We are in for a bumpy road even if we do win in November…

  6. Joseph E Fasciani

    Yeppers, as I told many a believer before he was sElected, the Obamamama is a one-term wonder, just a stop-gap measure while the big boys get their digs into what’s left of the pie.
    I was born and lived in Chicago from 1943 until 1958, and by then I knew the reality of the “machine” and how things worked–or else.
    At least he served to get some people to focus again on the Constitution–at least what’s left of it after the Patriot-NOT!-Act.

  7. Steve,
    Perhaps, but the oil spill has allowed Obama to accelerate his plans, and I am not sure the sheeple will catch on in time to fix this via the voting booth.


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