Obama Presidential Library

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I was reading an article the other day that showed pictures of the different Presidential Libraries. It told how they contain all the pertinent information about the respective presidents. All of their history before their nominations, the campaign papers and memorabilia, all of the papers from their presidency, and so on. A wealth of information about the man and his life both private and public.
That got me to thinking, what would Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential library look like and what would they archive in it? Just exactly what would the design be? This is what I came up with: 

  1. It wouldn’t need to be very big because there are no records to archive from before he was president and everything he does as president is either done in secret, so dumb no one will admit to it, or a lie.
  2. It would have to be very mobile because by the time he is done as president, no city or state will acknowledge that he ever even visited let alone originally came from there. Plus, if the general public ever caught up with it…
  3. Construction material would need to be easily maintained by minimal staff. Preferably something that could be hosed out occasionally and left to air dry.
  4. It would be a good idea if it was a dual-use facility so that it could at least get some sort of appropriate use.

Below is what I came up with as the perfect answer to all of the above.

h/t fellow conservative co-worker Laura

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0 responses to “Obama Presidential Library

  1. that’s better than what I was thinking!!!:) very fitting.

  2. well, can’t take credit for content…received this in an email from L. Still good!

  3. Ha Ha Ha. Love it!
    I hope this will prove to be prescient. 😀

  4. Very appropriate and, for starters, should be placed on the White House lawn so Barack and Michelle can be the first to visit the library, complete with a Sears catalog, standard equipment for “libraries” like this. Happy reading, Mr. Silly Putty!

  5. LOL – So does the roll of TP have the Constitution printed on it?

  6. The Obama Library
    Will have only three books The Koran, and the other two will have to be colored in crayons.

  7. I sure didn’t like Bush but I didn’t spend a fraction of this time hating on him as you do Obama. You people are utterly obsessed aren’t you? Do you even have a life?

    • Again with the projection.
      Hey tbm Tom’s bro (which makes you Legion’s brother)! Are you always this confused and incapable of correctly reading other people? I/we don’t “hate” Obama; we vehemently disagree with his ideology and policies. If we seem “obsessed” to you, it is because you are utterly unable to comprehend what “love of country” means.
      Lastly, if writing and commenting on blogs means we don’t have a life, that applies equally to you. For that matter, it applies even more to you because, in spite of being banned from FOTM, you insist on commenting. Most of your comments never see the light of day — excepting this one — and yet you keep commenting. Do you even have a life?

    • GWB wasn’t hell-bent on destroying our country.
      Obama is doing so on purpose, with the total support, if not the blessing, of government-educated dumbMasses like you.
      I’m not even sure you are intelligent enough to cut it as a useful idiot.

    • Hey Legion’s bro – I do have a life. In fact, Im working out right now & commenting via mobile device. Ain’t technology great? I can lead my life AND keep in touch with you 🙂

  8. LOL – I’m just surprised Debbie has a for-real conservative co-worker way over there in Washington State.
    I mean, I grew up thinking there were only three conservatives west of the Rockies, and I was related to two of ’em. 😉

  9. Dave : I remember you now – you are that old white guy who always ran around naked, beating yourself at the Lucky Lady .. you should stop and have a chat with my fist sometime. what you been doing now that the Lucky Lady is shut down?

    • [Note: tbm is Legion’s bro. Legion is a perennial troll on FOTM]
      Hey, Legion’s bro! Does this mean you’re an infantile black woman?
      Jesus loves you! And we do too!
      Jesus loves Legion

  10. Nilakanth Mathure

    It is absolutely true that President Obama has such a meager achievements record that, a bathroom size Presidential Library will be enough. However, the paper work and documents and literature about how the Republicans obstructed him at every stage, without regard to National interest, but only with the sole destructive purpose of making him a One-Term President and making rich people richer, that, even a Presidential Library of size greater than that of the Library Of Congress, will be insufficient. I am sure some rich Republicans will denote heavily to this library, for exhibiting their successful obstinacy.

    • I see you got the DNC talking point memo. Tell me, what party was in control of congress until recently? And what party has the majority in the senate?
      You want to talk about people getting richer? Who benefitted from Solyndra? Who benefitted from Clean Energy Fuels? Every politician in DC is out to make a buck.


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