Obama picks ACA passage as best moment of his presidency

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Think about your professional career and what was the best moment you ever achieved?
For me one moment sticks out: When my firm won a large contract for a project (worth $25 million). This was truly a team effort to land the project and it included working with individuals from several offices, including staff over in Europe. And we worked with the client for over a year to really understand their needs.
It probably helped that we didn’t think our clients were stupid, as the architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, claimed about us peons.
It also probably helped that our clients were allowed to read our proposal. They didn’t have to “pass” it before finding out what was in it.
Those two tactics aren’t very successful in the real world. Yet apparently for Obama, they (along with some other tactics) helped to define his “greatest moment.”
For President Obama, the greatest moment of his last seven years in the Oval Office was the night the Affordable Care Act passed. “Standing on truman balcony with all staff whod made it happen, knowing we’d helped millions,” the president tweeted in response to a question he received on Twitter on January 14th.

During his final (thank goodness!) State of the Union address, Obama touted the Affordable Care Act as one of his administration’s biggest accomplishments of the past seven years but acknowledged that not everyone in Congress feels the same way. “I’m guessing we won’t agree on health care anytime soon,” he quipped. “Just a guess.”

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You know who probably won’t agree with his “greatest moment” anytime soon?
Those who will lose work hours due to Obamacare’s host of incentives not to work or to work less. The Mizzou grad students who lost health insurance thanks to Obamacare. Those in Oklahoma whose ACA health insurance rates are expected to rise in 2016. Those attending Wheaton College as they ended student health insurance over Obamacare.
Those who are shocked to discover they have to pay back an Obamacare subsidy. Those whose non-group premiums increased (in nearly all states). Those in Los Angeles who now have to pay a 3% Obamacare surcharge in restaurants. Those at the University of Kansas who had employment hours cut because of Obamacare.
The parents of sick children at Seattle Children’s Hospital who were denied specialty care due to Obamacare. The Oregon mother who can’t afford Obamacare for herself and her 1-year-old son.

Shane Smith and his dog Baxter are happy!

Shane Smith and his dog Baxter are happy!

But Shane Smith from Colorado is happy. His dog Baxter was signed up for Obamacare! What a great moment.

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0 responses to “Obama picks ACA passage as best moment of his presidency

  1. health insurance: break it to “fix it”

    • Cloward-Piven time… out of chaos comes order (socialized medicine, if people can stand Leftist Democrats’ bull that long) eventually.

  2. Does anyone remember Congressman Bart Stupak? His vote pushed Obamacare over the top and was based on another false promise from Obama:
    “In March 2010, President Obama and Stupak reached an understanding whereby the President promised to sign an Executive Order barring federal funding of abortion through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,[17] and Stupak and several of his allies promised to withdraw their opposition to the bill.[18] The Pro-life movement accused Stupak of betraying the pro-life movement,[19][20] and the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List revoked an award it had planned to give to him and instead ran $150,000 worth of radio advertisements against him.[19][21] Stupak was targeted by the Tea Party movement in the wake of his compromise.[22] In April 2010, Stupak announced his intention to retire from Congress,[23] leading conservative groups to point to the political consequences of his compromise as a possible reason for his decision.[21][22] However, Stupak himself attributed his retirement to the exertion of constant travel back and forth from Washington, D.C.[24]”
    Merely another clown that bowed to the will of his master.

  3. His best day will be his last day: 1/19/2016,
    With the new pres swearing in at noon 1/20/2016. I wonder how the Commies will manage screw all this up.

  4. The fool with the darling little dog needs to be arrested if he signed up pooch for Obamacare . . . would that not be falsifying a government application. I absolutely hate yokels like him, who think they are so darn clever for being able to pull off stunts like this.

    • It wasn’t Shane’s fault that Baxter got signed up. “He’s not sure exactly how the confirmation letter went to his dog, but he says he thinks it’s because of a series of security questions a representative asked him over the phone.” Shane called to correct the government’s mistake.

  5. Nothing exemplifies Power like ass raping millions of innocent Americans.

  6. Excellent post, DCG!
    Obamacare is “the best moment” of the POS’s presidency only if the criteria were (1) how much destruction is wrought; and (2) how “fundamentally transformative” it is.
    That he thinks the disastrous ACA is his “best moment,” tells us how deeply malevolent and a sociopath he is.

  7. The best day of Obama’s tyranny will happen when it is over!
    (Ever notice how each successive President just keeps getting worse?)

  8. I would venture to say the six million hard working people that were paying for their own insurance that lost theirs would beg to differ with BO.
    The same for those that didn’t want the farce and might never need it, being fined, against the law for being forced into a purchase they never asked for.
    And now all the working people that are now paying for the illegals that never paid into the system.
    If that is his proudest moment, then he is a failure.
    Everything he has touched has turned to crapola. I have found no redeeming advantages for the country under his admin.
    It will be a proud day when he leaves.

  9. The best moment of the Nairoban fraud’s so-called presidency will occur on
    January 20, 2017, when the POS finally leaves office.
    I just hope we still have a country by then.


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